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The Easy 80 Percent

I think it was Dr. McElhone who introduced me to the old saw (didn't know it was old, at the time), "Don't think you're really good just because you've mastered the Easy 80 Percent!". Truer words were never spoken.

Today brings yet another example. Pharma had been dining out on filet and caviar for decades with the Easy 80%. Now, the impossible 20% is all that's left. They, we now know, are frauds. They don't work miracles. They don't conjure all these compounds out of their own…


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A Public Service Message

I saw a comment stream on a blog, which discussed beautiful words (the comments, not the blog's content). One suggestion was 'syphilis' being the most beautiful word in the English language.

Imagine my surprise to see this story in my newsfeed. Syphilis has returned to God's Country; Missouri specifically in the story. And, of course, the Bible Thumpers are in Da Nile over yet another…


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About That Statue

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she

With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

-- Emma Lazarus/1883

Written as fund raiser to support, literally, The Statue of Liberty. Added to the monument in 1903. Widely believed to express the liberalism of the USofA. The…


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Speak to Me

This recent op-ed reminded me of a war story of my father's. He managed to avoid getting shot at during WWII by simply scoring in the high cohort. Even in the frenzy to defeat the Axis Powers, the US military made the effort to find the Best and The Brightest. While I don't know whether it's still true, then the high cohort was the pick of the litter for the Signal Corps, not that such necessarily meant not…


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Josh Billings Was Right

The trouble with people is not that they don't know but that they know so much that ain't so.

-- Josh Billings/1874

The two hour stream of consciousness diarrhea dump by The Manchurian President at CPAC was all the rage for the MSNBC pundits last night. I didn't watch any of the dump, of course, and each pundit took bit of it to task. Lawrence O'Donnell picked The Manchurian President's assertion that the US, stupidly, ended tariffs in 1913. O'Donnell went on to say that tariffs…


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The Asymptote of Progress

First the Concorde, now the A380. The light is dimming as the Permanent Dark Age dawns. Once you've filled in the periodic table, life changing innovations peter out. My paternal grandfather was born in 1880 and died in 1967. Just consider how the world around him changed over that span of time.

- automobiles

- telephone

- radio

- TeeVee

- aircraft, and all that brings



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It's Black and White

Now that it's been reported that other pages of That Yearbook have racist photos inserted, when will the Mainstream Pundits figure out that the most likely explanation is that some of the yearbook staff were mocking N-word loving white folk?

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Facts Follow Fiction

Being addicted to 'Law&Order' and the 'CI' variant, one occasionally finds that fiction predicts facts. The tag line, 'ripped from the headlines' becomes, 'ripped from the script'. Today, and the last few days really, we find The Manchurian President living the script.

There's the 'L&O' episode, 'Mega' which tells the tale of a couple of high end grifters who invent a religion/self-improvement scam.…


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Pissing Contest

If some of the Dear Readers have been sleeping under a rock, then it behooves these endeavors to draw attention to some information from the Mueller team with regard to Cohen and Buzzfeed. Of the many punditing, only Chuck Rosenberg with Maddow has done the j'accuse.

The information provided by Cohen about the Moscow Project in these proffer…

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Blue States' Wet Dream

OK, not the kind that plague adolescent boys; may be not quite plague. This is the Blue State political version, prompted by the criminal information published for Michael Cohen this week. I can say you heard this first here. At least, I've not read or heard it elsewhere as I type. What seems possible, although speculative of course, is that Mueller is running a spectacular gag on The Manchurian President.

What is clear is that both The Manchurian President and his kids and in-laws…


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Go Stuff Yourself

Well, happy Thanksgiving, a day when many utter those immortal words, "I guess I'll eat myself to death". Which words impel me to rant, not for the first time, about the most asinine bit of innumeracy. Not quite as stupid as believing that one can acquire syphilis from a public toilet seat, but real close.

So, in the last few days, whilst watching Pundit TeeVee, a talking head and some of the usual pundits were discussing The Manchurian President scandals. Along the way, one of the…


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The Amazing Spitting Man

OK. Let's bet how long The Manchurian President will take to trash Amazon for the disloyal act of putting the two new HQs dead center in the middle of Educated Coast Land. I don't twit, so it may have already happened. Certainly before the sun goes down. Go Blue!

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Quit Bitchin

Do you get sick and tired of the fat, uneducated, shitkickers in flyover country's continued whining about how unfair it is that the Coastal states get all the good jobs??? Do you?? White grievance manifest. When I've typed about that situation in the many times past, the conclusion is obvious: they're in the situation just because they have always in years past, and continue to, elect right wingnut politicians who see to it that the shitkickers remain uneducated, unhealthy and generally…


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The RCH Factor

So, for the last couple of weeks the Pundits of MSNBC have been HIGHsterical. It goes like this: "we blew it in 2016 by misjudging the polls"!! Well, no. As stated many times, and many places (here, certainly), the pollsters got the national vote dead on (you should read the whole thing).

But here's a stubborn and surprising fact — and one to keep in mind as midterm polls really start rolling in: Over…

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Radio Free Europe

Well, oh my. So the Right Wingnuts are out to invent a smear of Mueller. Now, remember this: at least the Russians and Chinese have been tapping The Manchurian President's clear-text iPhone. Likely the Brits, French, and Germans at least as well. Also, this cute smear didn't come to light until after the tapping revelation. You can be sure that the tappers have tape of The Manchurian President okay-ing the gig. If not demanding it. Recall, also, the reason The Manchurian President…


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Thought For The Day - 19 October 2018

OK. What are the odds that the latest 'caravan' was instigated by the The Manchurian President brigade? The perfect October Surprise. The Honduras nasties get a few bucks and rid of some malcontents. The Manchurian President gets his 'issue'. 99.44%.

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A Feature, Not A Bug

Just go read this piece. Calls bullshit. Just as any intelligent analyst did at the outset. Shift $1.5 trillion from the many to the few, blow up the deficit, and round up the usual suspects.

One way to think about it is from the perspective of a small-business owner. Let's say you run your own bakery. You sell bread for $4 a loaf. Today, you sold 90 loaves, for $360 in revenue. You…

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God's Punishment

This just in.

Michael -- a powerful Category 4 storm -- shattered late-season records. According to Colorado State University hurricane expert Philip Klotzbach, Hurricane Michael is the strongest storm on record to make U.S. landfall in October.


Just two weeks ago, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Geophysical Fluid…

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I Bet You Didn't Know This

One of the most disturbing reports in quite a long time. I didn't know it. I bet you didn't either.

Native Americans did not obtain the right to vote in the United States until 1965, when the Voting Rights Act was passed, prohibiting voter restriction based on race.

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He Did It

One of my guilty pleasures is the "Law and Order" shows. Just the Original and "Criminal Intent", though. There must be thousands of actors in the NYC metro area, since they've got to have gone through that many. Some actors are considered "exotic looking". Bette Davis when she was younger. Among today's performers, Penny Balfour is the tops.

In the L&W episode "Hubris", the bad guy is played by Tim Guinee, also border line exotic. Certainly smarmy this time around. During the…


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