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Sacks, Shiller, Stiglitz

A pretty famous book, for the geek crowd at least, is "Godel, Escher, Bach". So, today brings an alliterative triad. Cool.

Once again, we enter the world of incentive and motive over data. Data's been taking rather a nastry beating here, of late. But, if one recalls how we got The Great Recession, it was the…


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Pay Me Now and Pay Me Later

It bears repeating: given enough time and further concentration, even the 1% will need ObamaCare in order to afford decent health. In the course of musing on said subject, I coined (so far as I know) the phrase "the tyranny of average cost" to immortalize the issue. If a given widget, which has either high capital production cost, or high fixed capital cost (get it?), there result in two alternatives: shift widgets to as many users as possible, or gouge a tiny number of users. Either way…


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What Really Happened to Jezza

Are conspiracy theories up your alley? Was there just a lone gunman, Oswald? Was Grenada really a threat?

Are you a fan of "Top Gear" (not the US puke version)?

Do you think that Jezza got sacked because he was a bad boy? Or was it all staged to let The Boys go?

My vote: staging. The "final" episode ran on BBC America last night, and I'm here to tell you what really went on. Put on your tin foil hats.

The original story was that Jezza cold cocked a producer at the…


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Everybody Into The Pool, Part the Second

Well, that didn't take long. The Chinese have been luring the retail sheep for a while, so now the US Mr.Market decided to fleece ever smaller sheep. The thing is, of course, that such a move would have benefited Joe Sixpack back when the market started its Superball rebound. Not so much at this point. Now, the only point is to lure in yet more funds to keep the beach ball inflated.

Vampire squid…


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I Still Hate Neil Irwin, Part the Second

Well, yes. But only because he's got the better platform. Green with envy. His take on China:

Repeat after me: The stock market is not the economy. And the economy is not the stock market.

While I certainly agree, no one else does. The DotBomb, Great Recession, and China Syndrome all flow from the same issue: the…


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Everybody Into The Pool

Yet more news on the Giant Pool of Money front. China's stock market has imploded, which you likely have heard about. But the point is: this is yet more evidence of the segue from physical investment to fiduciary investment, and the perils thereof.

China, more than most (if not, all) countries has the infrastructure to absorb moolah and convert it to plant…


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The Whole is Less Than Its Parts

Perhaps anon there'll be more here on the subject. Not sure, yet. But this paper (rather dense econo-speak) makes a by-the-way observation from the…


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A Word to The Wise

Well, the Greek electorate has given a large middle finger to the Germans. We'll see what happens next. Of note is a piece (in my dead trees version it was "tycoons" rather than "billionaires", odd) written before the vote and published before too.

And yet the extremely wealthy do face an abiding risk from festering inequity: The have-nots might finally lose patience and…

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Clausewitz Does a Headstand

I had forgotten about Clausewitz when I asserted: "The purpose of war, of course, is to force out governance of a people and replace it with the victor's" in a recent essay. For reasons anon, I visited Wiki to find the source of a quote living in the bottom of my brainstem: "War is politics by other means." Turns out, that's a paraphrase.

It was Clausewitz who said, "War is merely the continuation of policy by other means." Pretty close, huh? Of equal interest:…


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We Are Not Greeks

Well, may be a bit. Yet another piece on the situation has this:

"The point is that Greece may get different conditions, but it has to abide by the rules," Mr. Renzi [Italian prime minister] told Il Sole 24 Ore, according to a BBC translation. "It's not the case that we have taken early retirement pensions away from the people of…

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This Means War

Regular reader likely has noticed that I've characterized much of what's gone on with the Euro and Greece as a bullet-less WWIII, instigated by Germany. Provocative, on purpose. Not that I expected the mainstream pundits to echo such a view.

Until today.

But Greece is not alone in trying to bend or break the rules. Germany and France missed what were…

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Open Our Salon For Good

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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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