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Launching Space Force Dedicated to Finding and Arresting Space Mexicans


As Americans watch horrified at the sight and sound of sobbing children, separated from their mothers in the interest of maintaining the rule of law, President Mango Mussolini orders the formation of a sixth branch of the military, a stand alone Space Force.

The reason? To dominate space. In the absence of space aliens we…


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Best Description of the Trump Presidency Yet; A "Bust Out Joint"

I got an email from the Dailykos recently with this story.  The person who wrote it is from Chicago and claims to be very familiar with mob terminology.

New York lawyer’s description (on MSNBC) of the Trump presidency: "The Trump Presidency is a bust out joint."

For those not familiar with mob terminology, it works like this.  The mob – through coercion or loan shark debt – takes over a business.  They then buy, using the business’s good credit, as much as possible.  When the…


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One Question for a Saturday Morning;

Given the fact that Trump has told blatant untruths at the rate of 6.44 per day (as of May 1, 2018) since entering office, and given the fact that the intent is to destroy America’s trust in the media (a fundamental pillar of democracy) should Trump’s untruths not be called lies?

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The Queen and Megan Markle Go Out in Public

This morning’s news included a feature about Queen Elizabeth II taking Meghan Markle on her first Royals excursion.  Her Royal Highness seems to be charmed with Prince Harry’s choice in a bride.  That’s good.

Approximately a month ago both the Washington Post and the New York Times ran articles…


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What If We Cast Lots to Choose Our Representatives in Government

Humans as a species seem to enjoy complaining about what is, more than they do addressing the problem.  Perhaps it is because there are so many problems and that many of these problems seem to pose insurmountable obstacles to change.  Complaining is easier, and there is a certain comradery that comes from being fellow sufferers.

Five hundred years or so ago a Roman Catholic priest proposed changes in the way things were done by the church.  Martin Luther’s demands were not met because…


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Nothing Can Be Done

Carrying things down the steps from the deck this morning I was reminded of a picture someone shared with me years ago.  It was of one of my college professors, Dr. Dwight Moore, from whom I was taught plant taxonomy and genetics.

Dr. Moore was in his seventies when I took plant taxonomy, and the course involved a lot of field work.  Much of that field work was carried out in the Arkansas Ozarks and we all used to shake our heads at the way Dr. Moore scaled hillsides, walking us into…


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Finally, President Trump Weighs In

You may recall that Valerie Jarrett was an aide to President Barrack Obama.

Valerie Jarrett is the one on the left.

The other is a Trump fan

The Trump fan,…


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A Lot to Take In

Georgia Democrats made history this month.  We chose a candidate for Georgia governor who is not only a woman, but a black woman.  Stacey Abrams won easily over Stacey Evans.  She was unopposed for Lieutenant Governor, but our choice is also a woman and married to an immigrant, Italian, but an immigrant, nonetheless.

That all happened on Tuesday, and then we started coming back to earth on Wednesday when we found that the number of Republican votes cast statewide far exceeded…


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Something I Found Looking for a Blue Snowball

I've been shopping for a computer webcam and microphone.  It's been an interesting adventure spurred by the finding that my accessibility software now allows one to use a webcam with a flexible stand in place of a separate closed circuit television for looking at documents, prescription labels and a lot of other things.  The company sells a package of a pretty good webcam and stand with the option of a couple of different bases.  However, i would like a webcam suitable, also, for recording…


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It Was Never About the Economy, Stupid

 This is what White Evangelical Christians would like to think they believe in, but is it really? 

  • Following the victory of Donald Trump in 2016 one criticism offered in the postmortem analysis was that Clinton and the DNC made the mistake of engaging in identity politics when the real issue was the economy. Bill Clinton’s…

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SBA/RR Challenge, Music, "The Music of Vietnam, 1970-71

I had hoped to record something that I had performed for the Music section.

Unfortunately, I got a new laptop last week with Windows 10 and I haven't been able to make a video using it.

So, here is a musical memoir of my Vietnam experience.

A recent conversation with an old friend in which she didn’t know the meaning of, and had never heard the…


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Independent Journalism, Fake News and Paywalls

Which image is real?  Is either real?

There are three newspapers that I read without wondering whether I’m reading poorly researched or “fake” news.  This morning I was reading an article about fashion, of all things, and the audacity of Scarlet Johannsson to wear a Marchesa dress to a Met…


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Ode to Oy

A 104 year old Australian botanist and ecologist, David Goodall, cheerily sang a few bars of “Ode to Joy” from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony the evening before flying to Switzerland to die in an assisted suicide.  A longtime member of Exit International, an end of life group, Goodall said that his life ceased to be enjoyable after he lost…


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Sombreros at Churchill Downs and Zinnias in the Garden

La Bandera

(The Flag)

The colors of the Mexican flag in enchilada sauces.

I tried this once.  They all tasted the same.

I’ve been working in the garden all morning.  It is…


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Short Fiction: Krispy Kreme and the Meaning of Life

Warren woke with the chickens.  It had been his habit since childhood when he actually was awakened by the sound of the neighbor’s rooster crowing.  Swinging his legs over the side of the bed he almost reached out to see if Betty was up, and then the persistent grief of her loss settled over him as it had done now for the past year.

Warren Krueger and Betty Peterson had been an item since he came back from the navy at 22.  He had been a Machinist’s Mate and part of the Auxiliary Group…


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The Paradox of Teacher Occupational Prestige and Teacher Income; A Few Observations

In some parts of the world, particularly in Eastern Asia, teachers are the most highly regarded occupational group or on par with physicians.  They seem less esteemed in the U.S.  Is that true, and what does it mean?

In 1947 the first report was issued from the University of Chicago’s  National Occupational Research Center (NORC) on what was termed…


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Barbara Bush's Magnificent Farewell

Barbara Bush’s funeral service today was beautiful.  Comments by family and friends about former First Lady Barbara Bush were gracious and revealed her humility, humor, and rock steady grip on matters of personal values and civility.

In recent weeks we have heard many anecdotes about how devoted George H. W. and Barbara were to each other.  They are remaining remnants of the "Greatest Generation".

St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in Houston is a marvelous Gothic cathedral and the…


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Observations on The Lancet, "Call the Midwife" and Global Healthcare

In various episodes of the British television series, “Call the Midwife”, the doctor’s teenage son refers to an article that he had just read in The Lancet.  Perhaps most Americans have heard of The Lancet, but the numbers who know what kind of medical journal it is, are much less.

There is nothing quite like the journal in the U.S.

I have an on-line subscription to The Lancet.  Why “The Lancet”?  Why not JAMA or The New England Journal of Medicine?  Because it is free and…


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SBA/RR Challenge, Current Events, Starbucks Memories and Starbucks Incident in Philly

As most everyone knows now, an ugly incident took place in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. 

A Starbucks employee called 911 to complain that two men were in the store refusing to make a purchase.  Police were dispatched, arrested the men, and took them to the police station.

The men were black, and some immediately called the arrest a…


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