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Psychopaths de-mystified

amerikka fears what it doesn't know.  and its ignorance about its own culture is astounding.  one way to understand amerikkan culture is to look at its violence, sanctioned violence and continual mind-numbing, ridiculous hand-wringing dialogue around its violence. now some want to claim violence can be verbal-abuse. indeed in psychiatric hospitals and incarcerated settings the pathetically inert phrase "verbal altercation" speaks of a culture desperate for civility and for any possible way…


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MAGA bomber-breaking news

White-skinned, severely closely shaved head. Sex offender? Order Of Protection from his mother- Filipino "agent" promotes male strip shows. Psychopaths are ALWAYS sexually deviant (Oh- to all y'all out there DEVIANCE means an aberration from the NORM)...

From THe Heavy again: On his…


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ordinary love

The things I owe gratitude for,-

oh no that's too stilted.

What I loved much better...

I loved these days in harmony with spirit

and nature and family and eros.

Cannot minimize the many, many times we loved.

We failed. We trusted again.

Because what else was it? The best we could give.

Water. Fire. Wood. Gold and Earth.

We burned through them all didn't we?

Til there is no more to worry over...

"I don't know why…


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youtuber-potential mass murderer fits profile (again- ad nauseum)

Nasim Aghdam, soon to be 39 years old bumbles in attempt to become the latest mass murdering amerikkan..

Lets take a look at her vital statistics. A self described, "persian vegan" her numerous videos show typical Iranian-American southern californian style, minimalist decor. Her heavy accent tips us off that Farsi is most likely her first language. I read she liked Alex Jones, was homophobic and interestingly she unwittingly quoted british pop band The Smiths with a sign aimed…


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another serial killer revealed

1. socially isolated (lived with father in rural area)

2. history of failure (absolutely NO mention of any girlfriends OR Boyfriends)

3. tendency to blame others (wants women to NOT abort, believes in death penalty)

4) precipitating loss (relationship/job/school) (unknown…


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Iggles most "woke team in the NFL"

Don't read if all you care about is wings, commercials and Tom Brady's obsessive fastidiousness...

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chickens coming home to roost

tonight we'll see trump's craven, empty trotting-out of long island mom of murdered daughter by ms-13

without context, trump will claim we need to deport the murderers and rapists of ms-13. without an understanding of the history of us "aid" given to el salvadoran gov't in the civil war.

us funded the war to the tune of 4 billion dollars 

when bush 41 cut off the aid because clergy were found murdered by the gov't the civil war ended

and the fmln- dedicated to…


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nothing like seeing hell on earth

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Rooster ready to crow in 2020

Tulsi Gabbard.  Mebbe vice-president  to Elizabeth Warren...Thanx to safe bet amy's pic...

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robert's rules vs. The Haudenosaunee Confederacy

via rhizome 

A brief history of consensus decision-making

It’s not surprising that passionate proponents of consensus decision-making…


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adam lanza's motivations part III

when lanza massacred kids on newtown, ct. several years ago i blogged instantly- not waiting for reports or corroboration. to me it was clear what lanza was motivated by. killing his mother in bed 1st is always key to the shooter's grievances. he was a typical parent killer.

his slaughter or 7 year olds also made clear his motivations.…


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i usta teach...

A student-centered classroom is premised by the understanding that student needs come first.   However, the concept of a student-centered classroom needs to be implemented by a principled, experienced teacher with a vision informed by research and best practices.  According to Best Friends, Worst Enemies: Understanding the Social Lives of Children by Thompson, Grace and Cohen, student/children need three things: “RECOGNITION, CONNECTION & POWER.”   …


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Wisdom without irony, bombast or dramatization


By Adam Lawrence Dyer

Don’t speak to me of “healing” racism,

or “wounded souls” or the “painful hurt”

until you are willing to feel the scars

on my great-great-grandmother Laury’s back.

Don’t speak to me of “values”

or “justice” or “righting wrongs”

until you are able to feel the heartache

of my great-grandfather Graham

whose father may have been his master.

Don’t speak to me of “equity”

or “opportunity” or the…


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new study finds americans 58x more likely to die from police than terrorists

I've been watching CopBlock on the internet recently.  Videos of cops killing us citizens.  Mostly white cops, nearly all people being harassed, beaten, verbally harangued and killed have been people of color.  If you google the 58x study from you'll get the link...But in case you missed it here's the original story of the stats from back when the president wasn't a psychopath.

From the guardian website…


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white on white violence continues unabated, US born & bred terrorism "dumbfounds" brother & most of confused american populace incl. media

So the latest mass murderer in US, apparently 1st born initials, S.C.P. ( I won't write his name to glorify his fat, drunken, cracker, hunter, asshole) father was a bank robber and on FBI's Ten Most Wanted List...I won't regale you with other pertinent facts I retrieved from…


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scenes of racialization (are everywhere)

Every week I hold an orientation session for the newly incarcerated inmates at Auburn Correctional Facility, the nation’s oldest continually operating maximum security prison. My task is to inform the men of what mental health does and can do in their lives should they need it. But I look at the 25 or 30 black and brown faces each Monday morning (and the 3 or 4 white ones) and instead I tell them the truth about the reality they are facing. In five years after they leave prison 77% of them will… Continue

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Republicans fall back strategy (impeach Trump)

Craven republicans unmoved by any inclinations towards decency (denouncing The Donald's actions/words/history) now seem satisfied with Pence from Indiana- who is as witless as he is insensitive. "Make America White Again" looks stronger after this addition... For more info access ny political maven in the know:

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American Racism Manifesto

American Racism Manifesto

by Matt Moore

I.      Introduction - Significance of Race in America

The United States of America was founded on the principles of race.  Race is a socio-biological

concept created by white Europeans to make themselves the higher race over those of the

indigenous peoples that they encountered during the period of European colonization and

imperialism. Race is an institution, a systemic order that benefitted white Europeans and put…


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My Hx of Violence


Roland Teed was some kind of mixed breed, a veritable freak in our high school of whitebread plainness.  Two years my senior, half Chinese, but broad shouldered with bowed legs and about my height, Roland was already an adult.  When he stalked the halls of our school he was usually tailed by one or two nondescript guys who’d grin and flinch everytime Roland said something.  There was talk he practiced martial arts.  Previously I had no occasion to think much upon him or his…


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MLK; The dream is still alive

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