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On Being a Christian Lesbian

This piece is cross-posted from my old blog from last year, but in posting my previous blog, I think it wise to post my personal journey away from and back to God.  Forgive me if you're a member to both places.


When I first realized I was gay and had my first crush, Adrienne, I was a little southern Baptist girl living in a small town insulated by the ideas of the church, handed down to me by the imposing…


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The Word: Perfection

“When you’re raised with the belief that perfection is possible, it’s hard to let go of that.”

I just recently watched the coming out videos of Hannah Hart, better known as the host of My Drunk Kitchen, one of my favorite YouTube Vlogs (found on YouTube as MyHarto and YourHarto).  She usually makes me laugh until I cry.  This time, she just made me cry.  She made such a poignant statement I had to replay the statement three times before I could digest the sentence and what she felt. …


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Learning to Drink Coffee Black

I’ve recently lost 65 pounds and I’ve hit a plateau.  Sadly, my body doesn’t want to take off any more weight, even after adding more exercise, shifting calories around, tracking everything in with the detail of pointillism, and monitoring myself to see if I was doing something different.  I just can’t get it going again.

I’m trying to shift how I eat and drink, to see if that has any impact on what’s going on with this plateau.  This means giving up on occasion my beloved flavored…


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City Hall

(Cross Posted from Open Salon)

I live in Springfield, Missouri, a town most known for being the childhood home to Brad Pitt and the epicenter of Bass Pro, a major merchandiser of hunting and fishing goods.  We have a population of 160,000 in city limits, but boast a metro area (if you can call it that) of around a half million.  We are the third largest city in Missouri, behind my favorite place in this world St. Louis and its rival Kansas City.  Both places are safe-havens of those…


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Barbed-Wire Skin, an Autobiographical Story - Part Two

Again, cross posted from Open Salon... and as I post the last section on OS in one month, it will also be cross-posted here.  After that, sayonara OS!


It was going to be a long day at work.  I was thankful to have a job.  After all, I'd been jobless for a couple of weeks a few months back, and buying groceries had been my fear.  My car had just broken down and I had to borrow money from my grandma and uncle for a new used car.  I felt like a…


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Barbed-Wire Skin, an Autobiographical Story - Part One

This is cross-posted from Open Salon... word of caution for the dual readers.  I'm in the process of leaving Open Salon and need to really move my writing onward.  (Thank you, lorianne, for the much needed push.)


This one always told me she wouldn't hurt me.  There I sat, in a new house on a strange street, strange noises in my ears, alone.  My blue corded phone thrown down in the bedroom, off the hook and…


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Happy New Moon in Pisces

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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In other news...

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