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Stupid Is As Stupid Does

The fact is, I'm torn between concluding that Kim Jong-Don is pathologically evil or ditto stupid. Today we have his pronouncement that Federal regulation process is now, by his fiat, blown up. He, or Bannon (who knows better, or ought to), asserts that agencies make up regulations over their weekly poker games at high end DC men's clubs. Well, no. Federal regulations, published daily in the Federal Register, are the agencies' responsibility to…


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Betting Line

OK, so Kim Jong-Don has gone into blatant dictator mode, ignoring all agency heads in issuing the Muslim ban.  So we're left with the over/under times to suspending the Constitution and declaring martial law (starting with Chicago, of course).
1 week
1 month
1 year

Cast your vote.  Vote early and often.

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R.U.R. for Our Times

R.U.R. meets RoboCop?

The thinking folks have been banging the drum that Kim Jong-Don is a con man, who managed to convince 77,000 idiot white folks in the Alabama areas of three otherwise rational Northern states that their problems are caused by dark folk, rather than the billionaire class of Kim Jong-Don. The biggest of the Big Lies from Kim Jong-Don and his cabal is that China, et al are the cause of manufacturing employment's…


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Thought For the Day - 25 January 2017

Now that we know Kim Jong-Don has been using a civilian quality phone, likely forever, enquiring minds want to know: how much dirt does NSA already have?

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If It Walks Like a Duck

One might suppose that there remain a few knuckleheads out there who still think that The Donald is on the side of the 99%. Well, the last couple of days he's generated enough Kim Jong-Don ink to show those with functioning brains, may be not.

Those evil (now 5 million) illegals all voted for Hill:

Richman [co-author of one debunked report on illegals voting] also…

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Addicted to Big Data

Well, just got back from my dead trees NYT and coffee, and opened up my home page (CBS News), and see this item titled:

A way to predict who'll become a drug addict

So, I says to me self: "just another Trumpista; white uneducated unskilled guy". Well, yeah when I got about half way through came this -

A typical person with a chronic injury…

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Pig Latin

What King Donald said:

We are transferring power from Washington, D.C. and giving it back to you, the people.

What he really said:

The Red states will take every last nickel left in the Blue states, so they can handle snakes and fuck their sisters.

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Thought For the Day - 19 January 2017

OK, Donald, here's the last week you can blame Obambi for the USofA's troubles.

In the week ending January 14, the advance figure for seasonally adjusted initial claims was 234,000, a decrease of 15,000 from the previous week's revised level. The previous week's level was revised up by 2,000 from 247,000 to 249,000.

This week is your week, and the next few until you're impeached. Put your money where your mouth is. Create 90210 jobs for all those shit…


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The Death of The Financial Quant

In a couple of days, co-incident with some other ceremony of note, we will have the internment (or pyre, whichever you prefer) of the financial quant. RIP. For, with the ascendance of The Donald to the throne, the adage, "what matters is who you know, not what you know" will be all that does matter.

The country, from municipalities to DC, is now under the thumb of the lunatic right. Check history, and you'll see the results: depression, deflation, and deprivation for the majority.…


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Thought For the Day - 11 January 2017

Given the "Access Hollywood" material, doesn't the notion of Russian honey traps make perfect sense?  Two gigantic dots with a really short line betwixt them.  So far, I've not heard or seen any of the dishonest media point out this obvious fact.

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The Real Villian

On and off, the thread of how the Great Recession came to be appears in these endeavors. The lunatic Right has, from the beginning, sought to blame Bill Clinton, long out of office when the boom started, much more so when it collapsed, and the Community Reinvestment Act (1977!). This attempt has always been propaganda, seeking to shift blame from the laissez faire W. banksters to inner city dark folks trying to buy a house. Various studies have been done over the years, and many have been…


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It's Always The Arithmetic

A few times, these endeavors have made mention of the fact that average cost is what really matters to the MBA Masters of The World, not the marginal cost of economists. Folks like the putative Labor Secretary Puzder, who prefers robots to people in his production, just assume that machines are better than people. Leaving aside, for the moment, that machines don't take their value add based wages and buy output, capitalization based production does have, at least, one downside: fixed…


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Thought For the Day - 5 January 2017

One might not expect to find a missive dripping with rural entitlement and arrogance on the op-ed page of the NYT, but here it is. Comments are closed, but they're quite amusing. Given that NYT readers are, I expect, dominantly urban, but their anger is justified. I sent off a comment on the author's home site, much like many of the comments on the piece. The rural uneducated aren't just stupid,…


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