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A Missing Circle of Hell

We have been away for a few days and this morning we packed up, loaded the car, and struck out.  After about an hour and 20 minutes we realized that we had had no breakfast.  So we started looking for a likely spot to get breakfast.

We spotted an awful house (Waffle House) and found the place packed with people waitnf for a table.

While we were waiting I sat on an uncomfortable chair facing a booth.  The couple in the booth were sitting opposite each other.  He was working on…


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Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas

Yesterday we had black eyed peas and collard greens, a traditional Southern meal on the first day of the year.  It’s supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune.  Does it work?  I don’t know.  It could have been worse if we hadn’t eaten it in past years.

I have heard the explanation for this humble meal being one of Civil War privation.  For many Southerners this was all that was left after Union troops came through and requisitioned everything else.  Typically, the collards are…


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Tweet Wars on the Left

Twitter has revolutionized political conversation in a way that not everyone thinks is a good thing.

Write this down, I'm referring to a Fox News story.

Claire McCaskill and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been in a tweet war.

McCaskill, is an outgoing member of congress from Missouri who has referred to Ocasio-Cortez as a "Shiny Object" and a…


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SNAP and White Male Privilege


An article in Salon this morning caught my attention.  The author who grew up in Baltimore, in and around public housing, reported being very familiar with food stamps and how they are used.  There were a couple of assertions that were…


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The Library of Trump

Ever hear an idiom out of context and have no idea what it means or meant? That happened to me tonight.

“So’s your old man”. I learned that this is a mild rejoinder to an insult. It means literally, “So’s your father”, but it is just an all-purpose mild insult along the lines of, “Yo Mama”, but less hostile. As an example, A- “You’re an idiot”. B- “So’s your old man”.

This seems to be an out of style idiom. It’s never heard except in old movies.

Some idioms within a…


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Happy Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice.


The Google Doodle today celebrates the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.


I spent two years in Iowa.  That is the coldest place that I’ve lived, and as much as I don’t like winter, it isn’t the cold that gets to me; it’s the dark.  During the Iowa winters I got up in the dark, blew snow…


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Furry Friends

Our furry companion of the last 8 years came to us from our younger daughter who relocated and was not able to bring her dog on the flight to Oregon. L was not happy. She commented, “If I’d wanted a dog I’d have had a dog.” In little time she fell in love. The two went through Therapy Dog training, were certified and made visits to nursing homes for several years.…


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An Experiment with LibreSuite Writer

This is an experiment. Recently Microsoft Office Word quit working. It starts to open and then crashes. I tried various options including restarting my computer and running a repair program. Nothing worked. I have Windows 10 (“upgraded” from Seven) a couple of years ago, and run ZoomText 10.1 for accessibility. Neither of these are new, although the programs are set to automatically update.…


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What Defines a Team Player

Has a liberal ever thrown him(her)self on a grenade?

This is a question for which I’m not sure there is an answer.  Individuals don’t go through life categorized as to conservative or liberal leanings, and the very definitions of liberal and conservative change over time.

This question first came to me at a much younger age, although not so clearly defined, when I first heard of soldiers sacrificing their own lives to save those of their comrades by throwing their body over a…


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Winter Storm Diego, Georgia Mountains


I’m writing this with battery power on my laptop.  Sometime yesterday about noon it began to snow. And then we began to get rain.  And then it stopped.  By 1:40 this morning we had no power.  So, I’m sitting in a dark house, gas logs going, no internet and an iPad that is about out of battery power.

We are bored, but we had frozen soup and chili for just such an occasion, and I had kale soup for lunch.  It’s not as bad as it sounds.  There are other veggies and…


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The Spy in Our Homes


Recently, we bought our granddaughter a smart television for Christmas.  We went over with her options and she chose a Toshiba model through Amazon.  It is loaded with Alexa.

We joked about Alexa spying on her.  She says she accepts the fact that the government knows where she is.  And, she says that she is confident that devices like smart phones and Echo Dot listen and feed information to the company they work for all of the time.  (After all, Amazon sells…


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“Dear Bill, When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago. I know you will feel that, too. I wish you great happiness here. I never fe…

“Dear Bill,

When I walked into this office just now I felt the same sense of wonder and respect that I felt four years ago. I know you will feel that, too.

I wish you great happiness here. I never felt the loneliness some Presidents…


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In the Last 24 Hours

When cars were works of art

Cars as functional tools…


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The Importance of Touch

A couple of days ago I was in a discussion group talking about a recent episode of Hidden Brain, “Bringing up Baby”, which discussed several topics like pre-speech babbling, prosocial activity and tantrums.

We got a little off track talking about the psychology of tantrums, it turns out that they have two components: anger and distress.  In the end the child is needing to be consoled. The source of the tantrum can be totally illogical. (One child wanted to sit at the head of a round…


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How America Got the Social Contract Upside Down

For a number of years I have held that the world needs a new social contract.  However, I had a hard time articulating the nature of that contract. I only knew that the current contract wasn’t working.

I read a short essay a couple of days ago by Umair Haque which held that we already…


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Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi is Not in Trouble



A number of newly elected House Democrats won with, among other things, a promise not to support Nancy Pelosi.  Why? And, is there a path to unseat her as presumptive Speaker of…


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Some Observations About the Difference in Faith and Belief

Recently I listened to a woman who makes soap talk about the process and demonstrate it.  What I learned was that she had only a rudimentary understanding of the actual chemistry, and had some almost religious beliefs about the addition of aromatic materials to the product.  She was opposed to essential oils and in favor of fragrance soaps.  She thought that essential oils could be dangerous. In the next few days I talked with a woman whose daughter sells essential oils.  My friend's belief…


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A Single Sentence Quesiion about Trump and Dumpster Fires

Given that Kellyanne Conway's husband, George, has described the white house as a "dumpster fire", a seemingly apt metaphor, will Trump try to put the fire out with water or gasoline?

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Birth and Death of Words in Our Evolving Languages

If you like words you may find this interesting.

For no particular reason the word “coryza” came to mind.  No one that I know has ever used it, but it occasionally seems to be mentioned in older medical literature where I took it to be synonymous with an upper respiratory ailment like a cold.

The etymology is from Latin from Greek koruza meaning nasal mucous.

It came into use in the 16th century and refers to inflammation of the nasal…


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The Diversion of Honoring Veterans on Armistice Day

Today is officially Veterans Day, but yesterday, 11/11/2018 was the 100th anniversary of the armistice agreed upon in a railroad car in the woods of France.  World War I was to have been the “war to end all wars”, but as everyone now knows, it wasn’t. 

How did Armistice Day become Veterans Day, and why did the treaty officially ending WWI start WWII?

The first Armistice Day was celebrated on November 11, 1919, a year following the endo of fighting in Europe.  In 1926…


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Not To Be Sacrilegious . . .

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Day Two: The Show Goes On

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Two Sundays

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WOW {poem}

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Bell Bottom Blues

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