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We Could Have had the First Black President

We could have had President Carson.......

With vice president Kasich, or vice versa.

In any case. Two reasonable and honorable men, even if Republican

How did we get Trump?

The Democratic National Committee created him, with the enthusiastic co-operation of the Main Stream Media, as…


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On the “Exchange””

On the “Exchange”

I'm up all night again, like most nights..... Going thru the Youtube, looking for resonances of Keeshka ( see the last post) Stopped in he and read Koshers post.

He isn't taking comments on his post, so I'm going to make one here and you can accept it or not.

As one of the…


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Who Stole the Keeshka.....Update!

 Do you ever run into a coincidence that sort of “Stops the Clock” and makes you re asses the relationships of time, meaning, reality?

 For me it's usually the co-in-cidence ( Occurring together) of what should be random inputs in time and space, but somehow seem like something different. An example? I'm reading a magazine with the TV on in the background, and simultaneously I read the words…


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A Minor Question for Obama Supporters......

Can we now agree that ruling by executive order sets a dangerous precedent?

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Killings, Deaths and Fleabites

I am up in the night too often these days

Sitting sleepless in the wee hours

cat on my lap

Often, I kill a flea

Oh yeas, it is a sin to have fleas, not for the Cat

But for the cats parents.…


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Hillary Won the Popular Vote? Update

We'll never know.

Absentee and provisional ballots are not counted unless and untill the race is still undecided after the counting of ballots cast at the polls. If, as in all states this election, the number of absentee EVER counted.

There are several million absentee ballots Absentee ballots are approximately 2/3 Military. Who tend to vote 2/3 republican.

Hillary "won" by 200,000 votes?

very doubtful. But,

We'll never know.

We DO know who won the…


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One Final Thoght Before You Vote....

Image by Richard Terrell of Aftermath

Added by Token on November 8, 2016 at 8:02am — 9 Comments

Voting for Watergate

Election day is tomorrow. It will all be over....

Well, not really.

Whoever “wins”, the loser will challenge the “rigged' outcome.

We may or may not have a determination by inauguration day.... Consider if early on in the morning tomorrow, terrorists bomb polling places, say, in…


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A Question for Bernie Supporters and Millennials

Image by Ronny Gordon

How many times have the democrats kissed you before…


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Famous Last Words.....


 Huma Abedin: "Honey? Could you set up my IPhone for me?"

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An Amish Campaign Statement





Posted on by…


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A Weasel for all Seasons

We can probably agree on at least one thing. Comey is a Weasel

Full disclosure? I have a relative of my nieces ad nephews generation who is in federal law

enforcement. In New York.

What is going on? Internal scuttlebutt is that the FBI were not the agency who took possession of Weiner's…


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For Hillary's Girls, Orange is the New Black- update

"EXCLUSIVE: At least a dozen email accounts handled the “top secret” intelligence that was found on Hillary Clinton’s server and…


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Do We Live in the Matrix? Hannibal Lector Meets HBO's Westworld

This series is worth watching, but you must watch it carefully ( I watched with HRdR, but he

just yawned and kept nudging my hand, demanding to be petted- He was unconvinced that one intelligent species might create another and hold it in bondage, but then he knows who owns who....)

Has anyone else seen the series? Anthony Hopkins is the full “white as white”…


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What happens when you drag a $1000 dollar bill through a roomful of Hillary donors?

MSNBC gets it's hot topic for the week(which it pounds endlessly) namely “What The Donald was doing back in the day when he was a Democrat and it was fashionable to molest women. ( You remember, Bills Bimbo's and “MoveOn”. Org?)




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Neo-Nazis firebomb Trump Campaign Office!

North Carolina Republican office torched by firebomb

WASHINGTON — A North Carolina GOP office was firebombed early Sunday while the culprits marked their hate for the party by spray-painting the words “Nazi Republicans.”



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The Prince of Orange and the Dead Queens Court.

Some of you seem to think we have two people as candidates for this election. We don't. We have. As always,a battle of Archetypes. I've decided to call them,at least for this Fairy Tale, the Dead Queen and the Prince of Orange. I'll be really disappointed in you if you mistake to whom I refer.

The one side is campaigning for the Fresh Prince, the lately arrived Golden (ok…


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And Florida casts it's electoral votes to the Wind!....

As if there won't be enough trouble with monitoring this election, consider that Hurricane Matthew WILL at this point, leave Florida essentially unable to complete an election in the foreseeable future, with most of it's population relocated ( and by the grace of God , not killed) for perhaps years to come.

And you thought hanging chads were fun....…


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A Deplorable Answer

I'm going to have a go at the notion of the “Basket of Deplorable” voter, since I probably fit the voter Hillary described, and it might be instructive to see what we can teach each other.

This is more or less a direct answer to a list of questions which Koshersalaami put forth on Ron Powell's post…


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Jesus is a prophet of Islam

I saw an interesting bumper sticker today ( well, technically it was a decal in the back window of a car, but “bumper Sticker” conveys the meaning better. )

"Jesus is a prophet of Islam"

Interesting thought.

A theologian might know and follow the notion…


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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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Old Soft Shoe (POEM)

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I saw one Mountain Lion

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A Measure of Intelligence

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