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FUBAR doesn't begin to cover it.

I'm on the downhill slope toward egg retrieval, greatly looking forward to the end of this debacle. What that means is: I'm actually looking forward to chemo. Thank you, Houston Fertility Institute. Only you could pull this off.

After I assessed online that Ferring Pharmaceuticals did indeed have a program and that I should have received my Menopur medication for FREE, this certifiable cluster began its slide toward a resolution on Wednesday. Where Monday was a brain…


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Attempting to maintain my faith in humanity.

I wasn’t given any financial numbers with which to make the decision for egg harvesting. Ideally, or ideologically, you don’t want the price tag to be a factor in whether or not you fight for the opportunity to have a future child. This is a spiritual sticking point that you try not to believe is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

But your reproductive endocrinologist is not like your oncologist. He is in a business, he might call it a practice, in an industry, he might still call it…


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I don’t remember closing my eyes.

My alarm went off at 415 Wednesday morning, but I laid there until I heard my aunt’s alarm go off at 430. I grabbed my zip-up hoodie and some exercise pants that are too big now to run in but easy to slip into. I found the most comfortable of bras and least embarrassing of panties, newly purchased a few weeks ago.

I had my second prescribed shower with the special disinfectant soap that doesn’t lather very well. I used two clean towels just as I had the night before. We were out the…


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He's BACK!

Last night as we were about to take the rental back to the airport, I had a voicemail from the detective with the Auto-theft division that my car had been found. “I’m not sure if you had been told by now,” he said. Apparently, he wasn’t the first person to know about it. I had no idea how long ago my suburban had been found. I had no idea what condition it was in. I called him back and left a message—apparently he had something important to do and couldn’t take my call just then.



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Like a chicken with my head cut off...

And what do i need a head for anyway? It's so heavy and cumbersome.

I left you in my state of disarray, I was waiting for two new beds to be delivered to my home. It was about 1020pm with no arrival nor phone call that I determined something must have gone awry.

I checked the receipts. The date the manager (whom i so endorsed in my last post) circled was indeed 02/02/13, Saturday night. Then i looked to the following page where the delivery charge was listed and that…


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...and then my car was stolen.

I have a growing list of stressors:

1) Maintain schedule of endless doctors' appointments. Somehow making it to work on occasion to hopefully see some progress in my outbox. This stressor officially began January 18th, D-Day. That day also began my understanding that I will likely retire from this company. They are taking care of me beyond what i could have ever expected from an employer.

2) Do a few things to the house, such a buy a couple beds, to make things hospitable for…


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