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STILL (A poem for my husband who died last March)


I could not see you actually leave 

on that sharp night of unexpected terror

that made you strange with discomfort, pain, horror and then exhaustion

your anger at having to die so suddenly enclosed you like a clear plastic case

I couldn’t get through it; I didn’t have time…


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Dealing With Shame Over Life's Mistakes.


 A couple of years ago, I noticed that I would just wince psychologically when thinking about any mistake in my life ever, past or present. I want to always continually grow to be a better person, so my flaw meter is turned up pretty high.

But I realized this perfectionism can have a very destructive side. I still felt embarrassment for every mistake I had made, even decades ago! Wouldn't it be better for me to just try to forget these things?

I thought that, once my…


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No matter how much you expected it, it will still come as a shock.

There is nothing more agonizing that seeing someone you adore scared, uncomfortable, and in pain when they are dying.

It is hard to get that image out of your mind.

At one of the worst crises of your life, you will come home to an empty and silent house after being with another person constantly for years.

No matter how much you did for the dying person it will not seem like enough.



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The Unexpected Joy of Family History Blogging!

As an older blogger, I am delighted to have just stumbled upon a new writing thrill. A younger cousin of mine recently suggested that I help form a private family history website on Facebook.

I had really been missing the huge clan we used to have in my hometown. My mother had six sisters and they were best friends. There were numerous cousins, with family picnics on Lake Michigan where all of us jumped the huge breakers while hanging on to a precarious section rope on the beach. And…


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Think Thrice About Marrying A Child Of Abuse.

I know.  I  used to be insanely idealistic and ultra compassionate too. But I have now seen one too many such marriages explode, impaling the caring “rescuer” on some horrible shard.

Have you ever tried to change a long-standing trait within yourself? It can be almost impossible to change a trait, even if you want to.

Is it any wonder that people who grow up with only models of dysfunction and cruelty often have trouble building  healthy and…


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Standing at my kitchen sink, I catch a glimpse of a bird's wing on my outdoor grill cover, just outside the window. I move to see it better. "Oh God!!! What now???" A dead bird has draped itself between my outdoor grill cover and my deck rail! Birds don't drape themselves over things.... it is an unnatural posture. What is this, The Bird Creep Twilight Zone??

It started last summer when I noticed a bunch of dark, threadbare-coated Starlings hanging around my large, beautiful and…


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