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poor sad "violent" nazi guy

is this the same guy?    Mr. "“I'm carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time, I'm trying to make myself more capable of violence.”?

doesn't he want to try out his well honed testosterone and muscle with some down and dirty in your face, pol-icey violence?  

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rebranding Nazis & Racists as "ALT RIGHT" = rebranding Rape as "ALT SEX"

marketing at it's worst - making the lowest of the low palatable.

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(do idiots dream of fire and fury?) fire and fury and the most fabulous covfefe!!

my advice: go eat a box of really good chocolates and have wild sex with whoever you want.  the world may be fucked.

frankly, I figure if he REALLY gets crazy and itchyfingered, "his generals" will…


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the good, the bad, etc etc

above: the shrubs and crabapple tree

above: watercolors…


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the good, the bad and the fucking ugly

I mentioned in amy's blog that right now I'm totally self involved and yes I am and it feels farking good.  I'm painting again - had stopped really putting aside time for it for a few years - packed up a house, broke myself doing that and other things, then unpacked a house and gradually started feeling an awful lot of pain because there's nothing quite like being an old lady getting thrown around by a horse or two and then falling off ladders and landing on radiators plus having a history…


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Art and ROSIGAMI and her Great Doodle Project

(or working it until there's nothing left to be said)

Some time back, the lovely Rosigami, artist extraordinaire asked for volunteers to doodle on some coasters she had penciled guidelines so we'd fill in the areas as we liked and they could all be put together into one giant collective image of a Picasso bull.   As the project moved along I asked if she needed more done because I was enjoying the way I worked when I did them.  It brought me back to something I've often fallen into…


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LIVE BLOGGING: America going ballistic

Our presidental cartoon figure is on tv right now, carefully reading his teleprompter.  What he's saying goes in one ear and out the other - it sounds like it's being read on the "moron" setting of google voice - I hear the word "fantastic" during this statement and I'm not at all surprised.  just further saddened that this is what speaks for america.

God bless them all.  God bless you.  God bless America.  jeeze louise, he sounds sedated.

What happened out…


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DEAD BLOGGING: the elfen AG speaks!

I'm in such a lousy mood.  I watched that first cabinet meeting and I can't help but feel our national self esteem is at an all time low if there are even ten people in this country who don't want to get out the pitchforks and torches and storm that white house!!

I HATE THEM.  the world watches and laughs at our clown president and at us for electing him.   we have a tinpot dictator, not much different from the tinpot dictator in north korea.  lots of happy happy/joy joy - may you…


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LIVE BLOGGING: our Global Village Idiot Dances a Quick Step For the Press

As Comey had his say, so shall the First Dipshit.

I'll work hard to keep up but I'd advise you, if you've got a TV close by to turn it on and catch the nuance. 

He's not especially subtle or nuanced, but he's dumb as a stump and wont to saying something so ridiculously self incriminating, your mouth drops open and while you gather your druthers, he says something entirely contradictory!…


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LIVE BLOGGING: Hoping Comey Can Save America From The Crazy King DAY!!

First up - I need to say I am not particularly fond of Brian Williams and his smarmy lying self.  I don't know why he's on MSNBC but he is and because he is, we have to swallow our bile and tolerate this relentless instruction as he narrates to us - calling down to the great unwashed from his high up in the media clouds pedestal.

okay.  that's done.

Ya'll (love the poorly chosen new…


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deposit returned! :::FIST BUMP:::

Got a call from the AG's office yesterday, asking if I had received a check yet.  It was next explained that she spoke with Sotheby's RE office last week and they said they were sending - via certified mail - a return of our deposit of $1000, which in fact they did.

My buyer agent contacted me last week mentioning he had gotten a call from the seller agent who said he never advised his client (after he had told my agent months ago he had ) to not sign off on returning our…


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sotheby's (report to come)

I am not at liberty to say peep because I'm in the thick of it!!

phase one.  making inroads.  

phase two will mean making deeper inroads.  

we will get our money back legally because sotheby's did NOT act in good faith.  essentially they stole a deposit of $1000 from us because we trusted them.   


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COVFEFE : defined

TRUMP: "itty bitty hands, big idiot"


this one from…


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charlie murphy - gone.

I love charlie murphy.  he was a featured comedian on the original dave chappelle show.  his prince correction...charlie murphy didn't do prince - that was chappelle, he did the charlie murphy true hollywood tales, which was crazy genius.  

unlike his brother, his persona was almost modest and the impression I had was that he was a very sweet man and I'd like to think in real…


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memories in green

Gilmores had the superlative jukebox.  This particular box had a number of big band 33s, my favorite - Tommy Dorsey's "song of india", Artie Shaw's "in the mood",  Bobby Darin "mac the knife" , of course, classic Sinatra and Tony Bennett and for us youngsters, plenty of new music, like Question Mark and the Mysterians "96 tears". 

And even though he didn't have a dance license, there were enough cops that hung out that Pat wasn't worried about being…


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my song of flatbush, st paddys, the living and the dead

ha luckys

smoked em, luckys for the longest time

that taste of spice and pepper

like the men back then

swore em off a long time ago

you ask me why I tell ya

they’re too easy to get to wanting…


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need a job? time to get your crazy on!

trump admin has job openings!

blog up your wildest fantasies and you too can join the clown cadre.


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ALL THE KING'S MEN - the trump playbook

We watched All The King's Men last night and I'll be damned if this isn't the playbook for the Trump phenomena.  Not FACE IN THE CROWD - where a relatively great guy is totally corrupted by the power of populist love - which I've always felt…


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the oscar shmoscar snoozeorama ends with a bang

I thought the oscars started our really great - I had hope.  the timberlake bit was upbeat and kimmel was funny, but for me, the weight of all the faux glory and ultra self congratulation and pretension began weighing it and me down so I fell…


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cells gone wild! more boring adventures from the mundane life of a one legged woman

hello again from boring as hell, hell.

today I share good news:

the hard cast is on!  this means I can flop around, fall sideways into walls and worry be damned!  

getting around is tough.  crutches require me to actually lift this fat ass of minw as I balance it and the rest of me on my dubious, "good foot" like a goddamned ballerina while hopping.   for protection and stability the all new bionic foot is encased in a fashion forward, rock hard, plastic shell impervious…


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President of Arizona

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Post Eclipse Blues

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Ita nos, qui vere stulti sunt!

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a guest post upon my return ...

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