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Then There's My Daughter. Remember Her? The "Autistic" One.

Before this New Year's Day (when I found a lump), the greatest worry of my life was my daughter’s well-being. This worry consumed the entirety of last year, when, in January, I enrolled Jo in a Montessori pre-school which turned around and said they couldn’t handle her. At three, she wasn’t self-sufficient enough, she didn’t participate in activities. Jo was so frustrated with the situation she was hitting the other kids.

If I had gone with my gut instead of my ego, I would have…


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There Be Side Effects Besides Effects and Fair's Fairly Unfair

There are too many layers at this point.  Stuff I haven’t written down but I think should be written down. Trying to parse through them all, though, quickly devolves into chaos.

 I know I haven’t talked about the chemo side effects much, mostly because they weren’t bothering me much. But now they’re pretty evident, so I’ll start there. They’re still in the realm of tolerable, but people are asking me more if I’m doing ok. Perhaps I look more tired than usual. I hesitate to tell them…


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the Good News is that I was Over-reacting.

Saw my oncologist yesterday to confirm the details of the measures I need to take this summer to keep myself sane. All conserns I detailed in my previous post.

Answer: not much. The factor of "Young and Otherwise Healthy" is a very strong factor in determining immune system bounceback. I basically act as if there is a cautionary flu outbreak...not an ebola-zombie attack.

The Bad News is I forgot my laptop today and I'm typing this up on my itty bitty blackberry while I wait… Continue

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Making Myself at Home.

Waiting for Chemo Round 6, I was directed to the second floor clinic instead of the tenth floor clinic. It was a much larger area with a lovely ambiance and lots of comfortable chairs, sofas and recliners to choose from. The tenth floor clinic, meanwhile, is tucked into a long hallway with only semi-comfortable chairs which fill up quickly in a rush.

I came here straight from the Double Tree Hotel where The Company held the…


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I had no words. And then I found them.

I remained quiet and avoided the news. Then prompted by a post on The Company's safety blog, I was inclined to comment. Of course I couldn't leave yall in the dark.

This runner's reaction:


The Boston tragedy will forever alter the typically casual…


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A Gnarly Sight to Behold

I arrived a half hour early to MD Anderson for Chemo Round #5. Well, more like 45 minutes early, but I spent  at least 10 minutes looking for a parking space worthy of my suburban in the 11-story parking garage.


Today was my department moving day, where over the weekend we will be set up on a whole different floor of our building, one The Company has not utilized for itself before. All we had to do was pack up our cubicle, and once everyone was packed, we could go. Well,…


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Took the plunge.

Taking the heavy shedding last week as a sign of what I would experience after Chemo dose#4 yesterday, I went home to spend the evening working with scissors and razors to take it all off.

As I would pull a lock away from my head to cut it down to shavable length, a chunk of the lock pull out of my head rather easily, no pain at all, like an extremely loose tooth. "That would have been all in your bed," says my Aunt. I'm glad I didn't leave myself to make this decision at 5am…


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