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A Very Brief History of the Civil War Courtesy of President Trump


There are a host of things about the president that are objectionable, but perhaps the greatest is his disdain for education, history and factual accuracy.

In this address at a rally in Ohio Trump explains that Robert E. Lee was a great general, that he was so great that Abraham Lincoln had a “phobia” about the problem. …


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October in Florida

Monday Night:

There weren’t a lot of choices of motel rooms that would take pets. This one would take pets and seemed safe. I left the clean, but somewhat rundown old motel room and headed toward the dark shadow at the end of the back row of rooms where I had been told there was an ice machine. To my left a voice told me, “It’s…


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Gathering Places


The three bedroom house I grew up in had one bathroom, a living room, a dining room and kitchen.  The house was cooled in the summer with an attic fan and the only heat in the winter came from a space heater in the bathroom, one in the dining room, and the gas range and oven in the kitchen.  The living room had a wood fireplace that seemed to make the room colder.  Consequently, the living room stayed shut off from the dining room in the winter. The bedrooms in winter were…


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What Brings You Peace in the Midst of Storm

This morning I was looking for President Trump’s statement that the FBI could investigate anything about Kavanaugh.  I found several related videos on Fox News, CNN and CBS News, but not the one I wanted.  The specter of Kavanaugh’s confirmation haunts me day and night.  I can’t seem to let it go.


In the mix of those videos was this.…


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The Great American Religion and How Trump Became President.

The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, an…


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Do Millennials Understand Socialism; Do Any of Us For That Matter

For decades conservatives have labeled anyone else as socialist.  Furthermore, although the terms have changed, conservatives lump socialist, as they did when liberals were “pinko, commie, hippie fags”, into a single basket of people who want something for nothing, won’t work, and probably a member of a minority group.

Anxious, perhaps, not to be looked at that way, progressives have avoided being associated with the words, socialist and socialism.  That is changing.  Millennials are…


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The Boy Who Cried Wolf


There is a children’s story about a boy who thought he saw a wolf at the edge of the village and cried, “Wolf”!  Everyone came running, but could not see a wolf.  The boy liked the fact that he was for a brief time the center of attention and decided a few days later to sound the alarm just for the pleasure of it.  Again, there was no wolf and there was no wolf on the next occasion, either. 

One day there was an actual wolf, and when he cried, “Wolf”, no one came and…


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White Pizza and the Metamorphosis of the American South

My first awareness of Pizza came with the song Dean Martin sang in the 1950s; "Amore".  In the southern backwater where we lived Pizza was unknown.  It was a time of burgers and fries.  A&W and Dairy Queen were what passed as  fast food chains, and we never went out to eat, ever.

So, when Dean Martin sang I heard the lyrics as meaningless;


When the moon hits your eye, like a big piece of pie……


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An Alternative Story of Creation

"In the beginning was Trump and he looked at the Obama economy, declared it tremendous and created it, and that was the first day."

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The Faces of 9/11

Josef Stalin has been quoted as saying that the death of an individual is a tragedy.  The death of millions is a statistic.  He knew something about creating statistics.

The events of 9/11/2001 have become a memorial more about the fates of firefighters than of the people who died in the attacks.  That is understandable.  The only thing that united the individuals who died in the attacks was that they were all in the wrong place that day.  They were men and women, Christians and Jews…


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Mark Twain, an individual experience of his views on prejudice, inequality and privilege”

What follows is a slightly modified version of a recent talk that I gave on “Mark Twain, an individual experience of his views on prejudice, inequality and privilege”  Furthermore, this is not a short read.


Sometime about age 10 or 11 I had an experience that I remember like hearing of President Kennedy’s assassination or watching a second plane fly into the world trade center.  I was invited to the birthday party for Richard Organ, a grade school…


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The Difference Between Inconvenience and Sacrifice

On an almost daily basis I challenge myself.  Sometimes it is a little thing like eating squash.  I don’t object to the taste of squash or zucchini, it’s the texture. I don’t care for.  A couple of days ago L tried a new recipe, tandoori salmon with squash.  I won’t go through the recipe, but it includes garam masala, coriander, chili powder and yogurt and is very East Indian in character.  The taste helped the squash go down, and I was glad it wasn’t cooked turnips (I don’t like the texture…


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Our Canine Friend Has "Alzheimer's"

Sometimes the slide into really bizarre is so slow that we overlook the change. 

A month or so ago I was talking to someone about an odd thing our dog did and asked whether dogs, like people, can develop their own form of senile changes.  The friend, after the subject had really drifted on to other things, said, “That’s a really good question.  Do dogs get Alzheimer’s and how would you know?”

We were really just explaining our dog’s behavior as more of the same.  She has never…


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Thoughts on the Relative Value of Evidence


I got a call a couple of weeks ago from my cousin asking me whether or not I had been contacted by a genealogist in relation to the death of another cousin who just died intestate.  I hadn’t.  The ensuing conversation was about how much estate Phyllis might have had, and the fact that we were both more…


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Why Liberals Should be Afraid; We Live in Our Own Bubble


What follows may not be exactly the quote I heard the other night on the Bill Maher show, but it is close.

“Barrack Obama was the President of who we would like to be.  Donald Trump is the President of who we are.”  D. L. Hughley.

When Barrack Obama was elected the whole world was giddy.  Teens wept in Japan.  The world actually was evolving toward a better place.  We were as a species following the example of our better angels.

As a child I was taught…


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A Week in Michigan and a Small Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Last week I was in Michigan.  The remarkable thing is that of the fifty states there were four that I had never been in.  The other three are Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  It’s unlikely that I will ever visit any of those three.

We have longtime friends who are from Michigan, and we planned a trip to the places that meant something to them, and while we couldn’t go to all of them we filled up a week.

We landed at Detroit, but never saw Detroit, and drove by signs to Flint,…


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Why Accents and Dialect?

A recent episode of “The Allusionist”, a podcast that deals with words, dealt with accents, and to a lesser extent dialect.  Episode #63, The Evolution of Accents, was broadcast courtesy of Twenty Thousand Hertz, which is a podcast about sound.  Helen Zalzberg, the Allusionist, asked and they agreed to share.

Briefly, the show started with the evolution of modern English – from 1500 to present – and expanded on the English from the 1600s on during the time that Britain…


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Cover Bands

Cover Bands

We live a couple of hours away from Atlanta, so there is ample opportunity to hear live music there, but my wife would as soon have surgery without anesthesia as drive in Atlanta traffic.  We get live music here in the mountains.  Mostly it is over-the-hill groups playing with whatever remnants of the original group exist along with replacements.  We saw the Beach Boys there which was actually The Beach Boy and younger musicians.  To be fair they were very good.  Others…


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Why Would Blind People Bungee Jump

Most mornings I make my version of an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.  It’s like the one at Mickey D’s with a couple of additions.  I chip up a little red onion on top of the egg in the skillet, and then flip the egg when it’s hard cooked to clarify and slightly brown the onions.  I also put a few leaves of baby arugula on the layer of cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, egg, and onion and plop the top of the toasted English muffin on all of that.

It takes about ten minutes from the pantry…


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Are Millennials More Savvy Than Their Grandparents, or Abysmally Ignorant?



In recent months there have been a number of articles about the habits of Millennials.  They aren’t buying homes, they don’t have pets, and they seem to love plants.  They are not apparently interested in the same things that earlier generations were obsessed with.  It has those with money worried.  I’m sure they are concerned about how to maximize their money with a group…


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Little Red Rooster

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The Media and the Midterms

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Not Since 1916...

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A Feature, Not A Bug

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Hitman Jesus

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