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A Week in Michigan and a Small Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Last week I was in Michigan.  The remarkable thing is that of the fifty states there were four that I had never been in.  The other three are Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.  It’s unlikely that I will ever visit any of those three.

We have longtime friends who are from Michigan, and we planned a trip to the places that meant something to them, and while we couldn’t go to all of them we filled up a week.

We landed at Detroit, but never saw Detroit, and drove by signs to Flint,…


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Why Accents and Dialect?

A recent episode of “The Allusionist”, a podcast that deals with words, dealt with accents, and to a lesser extent dialect.  Episode #63, The Evolution of Accents, was broadcast courtesy of Twenty Thousand Hertz, which is a podcast about sound.  Helen Zalzberg, the Allusionist, asked and they agreed to share.

Briefly, the show started with the evolution of modern English – from 1500 to present – and expanded on the English from the 1600s on during the time that Britain…


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Cover Bands

Cover Bands

We live a couple of hours away from Atlanta, so there is ample opportunity to hear live music there, but my wife would as soon have surgery without anesthesia as drive in Atlanta traffic.  We get live music here in the mountains.  Mostly it is over-the-hill groups playing with whatever remnants of the original group exist along with replacements.  We saw the Beach Boys there which was actually The Beach Boy and younger musicians.  To be fair they were very good.  Others…


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Why Would Blind People Bungee Jump

Most mornings I make my version of an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.  It’s like the one at Mickey D’s with a couple of additions.  I chip up a little red onion on top of the egg in the skillet, and then flip the egg when it’s hard cooked to clarify and slightly brown the onions.  I also put a few leaves of baby arugula on the layer of cheddar cheese, Canadian bacon, egg, and onion and plop the top of the toasted English muffin on all of that.

It takes about ten minutes from the pantry…


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Are Millennials More Savvy Than Their Grandparents, or Abysmally Ignorant?



In recent months there have been a number of articles about the habits of Millennials.  They aren’t buying homes, they don’t have pets, and they seem to love plants.  They are not apparently interested in the same things that earlier generations were obsessed with.  It has those with money worried.  I’m sure they are concerned about how to maximize their money with a group…


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Lessons from Rocky and Bullwinkle

Since the press conference following the Helsinki meeting between Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump I’ve been referring to Trump as “Boris”.  This has been validated by the Russian media which has had a field day discussing the ease with which Putin has manipulated Trump; one news woman referring to him as, “best Kremlin agent”.…


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Open Call: My Blogging Journey

I don’t remember exactly how it happened, but in the 1990s I joined an email listserve, The Carl Sagan Mailing List.  I liked the Cosmos series on television and was enamored of the concept that there were “billions and billions” of stars in the universe and the likelihood that we were the only intelligent lifeform in the universe was remote.  I commented occasionally – there were some really bright people on the site who intimidated me – and remember that the discussions went…


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Have We Already Evicted Our Adul Sam-on

A story today was  about Adul Sam-on, a 14 year old boy who is one of the rescued Thai soccer team. Adul is an illegal immigrant.

Adul is a member of the Wa, a Burmese tribe once feared as headhunters. Adul’s impoverished and illiterate parents smuggled him across the border of Thailand in hopes that he would get an education and have a better life.

When British divers showed up initially it was Adul who translated. 

Adul is fluent in Thai. Wa, Burmese, English,and…


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The Value of What's Left

I left part of my nose in the dermatologist’s office today.  I am very aware of what’s left.

There is a large white bandage across my nose that makes me look like I lost a bout with Joe Palooka.

Or, that I’m a double for Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou.…


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No Speluniker Here

A  Thai soccer team has been trapped in a cave now for over 9 days.  Heavy rainfall has caused cave waters to rise trapping them, 1.4 miles in and ½ mile deep in the cave.  Options are: dive through the cave water and bring the boys out, wait for flood water to go down allowing the boys to get out on their own, find another natural entrance or create another entrance.

“According to Mirza, that last option of using a natural entrance is becoming less and less likely and instead…


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Justice Kennedy’s Abrupt Decision to Retire

Justice Anthony Kennedy, conservative Supreme Court Justice, has been reviled by strict constructionists and ultra conservatives for his votes on what many of them considered key issues like abortion and gay rights.  At the same time he has, for the most part, voted with the conservative Justices on the court.

His announcement to retire in advance of the mid-term elections is seen as no coincidence.  Conservative members of Congress like Chuck Grassley have asked for any…


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Good Grief, Not What You Think


Is there anything ever easy about a death in the family? 

After years of being a nursing home invalid, and weeks following a stroke from…


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A Big Upset in New York; A Democratic Socialist Beats a Democrat

A 28 y/o millennial, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, beat a veteran incumbent Democrat in a New York…


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My Mother-in-law Just Died and I Don't Feel Sorrow: I Feel Guilt

My mother-in-law died an hour or so ago.  There’s no reason to express sorrow.  She was almost 92, had been bedridden in a nursing home for several years and suffered a major stroke a few weeks ago.

I’m not feeling sorrow as much as guilt.  We have all said our good-byes, and although, truth-be-told, she was a fun person when she was young, she was not easy to love in her later years.

I am examining why I feel guilt.  I imagine that I think I should be sad, but I’m not; I’m…


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Is There No Chain of Custody And If Not Why

We now know that approximately 3,000 children have been separated from their parents at the U.S. southern border by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and then turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for safe keeping.  The parents detained for illegally entering the United States have been processed or are to be processed for deportation.

What has been learned to the horror of most is that the separation was made without any plan of returning the children…


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Launching Space Force Dedicated to Finding and Arresting Space Mexicans


As Americans watch horrified at the sight and sound of sobbing children, separated from their mothers in the interest of maintaining the rule of law, President Mango Mussolini orders the formation of a sixth branch of the military, a stand alone Space Force.

The reason? To dominate space. In the absence of space aliens we…


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Best Description of the Trump Presidency Yet; A "Bust Out Joint"

I got an email from the Dailykos recently with this story.  The person who wrote it is from Chicago and claims to be very familiar with mob terminology.

New York lawyer’s description (on MSNBC) of the Trump presidency: "The Trump Presidency is a bust out joint."

For those not familiar with mob terminology, it works like this.  The mob – through coercion or loan shark debt – takes over a business.  They then buy, using the business’s good credit, as much as possible.  When the…


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One Question for a Saturday Morning;

Given the fact that Trump has told blatant untruths at the rate of 6.44 per day (as of May 1, 2018) since entering office, and given the fact that the intent is to destroy America’s trust in the media (a fundamental pillar of democracy) should Trump’s untruths not be called lies?

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The Queen and Megan Markle Go Out in Public

This morning’s news included a feature about Queen Elizabeth II taking Meghan Markle on her first Royals excursion.  Her Royal Highness seems to be charmed with Prince Harry’s choice in a bride.  That’s good.

Approximately a month ago both the Washington Post and the New York Times ran articles…


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What If We Cast Lots to Choose Our Representatives in Government

Humans as a species seem to enjoy complaining about what is, more than they do addressing the problem.  Perhaps it is because there are so many problems and that many of these problems seem to pose insurmountable obstacles to change.  Complaining is easier, and there is a certain comradery that comes from being fellow sufferers.

Five hundred years or so ago a Roman Catholic priest proposed changes in the way things were done by the church.  Martin Luther’s demands were not met because…


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Trump's "reality TV" show

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