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On I.Q., Personality, and Potential Success

Do you remember the $64,000.00 question?  Not the exact question, rather the show?  Inflation caused the show to go over the years from the $64.00 question to the much higher figure.  The show presented a basic anomaly, which may not have been an anomaly at all, that the most amazingly intelligent people on the show were decidedly unsuccessful by usual standards.

One series was won by a cab driver.

NPR has had a weekly program for several years, “Wait, wait…Don’t Tell…


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Runny Glaze

At today’s Northeast Georgia Arts Guild meeting I’m going to give this little pot away.  It will be raffled along with other bits of art donated by members at the meeting.  So, an artist in some media will take it home (or throw it in the trash on the way out).

The raffle is a fundraiser and…


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Is Happiness In America an Illusory Goal



n January, 2008 the book, “The Geography of Bliss, One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World” was published.  It was a sort of travelogue written by Eric Weiner about the relative happiness of the average person in places as diverse as Bhutan and Iceland.  Although the author referenced studies related to…


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I See, Said the Blind Man to His Deaf Dog

A Dog Named Turtle

Therapy Dog

Dear Friend

It’s been going on for a few months now, this change in the dog’s behavior.  Several things happened at the same time.  She started sleeping at the…


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Donald Quixote Trump Tilting with Tariffs at Robotic Windmills

The cult classic, Blade Runner, was based on a novel, “Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep”.  The most human characters in the movie were the androids in revolt; individuals who looked like people but had been genetically engineered not to reproduce and to have an accelerated aging process so that they would die quickly after their productive years.  The robots were not happy about that, and were looking for ways to reverse engineer their DNA.…


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The Influence of Personality

There is nothing exactly novel about this story.  It’s about individual personalities and how those personalities, which we appear to be born with, influence our lives and the lives of others.

At one time I belonged to an art coop.  In order to understand each other better someone suggested that we all take a personality test so that we might avoid conflicts.  I got put in charge of finding one, administering the test and then sharing the results.

It’s tempting to…


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Delta Airlines Economic Impact Ignored by Georgia Republicans

Hartfield-Jackson, Atlanta’s International Airport, has a major economic impact on Atlanta and the State of Georgia and it has been said that Delta Airlines is the airport.

Delta has been based in Atlanta for seventy-five years and in 2013 earned $64.3 billion and contributed $1.3 billion in profit sharing to the 30,000 employees living there.  The airline contributes in many ways to the local and state economy.  It pays $30 million annually in taxes, and has contributed more…


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What does a downgrade from Top Secret to Secret mean?

What does a downgrade from Top Secret to Secret mean?


Today we learned that Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law and advisor, was given a security clearance of SECRET after having a temporary clearance of TOP SECRET for the past year.  How was his security level decided?

Why did it take a year for this decision to be made?

Kushner's conflicts are obvious; personal business dealings have been carried out with foreign governmental officials.  Also, a…


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Jefferson, Militias, the Second Amendment and its Possible Irrelevance for Private Gun Ownership - Repost

This article was last edited in February of 2013, and originally appeared on Open Salon.  Looking back on it I see areas that were lightly covered or skipped altogether concerning the militias during the pre-civil war era.

They were first tested during the War of 1812 and did not make themselves proud. …


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GOP Response to Florida Kids

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My Free Floating Anxiety About the Future of our Children

It is easy to romanticize the past, both that past we knew and that we have only dreamt about. 

I’m reminded of Edward Arlington Robinson’s poem; Minever Cheevy"

“...Miniver mourned the ripe renown

   That made so many a name so fragrant;

He mourned Romance, now on the town,

   And Art, a vagrant...”

Not only do we romanticize the distant past, we misremember our own. 

Thinking about public school and school shootings, I remember my…


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How an Eighteen Year-old Bought an AR-15 in Florida

The following article is not about gun control, per se, as a means of stopping school shootings.  When nothing changed after the shooting of first graders at Sandy Hook most of us despaired of anything meaningful ever happening because of the hold that the arms industry has on Congress.

This is about Florida laws that restrict the sale of pistols to those over 21 while allowing an 18 year old to buy an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle.  Note that the ammunition fired by…


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Hope Hicks and the Dark Triad (Prequel to the Temple of Doom)

Hope Hicks has had a meteoric rise within the Trump organization. Now, she is in a precarious position because of relationship with one of the men close to Donald Trump.

Who is Hope Hicks, how did she make this rise to fame and notoriety, and how has her position been compromised?

Hope Hicks is a 29 year old…


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Bad Water


My father’s older sister, Nellie Roe, was according to my father, who was several years younger, pretty, kind, smart and probably the best of the seven kids.  When Nellie was fourteen she was stricken with typhoid fever and died.

Who knows what Nellie might have accomplished? Given that her grandparents were immigrants, the family lived on a farm in Oklahoma, and that she was a girl born about 1903 probably nothing more than most of us do, but we’ll never…


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Bare Soles

Bare Soles

Exposure can be very liberating I’m told. 

However, exposed seldom seems the best state of being.

Going bare leaves one vulnerable.

I got up this morning, barefoot, walked into the kitchen and the cold coming through the tiles on the floor reminded me that, whether souls or soles, we need a little protection.…


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Could Prejudice be as Simple as an Aversion to Broken Patterns

I’m having an ocular migraine, and will probably have to take a break soon.  Ocular migraines may or may not be followed by a headache – mine aren’t – but they are still a problem.

Mine are fairly typical.  I get what I describe as a neon caterpillar that moves from the lower left of my vision in both eyes migrating across the center and exiting off of the upper right field of vision.  For about 30-45 minutes I will be unable to do anything requiring vision like reading, writing or –…


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Public Domain and Creative Commons Links

Editing my bookmarks/favorites list is not something I do often.  Removing a link is akin to getting rid of that old shirt in the back of the closet that you haven’t worn in five years but might want tomorrow.

Nevertheless, I found myself doing just that this morning and found a link I have no memory of saving.  (Experiences like that seem to…


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Dancers on Tiny Feet

The Pine tree stands in fourth position

Balanced on tiny feet…


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A Search for "Unitarian Blues" Unexpectedly Took Me Where I Wanted To Be

I often say that I’m not much on religion, and that’s true, but I’m not without belief.  I have a deep abiding faith in good.  I believe that good is everywhere.  Unfortunately, it is not the good things that people do, but the bad that gets all of the headlines. 

‘The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interrèd with their bones.”  Anthony at the funeral of Julius Caeser

Somehow, that overshadowing makes it hard to explain a faith in goodness.

It becomes…


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Warren Buffett and Jeff Sessions; Can Big Pharma Ever Be Reined In?


The Out of Control Cost of Health

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase join forces to tackle employees’ health care costs

To summarize, the cost of healthcare keeps growing and was described as a “hungry…


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Happy New Moon in Pisces

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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In other news...

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