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After the Crematorium

Backlit by the luminosity

Of memories,

The figure gazes into the unknown.

An unknown of darkness and light,

Of planets and stars.

Of galaxies and universes.

Of protons and electrons,

The possibilities seem…


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Democrats Have a New Strategy

Democrats have a new strategy, it seems.  So far it seems promising.

Sherrod Brown, D. OH, says he has approached Pres. Trump with his own proposed tax bill(s).  His justification for doing so was that approaching Senate Republicans is impossible; they are writing without liberal input.  Brown’s tax plans helped protect working families, whereas the GOP plan furthers the interests of business and the wealthy.

One person commenting after Gary Jones win in Alabama claimed that…


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Waiting For the Other Shoe To Drop

Being someone who has the capacity to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, the Democratic victory in Alabama seems too good to be true. 

Roy Moore declined to show the good grace of conceding the election to Doug Jones.  He cites uncounted military and rural votes.  Roy Moore lost by 1.5 percent of the vote.  Had all of the 1.7 percent that went to write-in candidates gone for Jones the margin would have been over 3.2 percent.

There will be no automatic recount.  A…


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One Sentence for Discussion on Adam Smith's Philosophy

If Adam Smith were to appear today he would be distressed to find that, while his work, “The Wealth of Nations”, significantly affected the course of history and supported the development of what later came to be known as capitalism, he would be distressed to find that his earlier work, “The Theory of Moral Sentiments”, has been largely misunderstood or completely…


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I Finally Understand the True Meaning of Midwinter Solstice


As I lay in bed last night I understood for the first time the meaning of winter solstice; the reason for prehistoric astronomic calendars.  I understood why Saturnalia (Yule, Midwinter) got usurped by Christmas.

It’s been a hell of a week.

This past Monday I came down with some intestinal affliction that had me sleeping…


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If I Wanted to be a Poet

                     Sufi Dancer                              

If I wanted to be a poet

How could I not write a Gimmick

Some versical form of a Limmerick…


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Question for Discussion at an Upcoming Event

A discussion group to which we sometimes add our opinions has this question for the upcoming meeting:

"High-profile allegations of sexual predation: witch hunt or a moral awakening?" 

What think ye?

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Black Friday, Holy Day for the Grinch

Black Friday has come and gone.  Or has it?  Retailers want to ride the wave of consumer buying making it Black Weekend.

In another lifetime my wife worked in retail.  Starting as a salesperson (they were salesgirls then) she became an area manager and then assistant store manager in line to become a store manager.  She wanted to be a buyer.

Managers were at the store all of the time; weekdays, weekends, holidays.  Salary divided by hours looked like minimum wage.



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Word Surfing While the Stuffing Herbs Meld


Yesterday morning, listening to Alice's Restaurant, our annual Thanksgiving day ritual, I was having a conversation with L about, of all things, Ricky Nelson’s song, “The Garden Party”.  The lyrics seem to be about being disappointed by people and learning to go your own way.  At this point L said, “We expect icons to be paragons.”

L says stuff like that a lot, so I’m used to having to mull over what she says, and her remark made me think about the word…


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My Summer of Aimless Living; a Memoir



It was the summer after my second year of college; the summer of 1962.  I had spent the school year living in a not exactly dormitory.

In anticipation of the coming baby boomers the college had moved a bachelor officer’s quarters from an Air Force base about 75 miles away and plopped it down between buildings…


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Pirogue Days

A bog, a marsh, a swamp, a fen

All of them make me smile.

They are, regardless of size,

Not for us.


Their owners slither and creep

Or hop or cruise with spiny fin

And watch us with beady eyes

They warm my heart.


But some can’t stand their insolence

And so they plot to drain the swamp

and leave those creatures high and dry.

A pile of dust and rot.


All a matter of use they…


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Dealing With Trump Tweets by the Numbers

I have discovered a new way of dealing with the current POTUS based on numerology.

Take all of Art James comments in a single post and add the total number of characters

in all of the comments.  (Allow time for a coffee break.)

Take that number and add it to the number of inches of rainfall (do not count snowfall) you received in the last 12 months.

Multiply that number by the number of hours that Wolf Blitzer sleeps in 24…


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The Last Entry


We lose track of time when we are young and that precarious hold on one part of our orientation to four dimensions becomes even more tenuous as we retire, lose loved ones, become housebound, and in many ways have a more limited existence.

Our time here on Our Salon for some seems to exist out of time.  For some of us it is the writing that makes this happen, and for others it is the time spent reading, commenting and discussing.

We come from all kinds of…


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The Gun Turret in the Church Steeple

Americans have no idea what to do about terrorism or gun violence.  Following the shooting Sunday in a small church in a small Texas town that killed at last count 26 people, the White House response is reflected in this TIME magazine story:

“Even before Sunday’s shooting at a small Baptist church in Texas, the Trump Administration…


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Secretary of Commerce Invested in Putin's Son-In-Law's Company - ICIJ


I learned about an organization, the ICIJ, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.  An article in Forbes revealed the leak of the Paradise Papers which disclose how the wealthy elite move money through offshore investments.  Many of these offshore entities are very secretive.  Investing in any business in…


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Colder Than (fill in the blank)

Heating and Cooling Woes

 My grandmother's house had one of the these

On Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs being warm is not a top tier item, and seems mundane, not worthy of discussion.  However, it is hard to self-actualize when you are cold.

One year Garrison Keillor read The Little Match…


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Is All Belief Just Selfishness

This post is not about politics, but before you breathe a sigh of relief, it is about the second thing that you should never bring up in a bar; religion.

In a recent post I talked about the beauty of dawn and made reference to the Age of Enlightenment which gave us the stories about the Ancient Greeks and their gods and goddesses. …


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Celebrating Halloween

Celebrating Halloween

My Halloween Selphie

(Really it is)

Yesterday Donald Trump jr. is reported to have tweeted;

“I’m going to take half of Chloe’s candy tonight & give it to some kid who sat at home. It’s…


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If We Were Talking About the Mob

After months of speculation that Il Capo, Donny T might have asked for help in eliminating his opposition Hillary "the hellion" Clinton from "Vlad the Impaler" Putin there appears to be truth to the rumors.  Vlad has denied everything, and maintains that his nickname is not warranted.  Unlike the historical Vlad, he prefers to slip his enemies a radioactive mickey.

The last five days have been interesting.  On Friday we were given word that the Feds were about to put a…


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Greek Myth and the Classical Rennaisance

Once Again the Rose Fingered Titaness Paints the Sky

In Ancient Greek mythology there was a pantheon of gods and goddesses consisting of primordial gods, Gaia (Mother Earth) and Uranus (Father Sea).  A second set of Gods – the first generation Titans - were giants of…


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