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Dr. Cutie SO wants me...

My boobs ache. And not in the fun way. Is there a fun way for boobs to ache? I don't remember, it's been too long.

Sutures came out yesterday and I'm finishing up the healing process. Dr. Cutie wasn't concerned about some mild discoloration on my left breast or when I showed him that the incision came apart a little at the bottom. It looked like a little piece of chicken fat was hanging out of my skin...except that it was my fat. Freakish, right? I put some gauze over it…


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If not for the tubes hanging out of my chest.

They're called drains. Apparently when a large portion of flesh is removed from your body, your body creates a lot of that yellow-clear fluid to aid in the healing process. Now factor in fluid dynamics of breast tissue and huge incisions and the prospect for a rupture runs high. The drains help siphon off the fluid to alleviate internal pressure on the incisions. I appreciate what they're there for, they're just annoying as hell.

The ladies I've talked to who've had implants didn't…


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Recap of the Last four weeks:

8/8: Last Chemo.

Following week: Recovery from Last Chemo.

8/16: Weekend in Austin to celebrate Last Chemo. (it feels like so long ago, now. and that's a Good Thing)

Following week: Prep for Back-to-school. Wed: Meet the Teacher. Not quite nailed down whether Josie is in the Morning or Afternoon class.

Thurs: making lots phone calls to the school trying to get things sorted--with everyone in meetings.



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