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Refusing Service on Religious Grounds

Mountain Laurel blooming

Laurel is common throughout the Appalachian chain


When the Ottoman Turks invaded Egypt they did not kill the Coptic Christians; they merely relegated them to second class citizenship.  Of course, to gain full citizenship they could convert to Islam, and…


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What Defines Hip Hop (Rap) Music

Wandering around YouTube this morning I came upon a genre of white rap that broke me up; Princess Rap.

Here are a few examples:…


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O'Reilly is Out, Carlson is in; it is Just Business

The market has spoken.  Bill O’Reilly, formerly the darling of Fox News and the Murdoch family, went from a cash cow to a business liability as lawsuits alleging sexual harassment became public and advertisers distanced themselves from Fox.  O’Reilly was not fired for being a despicable human being, but for the only reason he could be; he was threatening the investment return of…


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A Little Saturday Morning Philosophy; Reflections of a Careful Kid

Iconic shot of Woody Guthrie

In a recent piece by alsoknownas about his accordion playing friend and Zydeco music, the observation was made about his friend, and…


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A One Sentence Question Concerning the Possible Folly of Parsing Donald Trumps Actions

Since President Trump has no ideology or consistent policy on anything, following the advice of whichever business crony or political hack he last spoke with, resulting in no pattern of action in domestic or foreign policy other than a result perceived by the president to help his image, ratings, or business interests, is there any reason to continue to try to discern a pattern in his contradictory actions?

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Viewing YouTube on Chrome in Dark Mode

Stop.  This is not another post about the Poor Pitiful Blind Man.  Neither does it have anything to do with accessing the “dark web”. This is about an option that should help everyone, and a question: Why isn’t this setting the standard setting on everything?

I discovered while reading Google News that there is a way to change the usual White Mode to Dark Mode on YouTube.

One of the major effects of my eye condition is extreme light sensitivity.  My adaptive software has the…


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The Real Cost of War


“Coming back is tough, regardless of what your job was overseas. It may take on different forms and different shapes, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation for every person. 

"I went through my own period of transition, recognizing that you don’t just hit the ground and push play on the life that you pushed pause on…


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Better Than Expected

Coney Island Boardwalk



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Why the Republicans Went Nuclear

Senate GOP triggers nuclear option to break Democratic filibuster on Gorsuch

In order to confirm Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court Justice the Republican led congress needed to overcome a Democratic minority filibuster, which would have necessitated a “super majority” of 60 votes.  Both Democrats and Republicans in the…


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"Alternative Facts"; How to Confront Misinformation


When Kellyanne Conway came in support of outrageous comments made by members of the Alt Right, she submitted that the group was only using alternative facts.  Educated people responded with incredulity.  There are only facts.  Alternatives are at best wrong and at worst lies.  However, this assertion sparked a real look into why and…


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The History We Know is the History We Are Told; Reflections on "The Invention of Wings"

Sue Monk Kidd

I just finished Sue Monk Kidd’s book, The Invention of Wings.  I found it an entertaining read, and – spoiler alert – found it even more interesting when I got to Kidd’s Afterword.  The afterword…


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Pointy End Down

German Robber Baron Castle

Last fall, while staying at the Caring House in Durham, N.C., I realized that I had been putting the flatware in the dishwasher upside down.  Early in our marriage we bought some stainless that had knives with pointed tips.  Most table knives are rounded on the end; these weren’t.  The tip of one of the…


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Jeez, Now I Have to Worry About Thematic Meta-analysis

The problem with intellectual curiosity is that it leads you to worry about things that you did not previously know existed.  This would not be a problem were it not for the fact that you usually have no control over these problems.  It’s better to know about issues over which you have some control.

Today, my wife sent me a link to a warning on Facebook that many teas contained unacceptably high levels of pesticides.  It went on to say that the pesticides mentioned could predispose…


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Parsing Reality

A continual barrage of news and commentary about politics – particularly today’s politics – can be exhausting.  Personally, I have cut my viewing of the news considerably, probably watching only 30 minutes a day.  This has been a good thing.  In the run-up to the 2016 election I was listening to or watching the news several hours a day.



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Pre-Columbian Pots and Spanish Redskins

A Dubious History

Peanuts, Goober Peas, whatever they are called, have been a staple food for a long time.  There are no fossil records of peanuts (peanuts don’t have bones or teeth), but there is ceramic evidence of peanuts as either decoration or…


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Chrome Update and the Spy Who Came in Through the Microwave

Illustration of Integer Overflow

I can remember asking what a search engine was in my early days using computers.  A friend explained the concept and said, “There are several out there.  Google is a good one.”  So, I went with Google.  Who could have guessed how big Google would become or how…


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The Enigma of Creativity

The Enigma of Creativity

I’ve been told that I’m creative and intuitive.  I never know how to respond to that, thinking, “Compared to whom?”

What does it mean to…


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Big Legged Crows and other Unexpected Things

I’m hoping to make some five inch clay tiles to replace a couple that cracked that were part of a large multimedia, multi-artist piece that I participated in about 10 years ago.  Clay sometimes cracks due to internal stresses that aren’t externally visible.  I have a couple of raku pieces that I made maybe 15 years ago that cracked years later.  I liked them too much to sell them, and I’m glad now that I didn’t.

For a decade, dating from the time of my vision loss, I’ve struggled with…


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How Right Wing Populism Beat Left Wing Populism


There is a distinct disdain among leaders in society, whether business, academic, or legislative for populism.  Populist movements typically exist to protect one group at the expense of others.  They are often unconcerned with protecting the aims of business, and appeal to the common man during times of economic distress.  Movements are often illogical, based on emotion, thus earning the distrust of intellectuals, and they are unpredictable.  If there is anything politicians…


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Bold in the Mouth, With Notes of

A 1955 advertisement for Mogen David Wine

As someone who remembers when the only wine made from U.S. grown grapes were New York Wines – generally regarded then as inferior to French Wines – to the emergence of California wines as valid alternatives to French wine, I have been amused by the marketing strategies used by American…


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