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God bless America! The worm is turning!

Yes it is! 

the black vote was pivotal! 

This is the nightmare the republicans feared would happen nine years ago. This is why they tried to diminish obama - he inspired hope in the silent nonvoting people of color, the young, women. 

It took a degenerate idiot to reawaken the sleeping giant. 

Power to the people! 

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take me to the river, washing me down


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a quick celebrity ME TOO story

I'm not maligning or trying to diminish ME TOO stories because I've got quite a few of my own.  as I wrote in a comment recently - I do not know one woman, NOT ONE who has not had a ME TOO moment or experience in the form of an errant tongue, words, or a hand put to the body in the most unexpected, unwanted, untoward and very uncomfortable manner. 

and yet this wasn't that.  but what it was, I have never been able to explain even to myself, except it bothered me that he went…


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monkey business (what I've been up to)

I've been painting - old paintings - a couple of unfinished ones plus a some repairs because moving damaged a few plus two came back to me for repair because the owner of them recently moved.  conclusion: moving is hard on art and I suppose I didn't know this because it's never happened before, so much moving…


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'flying squirell for arthur

squire squirell squirelle 

took to flying with monkeys

one sunny day (he said

but who could believe 

this known unknown

this teller of tales

milehigh fibbes' &fabricaciones

and so fond

of the velvet embellishment)

yet if one squinted hard

wishing and hoping

way way up the cobalt sky

shining happy specks

floating and flitting and flying about 

tails akimbo



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I could be getting ahead of myself, but what a monday! first corker whose never been a favorite of mine and now flake who it must be said was the first to call the king naked and wrote the book which placed him front and center in the idiot's malignant radar.   

the republicans are the only ones who can bring articles of impeachment.  the left can rally until the cows come home but the right alone is cursed with the votes to follow through. cursed because should they follow through,…


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autumn bouquet updated

color is a little high key but close enough to…


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Rasslin' the Rascally Beasties Painting DAY TWO


Tillerson called the idiot a moron and my spirits are up!

why that is, I cannot say because next at bat would be nikky hailey and she is loving the trumpian stepping stone to gale carnegie type diplomatic success and making a name for herself. so far, she's the yes girl. 

anyway, still don't have on the news so I got into the studio early which is good because the coffee is still surging through my veins and the energy is high.  this painting feels right in…


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Rasslin' the Beasties!

So a few months back I wrote a post where I whined and complained bitterly about a painting I was going to tackle because my BFF asked me to do it AND there's no saying "no" to the BFF which might explain why the exhusband found sanity, sobriety and a lifetime married to her - she will have what she will have and that is that, end of story.

but damn if I wasn't…


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Throwing in the towel

PIllars of Creation*

I have to check out of politics for a while. maybe I'll write bad poetry or even worse prose. Every day it gets harder and harder to see the world fall apart and I cant stand it anymore.

Watching 60…


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the grace of protest


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single payer in the time of the idiot

so we have come to the point where the idiot is so desperate to sign SOMEthing, ANYthing meaningful and really real and legislative, something that smacks of law, something beside his executive orders, elaborately finished with his giant signature (which seems to me anyway, to be getting bigger and BIGGER as time duly marches on) (a signature which one might liken to a large hunk of wilted parsley on a really shitty sandwich in a really shitty restaurant), that it's possible any bill that…


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The W.C. Fields School of Television Journalism

I emailed one network to tell them watching their reporting this week was so ridiculous it reminded me of every comedy skit where a storm is depicted by someone off stage flinging heaping buckets of water or snow at a person onstage.  

the storm coverage went from heroic during harvey to idiotic during irma.  apparently there was no news…


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in defense of melania

shoes?  really?  we're talking about her shoes and hats?

so lets play LIMBO - and see - how LOW can you go?  apparently, no depths are too low to plunder, particularly when it comes to women.  FACT - she is not the president.  she's just the lady wearing the haute couture. 

the fact that she manned up and accompanied her husband to a disaster area in the midst of a mega storm eludes.  I'm not going to dump on prior first women because before Melania first ladies…


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poor sad "violent" nazi guy

is this the same guy?    Mr. "“I'm carrying a pistol, I go to the gym all the time, I'm trying to make myself more capable of violence.”?

doesn't he want to try out his well honed testosterone and muscle with some down and dirty in your face, pol-icey violence?  

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rebranding Nazis & Racists as "ALT RIGHT" = rebranding Rape as "ALT SEX"

marketing at it's worst - making the lowest of the low palatable.

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(do idiots dream of fire and fury?) fire and fury and the most fabulous covfefe!!

my advice: go eat a box of really good chocolates and have wild sex with whoever you want.  the world may be fucked.

frankly, I figure if he REALLY gets crazy and itchyfingered, "his generals" will…


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the good, the bad, etc etc

above: the shrubs and crabapple tree

above: watercolors…


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