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Vũng Tàu

In-Country R&R in a Neutral Zone

During the Vietnam War U.S. military typically were sent for rest and relaxation (R&R) to some place away from the conflict like, Hawaii, the Philippines, Thailand or Australia.  I met my wife on Oahu about half way through my tour and then we took a short flight to Kauai where we spent a week next to a lagoon full of colorful fish and toured the island by car.  That happened in 1971, and it served as our honeymoon.  We…


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Impeachment or Prosecution?

“The Truth Matters”


Sometimes, it has been said, the cure is worse than the disease.  That may be true with the Trump presidency.  Can Trump be impeached without evidence of a crime?  What would be the effect of impeachment?  What constitutes a “high crime”, what a “misdemeanor”? 

What those who find Trump’s…


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A Meditation for Any Day

The following was copied from a Unitarian Universalist bulletin.  It expresses a concept that is often either denied, forgotten or never realized.  In today’s political divide over immigration it seems important to realize that many of those we will never know who helped enhance our lives are and were immigrants who took jobs beneath their ability in order to enjoy life here.  Some slaves, and the children of slaves, built buildings and roads and created works of art for which they got no…


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A Patient's View of Fighting Cancer

I’ve been retired for 14 years.  A lot has happened in medicine since then, apparently.

My latest go round with my cancer resulted in surgery, ‘radiosurgery” and now I am getting immunotherapy.  The last is something that has come on since I was practicing; at least as a main-line therapy.  I’m still not sure how it works.  I’m getting something called a checkpoint inhibitor.  The immune system is complicated.  Like the blood coagulation system it appears to be like Topsy, it just…


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When is News Fake and When is it Misinterpreted or Misprotrayed

It seems that there is little that we can trust now.  Anyone who has not been living under a bridge for the past couple of years is familiar with the concept of fake news.  This morning I read that Russia is interfering with GPS systems to confuse shipping.  Julian Assange has been kicked out of the Ecuadorian embassy in Britain and authorities are beginning to have the discussion about what should be done with him.

Assange claims that Wikileaks is a journalistic enterprise rather…


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Sex, Gender and Combat

Cedar Falls Trail on Petit Jean Mountain

Arkansas has a monument and state park honoring Petit Jean, a frontier hero. Petit Jean was killed by native fighters and at the time of his death it was found that “Little John” was actually “Little Jean”.  It seems that, in order to have the…


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Remembering the Five and Dime

Yesterday the phone rang, and it sounded like the Caller I.D. said TG & Y.  I didn’t get up to answer (we get scam and spam calls all of the time) but thought who could that be, that company has been out of business a long time.  And then I began to think about all of those five and dimes - they once dotted the South - offering a variety of goods for a price that people could pay.  Most of them, it seems, appeared during the Great Depression and disappeared as people became more…


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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction



This article is about more than Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), and if you were looking for an extensive exploration of the subject it will not provide that.  There are much better places to find an in-depth discussion of the dementia that affects canines.

Sometimes we spend time mulling over events trying to get a glimpse of the future.  It seems natural to believe that we can see trends emerge and follow those trends to their logical conclusion.  My…


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The College Entrance Cheating Scandal; Heads or Tails

There have always been crooks, sociopaths, and con men, but they were looked down on by society at large.  This week a scandal broke that involved wealthy parents participating in an elaborate scam in which they got their children into prestigious universities through bribery and fraud.  In past decades such individuals would have been ostracized to such an extent that it would have made it unlikely than anyone – even those disposed to lie and cheat – would have participated in such a scam. …


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What, if anything, did Michael Cohen offer this week?

Why did Congress call on Michael Cohen to testify this week? Depending on political persuasion it was grandstanding, or an attempt to get to the truth about President Trump; whatever that truth may be.

Given the fact that Cohen is a convicted liar, and given the fact that liars lie about lying, there has been no reason to believe that…


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Brain Surgery, Now What?

The windchimes are ringing and shutters clattering. If I could see the garden flag I am sure that it would be standing straight out to the side. March is waiting in the wings.

Things have progressed so quickly that it is hard to imagne that it has only been a little over a week since we blithe fully threw a few things in a bag and started…


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A Missing Circle of Hell

We have been away for a few days and this morning we packed up, loaded the car, and struck out.  After about an hour and 20 minutes we realized that we had had no breakfast.  So we started looking for a likely spot to get breakfast.

We spotted an awful house (Waffle House) and found the place packed with people waitnf for a table.

While we were waiting I sat on an uncomfortable chair facing a booth.  The couple in the booth were sitting opposite each other.  He was working on…


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Collard Greens and Black Eyed Peas

Yesterday we had black eyed peas and collard greens, a traditional Southern meal on the first day of the year.  It’s supposed to bring prosperity and good fortune.  Does it work?  I don’t know.  It could have been worse if we hadn’t eaten it in past years.

I have heard the explanation for this humble meal being one of Civil War privation.  For many Southerners this was all that was left after Union troops came through and requisitioned everything else.  Typically, the collards are…


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Tweet Wars on the Left

Twitter has revolutionized political conversation in a way that not everyone thinks is a good thing.

Write this down, I'm referring to a Fox News story.

Claire McCaskill and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have been in a tweet war.

McCaskill, is an outgoing member of congress from Missouri who has referred to Ocasio-Cortez as a "Shiny Object" and a…


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SNAP and White Male Privilege


An article in Salon this morning caught my attention.  The author who grew up in Baltimore, in and around public housing, reported being very familiar with food stamps and how they are used.  There were a couple of assertions that were…


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The Library of Trump

Ever hear an idiom out of context and have no idea what it means or meant? That happened to me tonight.

“So’s your old man”. I learned that this is a mild rejoinder to an insult. It means literally, “So’s your father”, but it is just an all-purpose mild insult along the lines of, “Yo Mama”, but less hostile. As an example, A- “You’re an idiot”. B- “So’s your old man”.

This seems to be an out of style idiom. It’s never heard except in old movies.

Some idioms within a…


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Happy Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice.


The Google Doodle today celebrates the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year.


I spent two years in Iowa.  That is the coldest place that I’ve lived, and as much as I don’t like winter, it isn’t the cold that gets to me; it’s the dark.  During the Iowa winters I got up in the dark, blew snow…


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Furry Friends

Our furry companion of the last 8 years came to us from our younger daughter who relocated and was not able to bring her dog on the flight to Oregon. L was not happy. She commented, “If I’d wanted a dog I’d have had a dog.” In little time she fell in love. The two went through Therapy Dog training, were certified and made visits to nursing homes for several years.…


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An Experiment with LibreSuite Writer

This is an experiment. Recently Microsoft Office Word quit working. It starts to open and then crashes. I tried various options including restarting my computer and running a repair program. Nothing worked. I have Windows 10 (“upgraded” from Seven) a couple of years ago, and run ZoomText 10.1 for accessibility. Neither of these are new, although the programs are set to automatically update.…


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What Defines a Team Player

Has a liberal ever thrown him(her)self on a grenade?

This is a question for which I’m not sure there is an answer.  Individuals don’t go through life categorized as to conservative or liberal leanings, and the very definitions of liberal and conservative change over time.

This question first came to me at a much younger age, although not so clearly defined, when I first heard of soldiers sacrificing their own lives to save those of their comrades by throwing their body over a…


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