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Back To The Future...

It seems no matter what we do all roads lead back to the future. Like for instance: Didn’t we "duck and cover" once already? Did we not build bomb shelters already? Where are they now?

We were watching a CD (yes, even those are now Blu-Ray CD’s…sheesh.) of the Ed Sullivan Show (the early Beatles) including the "old commercials." Huh. I did'nt know Anacin could be used to fight depression…


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Who Knew?

Today we will be going (again) to the cell-phone store.  No, I won’t say which one, because…well I just won’t.  We are not getting calls anymore…oh sure I get notified of a message, but no calls.  I’m serious.

At our stage in life each call is precious…maybe not precious but important,  (at least to us it is).  Can you tell we don’t get many calls?

There are a few other things to do also…h-m-m-m.  It is rough being retired. There is a…


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I'm Starting to Sound Like Andy Rooney....

WHO???? (Before he died he was on 60 min. and was greatly admired for his common sense.)

Did you ever wonder why cars ride so closely to each other? I know I do.

I remember the days when you were supposed to leave 10 ft. for each car length between you for each 10 miles an hour you did. Now you are lucky to see daylight between 2 cars. What's the rush? Trust me, an accident will delay you AND cost you $. (That is assuming you did not leave soon enough to make it on time, if not…


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Sweet Song!

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Oh Yeah!

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Life and Death

Yesterday was my husbands 68th, a reminder to me mine is next month.  For the next month I will get to be his "younger woman".  He will be my "older man".  

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What If?

(A reprint of years ago, which seems good today.)

There was no bad news on tv, radio, or online today?

Suppose we turned on the morning news and were greeted with our favorite morning anchor.

“Good morning, the entire world was at peace last night.  Not one war happened.  There were no shots fired.  There were no bombs blowing up anything.  There were no abandoned, abused or kidnapped children.  There are no violent deaths to report.  The…


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Becoming a curmudgeon is easy;

1.  When your pants fall down, even when you have a belt on.

2.  When wads of kleenex supplant the dollar bills in your pocket!

3.  When you hit a curb.  (Of course it moved closer than you thought.)

4.  When dog litter bags supplant your wallet in your pocket.  

5.  When you feel rubbing on your leg you think it’s your dog, NOT your…


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Happy Birthday…exactly what does it mean?  As of 5:36 AM the other morning we welcomed a grandson, Riley James.  Yes, it finally happened.  This could be the happiest day of his life, and he doesn’t even know it.  I know it has made my husband extremely happy.  Me?  I was only here at the time, really had nothing to do with it.  No blood, nothing.  But I can be happy nonetheless.

The birthday parties will come and go, remembered by the photos (if you are…


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The Disappearing Act

Sometimes people come into your life then disappear.  It is always a conundrum why, at least it was. I say this because it no longer is the mystery.

There are people in the world who can swoop into out lives at what seems to be weird times, however this is easily explained.  There are people who “right ships”.  Yes, it is a nautical reference, yet I got it.  Maybe it is because I have looked for people who entered my life and then, seemingly, disappeared.  Oh, maybe…


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Being Happy.

So many of us will depend on others to make us happy.  Humans have trouble with the concept of making yourself happy.  Gotta try while I can.  

It is easier to thing along the negatives for sure.  So, who said life would be easy?  (No I don't want to know, really.)…


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The Final Frontier

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More Notes To Self

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Spun Dry

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