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Is the Trump Tide Starting to Turn

This past week has been an eye-opener for many Americans.  Setting aside Trump’s bellicose statements toward North Korea’s dictator Kim Jung Un, events at Charlottesville, VA and Trump’s subsequent remarks, have revealed to anyone who had any lingering doubt that POTUS 45 is too unstable and incompetent to govern.

In fact those are essentially the words that Sen. Bob Corker (R) from Tennessee, and Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, used to describe the president.



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Does This Sound Like It Was About the Removal of a Statue?

This should be required viewing for every American.

"Fighting the parasitic class of anti-white people."

The Alt Left attacked "fine people" without a permit.  ~ Donald Trump

Trump said he was waiting to find out all of the facts; like David Duke was at the rally. 

Duke seemed to be one of the "fine people" in Trump's…


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Trump's Remarks About Charlottesville; While Reprehensible, They Are Entirely Consistent

Without using categorical words it is still possible to categorize the actions of Donald Trump.  What is not possible is to categorize him as a follower of any particular ideology.  On matters generally considered to be liberal or conservative he is inconsistent.  On what matters is he consistent?

Trump is loyal.  His loyalty to those who he considers possibly helpful to him, or who have helped him is consistent.  He continued to back Gen. Mike Flynn after warned by Obama against…


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A Meditation for Thursday

People reach their center in all sorts of way.  Mine is often through music.  I hope this helps you find yours.

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A Death in the Family; Update

Earlier this month I wrote a Short Obituary about the death of an ex-brother-in-law.

Several people asked for an update, hoping for a happy ending.  I think this is the best that could be expected.

To recap the problem, our niece’s father died alone at home with an unsigned will and a guaranteed annuity designed to give any capital remaining to the insurance company upon death. …


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Head Injury, Brain Damage, and Contact Sports

Is Brain Damage an Inevitable Result of Playing Football?

This headline from August 7 edition of LiveScience asks the question as the result of a recent report that 110 of 111 brains studied from professional football players showed brain injury typical of that seen with repeated concussions.  The interests wanting to deny this finding are wide and diverse.  Owners don’t want to hear it, and…


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Celebrating the Eclipse with Clay

Some time back I posted about getting back into my clay studio.  I had been M.I.A. for a few years due to a flagging economy, health concerns, and lack of any creative impulse.

Using the wheel to throw pots was getting increasingly hard on my back so I decided to experiment with “hand building”, a potter’s term for making things with clay without the wheel or the use of plaster molds.…


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Problems and Fixes at the VA; a View from the Bottom

Yesterday, August 3, 2017, President Trump spoke on television about VA tele-health programs.  With Trump was Dr. David Shulkin, Secretary for Veterans Affairs, to explain the new program. 

The two touted a new smart phone app…


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A Short Obituary

At sixty-eight, he died suddenly, alone, following a lifetime of thinking only of himself. 

He and my sister-in-law were married for five years; he finished nursing school, considered being a nurse anesthetist, but then decided to become an optometrist.  Somewhere at the beginning of all of that he and my…


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Two Questions for Sunday; One Easy the Other Not So

A Las Vegas hacking competition resulted in U.S. election machines being hacked within 90 minutes, across multiple vendors and from multiple locations. Does anyone think Russia’s intelligence agents, supposedly the world’s best, couldn’t have done the same?

Is there any voting system that is immune to cheating?

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Tomorrow Will Be Better

It’s been a day.  It started after sunup when I went to the garage to open the kiln and unload a bisque firing, mostly consisting of 4X4 and 5X5 clay tiles.

The kiln sits in a corner of the garage next to a window that I had opened for ventilation on one side and a number of plastic tubs full of glaze chemicals on the other.  After I started the kiln firing I noticed that several 2X2 foot squares of plywood at the end of the plastic bins were getting pretty hot, so I moved them around…


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General Relativity, Quantum Physics, String Theory and the Possibility of a General Explanation of Everything.

LondonCityGirl explains particles and waves and quanta and the strong force in just a few.


If you don't have time to read this, please don't miss the video at the…


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The Gift of Polymaths

Yesterday, Sean Spicer, white house press secretary resigned when someone was brought in from the outside to serve as communications director, the position Spicer hoped to be given.  I can’t imagine anyone wanting that job, or any job in the Trump administration, but then I can’t imagine a world of alternative facts, and the belief that any news that does not agree with your concept of reality is “fake news”.

At the same time that Sean Spicer was resigning I was…


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Avoiding Hurtful Words

"Anger, if not restrained, is frequently more hurtful to us than the injury that provokes it."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca:

A few days ago I followed…


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Unknown Caller

Unknown Caller

The Law on "Robo-calls"

I’m sure you’ve noticed, whether you have a mobile phone or a land-line the increase in unwanted, irritating robo-calls.  Registering with “do not call” seems to do no good.  The callers get around whatever restrictions are left on telemarketers.

One frequently used ruse is to begin the…


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Time to Pack Up

It’s 4:00 a.m. and the rock band across the river packed up sometime after I went to sleep.  It was just far enough away.  The Amtrak is going through now.  I love train sounds. They remind me of my childhood living across the river from a switching station.  Summer nights were spent with the windows open in those days and I could hear the men working in the train yard talking interrupted by the crash of the cars being coupled and uncoupled.  The men and the mockingbird and the screech owl…


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Living in a Post-Concert Musical Vacuum

The other night we baby-sat our 8 year old granddaughter while our daughter and her partner had a date.  They told me in advance that they were going to a concert by "Witch Bottle", a band from Seattle and they didn’t know what the music would be like.  The fear was that it would be loud and so they decided not to invite me.  (Besides they needed a baby-sitter.)

Afterwards, my daughter said that I would have liked it.  It was a genre known as neofolk.

A brief search on…


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A Word of Encouragement from Trae Crowder

Trae Crowder, the Liberal Redneck, is a comedian whose stick is making fun of conservative Southerners while holding the rest of America responsible for their own foibles.

ALERT: Trae uses profanity for emphasis and may make you uncomfortable with your own unconscious prejudices.

The "Fourth" is in full swing.  Most of you, I hope, are somewhere enjoying it.  I hope you have followed Trae's advice. Relax, things aren't the worst they have ever been.  Get drunk.  Blow some shit…


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Why, How, and to Whom Do We Pray

This morning, listening to Ellyn Burstyn reading The Doctor and the Rabbi by Aimee Bender on “Life is Short” at WNYU, a question that has plagued me for much of my life came up to the surface; “Why, how and to whom do we pray?”

There was no answer in the short story except that there are so many ways in which people can even visualize prayer that the answers are all…


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The Ten Commandments Are Not the Basis of American Law

Yesterday a man drove into a four ton granite monument on the Little Rock, Arkansas capitol grounds with the Ten Commandments inscribed on it.  He reduced his Dodge Dart and the monument to scraps.  The man, Michael Tate Reed, is a serial ten commandments monument crasher, and has been arrested and charged with several counts of criminal malicious mischief, destruction of property and trespass.…


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Art By Committee

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poor sad "violent" nazi guy

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Hi Ho Steverino

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Today is my birthday!

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A Couple Questions

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