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charlie murphy - gone.

I love charlie murphy.  he was a featured comedian on the original dave chappelle show.  his prince correction...charlie murphy didn't do prince - that was chappelle, he did the charlie murphy true hollywood tales, which was crazy genius.  

unlike his brother, his persona was almost modest and the impression I had was that he was a very sweet man and I'd like to think in real…


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memories in green

Gilmores had the superlative jukebox.  This particular box had a number of big band 33s, my favorite - Tommy Dorsey's "song of india", Artie Shaw's "in the mood",  Bobby Darin "mac the knife" , of course, classic Sinatra and Tony Bennett and for us youngsters, plenty of new music, like Question Mark and the Mysterians "96 tears". 

And even though he didn't have a dance license, there were enough cops that hung out that Pat wasn't worried about being…


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my song of flatbush, st paddys, the living and the dead

ha luckys

smoked em, luckys for the longest time

that taste of spice and pepper

like the men back then

swore em off a long time ago

you ask me why I tell ya

they’re too easy to get to wanting…


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need a job? time to get your crazy on!

trump admin has job openings!

blog up your wildest fantasies and you too can join the clown cadre.


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ALL THE KING'S MEN - the trump playbook

We watched All The King's Men last night and I'll be damned if this isn't the playbook for the Trump phenomena.  Not FACE IN THE CROWD - where a relatively great guy is totally corrupted by the power of populist love - which I've always felt…


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the oscar shmoscar snoozeorama ends with a bang

I thought the oscars started our really great - I had hope.  the timberlake bit was upbeat and kimmel was funny, but for me, the weight of all the faux glory and ultra self congratulation and pretension began weighing it and me down so I fell…


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cells gone wild! more boring adventures from the mundane life of a one legged woman

hello again from boring as hell, hell.

today I share good news:

the hard cast is on!  this means I can flop around, fall sideways into walls and worry be damned!  

getting around is tough.  crutches require me to actually lift this fat ass of minw as I balance it and the rest of me on my dubious, "good foot" like a goddamned ballerina while hopping.   for protection and stability the all new bionic foot is encased in a fashion forward, rock hard, plastic shell impervious…


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bor - ing update YAWN WARNING

I'm bored.

I can't do much, my right leg from the knee down is in what might be called a soft cast.  It's really - I don't know what's really going on in that lump and I won't know until my genius doctor pulls back the beige and puts the real cast on, which will be - assuming I don't fall over and bash in my skull or some such shit - should be Thursday.  

Feeling under it seems like there's…


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poem who knows

put it over there 

it’s old you hear me?

take a razor to it you say take a razor to it

takea  razor

and slash the worst away


put it over there…


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yes we're goin to a partyparty!

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her powers are beyond his ken…


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so what DO progressives do? where do we go from here?

politics is numbers.  

my thinking is this - to increase the number of voters for progressive causes, to deliver votes for progressive candidates and agendas the smart move would be to reach out to the people who haven't voted progressive not only this past election but who have been gradually voting for conservatives for the past six years.

there's a real opportunity right now.  

will we use it or are we so in need of feeling intellectually superior we'll make this…


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in answer to nerd in rodney's blog - what do we do?

Here's a link to Rodney's blog - The Resistance; what are WE going to do?

Nerd's words in italic, mine in regular, beneath.

re "her baggage and poorly managed campaign" (JMac) are so often said to be the causes of her loss. I think she has that baggage because the Rs ran their 30 odd year smear campaign against her so brilliantly that not only the right bought…


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blogging my thoughts and impressions of the inauguration

they're assembling now.

one half looks like their favorite dog just died.

the other half just got a new puppy.  happyhappy!

I've never seen so many false eyelashes assembled in one place in my life! 

the crowd is yelling TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP!

and here he comes..........

WHOA trump's hair is under control and appears relatively normal...meaning not like a yellow shag rug that's about to take flight!

pense appears so smug, so hopeful, so fucking…


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America rising!

Thank you Congressman John Lewis!

-For giving voice to American's concerns regarding the President Elect's legitimacy.

-For starting a dignified, very public national dialogue.

-For engaging the party to LEAD Americans to protest this recent election compromised by a foreign government.

You inspire me while at the same time make me proud to feel inspired.

Thank you!

Ive closed comments because I wont be here today and because this is…

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the source of life!

I used to roast my own coffee.  started with gary - crazy man, worked as a scaleman on the docks -…


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answering the angry buddha guy’s OPEN CALL he didn’t know he called. ALL ABOUT ME

angry buddha guy's blog that I'm answering:

PAGE TWO  <--- THIS IS the absolute BEST BLOG  - it's just so unassuming and nice and honest and makes me really like the guy.  So I suggested an OPEN CALL.  this is it.   Forgive me, if I overstepped.

truth: I am honest to a fault.  I’ve lied but when I was young and ridiculous.  so I’m…


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stupidity thy name is trump

I just responded to d.vega's blog regarding the right's take on the russian's hacking our election.  it doesn't matter much to me why, the fact remains they stuck their fingers in our system and skewed an outcome.

to my thinking, it matters not who is in office, what matters is our electoral system was tampered with and the outcome of a number of elections - not just the presidential office -  were changed.  that should concern all americans, left, right, middle.  that would concern…


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walking blind with dirty harry - an old poem for the new year

I wrote this some years ago.  every couple of years I tweek it because I still haven't exactly found the right balance/rhythm.  but it's a fun exercise.  I love that I wrote a poem that features dirty harry in it. 

I try not to become lost

and stay the safe and narrow 

but there are times the air is so warm …


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goodbye george michael

man, he could deliver! this is one of my favorites from his album "songs from the last century".    he sang it live during a concert with pavarotti and he did a bang up job of it.  I almost posted that video but this rendition is my favorite.    the next video is "wild is the wind" is from the same album.    …


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