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Dream State

I wrote this on September 9th after a conversation with my daughter. 

This morning my daughter woke from a dream, September 9th is the day her dad always thought was her birthday and it's on this day he always called. September 7th is her real birthday, but she would expected his call on the 9th. 

She walked around her kitchen with the phone to her ear, talking to her Dad, her mind trying to grasp why this didn't seem possible, her dad was dead, but yet she was…


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just a little picture blog

Cleaning up my drafts and ran across this picture blog, a collection of a few of my favs. Hope you enjoy. 

October Rose

I love this color

Bumble bee…


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2013 Instructional

Source: Uploaded by user via Jenny on…


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Shrinking pains

How much for the saw?

$5 dollars

Will you take $3 for it, not sure if it works



How much for the lawn mower

Its not for sale

This stuff here is for sale

ok thank you

How much for the picture? Is this a painting? 

5 dollars, well its signed by the artist but I think its a reproduction

Where you moving to?

Rented a little place in Waldo

Nice area. Good luck with your move

Sleep by number…


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You say recession, I say depression - a repost from the spam place

This is a repost of my first blog EVER. A re-read makes me want to edit but I won't, these were my words at the time and how I felt so I will leave them stand.

My story begins the fall of 1998 when I return to the workforce after taking a year off to spend time with my young family.  I needed to file for divorce and had to get a job.  It took all of 2 weeks to find a good paying job as a production supervisor in a Tier 1 automotive plant.  This plant supplied the Big…


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The naked truth and then some

26 dead cats, yes, all at once. The year was 1974 ish... the barn was teeming with a community of cats, friendly ones that just kept having babies, until one day when I crawled up into the hay bales to find a large and very sick strange male cat. Mucus ran from it's eyes and nose. Within a few short weeks, the cat community was no more.

I like to make soap in my spare time. Ah, no, but I do love the smell of homemade soaps! How many read that and thought soup? Heh! Well I have thought…


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OC 2 truths and a lie

I once had 26 cats but they all died

I like to make soap in my spare time

I have more shoes than PW, lots more...

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We know change is inevitable, but the mind holds fast to what is known and remains anticipatory of the future. I liken my mind to a caged animal at times when I'm under stress. The different types of stress affect me differently emotionally but often the physical side effects are the same. Irregular heart beat flairs up, my blood sugar is more difficult to maintain (I don't test, I base this on how I feel) I'm unable to fall asleep and stay asleep, and excessive mental ruminating…


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Max and Nano's excellent adventure

More than just an ordinary dog, Max is my buddy, my pooch, my every dog all in one. So when Trig said he wanted to go camping, my brain wailed "but what about my dog???" I was mortified, now what? I had no one left at home to watch him while I went traipsing about Nowhere Kansas. Ugh. My aging, over-sized, and arthritic dog would need to accompany us, me, or else. So began the mental gymnastics while I wrestled with this new problem.

Ok Ok Ok, let me think! I know! I'll get one of…


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A dream from another time...(repost)


The house is familar. I've been here before- comfortable in the odd setting.

I can almost picture the outside in my mind but it evades me at the same time.  An odd cul-de-sac, the house with it's tudor roof style, at once interesting yet strangely haunting.  Inside, dark wood, old, at least 100 years or more. Polished maple stairs lead up to a room but when I look to the left I see windows into another room.

The furniture is moving itself, stacking up and re-arranging.…


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attack of the killer pollen

Save the money and turn off the air

stuffy stale stifling 


open wallet, turn on air

clap off clap on the clapper

open window 3:30 in the morning

a little "poof" in the face

the killer pollen strikes

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The wall hard and cold pressed into her back

hiding defying

acrid smoke wisping through air

moment to herself

mind swirling like the smoke

You can never truly have me

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Warm thoughts

As the clock ticks down to some yet unknown date, this date being the date when I can list and sell this house I'm living in.

Yea, that date...

And yes, there is sufficient work to be done prior.

Sorting, organizing, liquidating...

Windows washed, several rooms painted, carpet shampooed...

I decided my action plan would be to attack one room at a time. Some rooms will be easy, while others will be hard for various reasons. My mom's bedroom…


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A granddaughter's eulogy

I’m not sure why, but whenever I’ve missed my grandma I always picture her hands.  I’ve always thought there was something poetic about them.  How those knobby, speckled, arthritic things could move with such grace.  The soft, paper-thin skin stretched over bone that could deliver such comfort.  They seemed to be the medium from which she poured so much inspiration, teachings, and love into me.  She passed on so much through those hands; I know I won’t get by long without being…


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life everlasting

So many thoughts run though my mind, some in sentence fragments and others that defy words. What do we do with those thoughts we can't organize into words? There is a randomness that defies. 

My mom passed less than a month ago, I thought I had time. Time to figure it out, time to take care of her, time to burn, time to spare. But still death ripped her from me. I couldn't protect her when complications from a bump on the head would take her life. 

My cousin's wife Marjory, who…


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By your side

sitting by your side

eyes transfixed on your face

taking in your soft light

the small bones of your hands with skin stretched thin

the hands that guided me

the heart that loves me

I watch the delicate bones in your chest

rise and fall


the faint rattle becoming a gurgle

and still faster your breathing

wiping the sweat from your forehead

the cooling cloth offers little but minor relief



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Something blue

I awoke this morning to my mind calling out the word "mom". Not a frantic voice, more inquisitive. But it literally pushed me into awareness at 5:45, the longest I've slept in a week.

True my mom and I have been on a journey, but I can't figure out why my mind has now several times now called out like this. Just one…


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makes me feel

small and lost


this and that

what to do

I thought I had more time

more time

never enough

the tests show nothing positive

as if her body has turned on itself

the blood

the blasts

the fibrous marrow

the "marrow stress"

yesterday's new term

her brain a bit addled from the bleed

but still quite clear

she jokes with the nurses

and the…


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Picture blog and a beautiful girl


Deck fern, very nearly killed when I re-potted and cut off some of the root ball. It was quite root bound at the time, and I literally hacked a significant part of the roots off. The roots were extremely tough and fibrous and I ended up using a serrated knife to finish the…


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Nerd Chatter

A quote from my son's facebook: 


"Just bought an i7-3820, Asus Sabertooth x79 board, 4x4GB Corsair vengeance ram (quad channel), 128GB crucial SSD, Coolermaster HAF full tower, and Koolance fittings, water block, hose, drive bay pump and reservoir, and 140mm fan radiator. Quake Con and college, here I come!" …


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Leaving the Purple House

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As Luck Would Have It

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PreOP Poem

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Fear of Being Sentimental

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Road Trip to Thunder Bay Postponed

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Kept the Memory

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