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tr ig-isms

One week from today is the memorial for Steve. My hope/plan is this be a celebration of his life. The theme is "Jazz Funeral" ish, or as ish as I can make it. It will be here at the house trig (re)built.

I would LOVE to know your favorite tr ig saying, trigism, glimpse into the man known as tr ig, stories and the like that I can read aloud or at least print out. Much appreciation. 

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Heinous Stink The Hounds from hell and I Finally Closed on that Townhouse

Five am, still have an hour before my alarm but seems that's it for the sleep. Eventually I roll out of bed and walk the dog for his initial gotta pee and poop stroll down the street. Duties done, we return home. Dog gets fed and dog walker drinks her morning H2O.

I get started on the next step. Make the coffee. Coffee Coffee Coffee. Still the offending odor somewhere in the vicinity just right of the stove, the offending odor that caused Trig to pull the stove away from the wall…


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Extreme Mother Daughter Bonding, 'cause that's how we roll!

From Wikipedia: "The Manitou Springs Incline, also known as the Manitou Incline or simply the Incline, is a popular hiking trail rising aboveManitou Springs, Colorado, near …


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Meeting Roy

Last Saturday I met a big sorrel horse named Roy. "Roy" is apparently a temporary name, his owner says he hasn't officially named him yet,  but Roy does seem to fit him.  He's a Belgian/TB mix.  And if your not familiar, the Belgian is a huge draft horse.  Roy is built like a small Belgian at 16 hands and probably 1400 lbs. He's a big boy.…


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Perspective - A West Coast Road Trip Dedicated to Sirenita

What follows is a pictorial of our trip to San Francisco. I think I took about a thousand shots using various cameras. They are essentially arranged in chronological order, with some liberties taken. 

Where the sky meets the mountains. Big big sky.  …


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Another heart for Sirenita

My dear friend

Full of passion

Coloring my world with your dying

Holding my heart in fragile hands

One of many hearts you hold

In hands which are never full

I don't want you to  be gone!

Full of fire

Full of life 




Today and everyday

I pray

And envision a healing green light

Surrounding and suspending 

Lifting you up

in comfort



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Hello, goodbye, I love you

I see love in many forms, between children, between lovers, between families. We are all different yet the same at our core. We care for others in need, help our families---we bleed, we cry, we laugh, and we go on.

At a funeral Wednesday for a friend of trig's, dead at 54 from pancreatic cancer, I met his daughters, saw the grand kids running around, tears from young and old. Suddenly I felt regret for not attending my ex-husband's funeral. I imagined the scene was not unlike this one…


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invisible man in the mermaids' garden

These snaps are from the garden at Sirenita's Mission district home in San Francisco taken yesterday afternoon during our fifth of July celebration of universal magic. The title above was inspired by the last shot, taken by the perspective mistress, Asia Rein. As you can clearly (ha) see, Nanatehay is going invisible. The top of his head is already faded from sight. Either that, or (just occurred to me... maybe) he's part…


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Super moon adventures of the tardy

Yes I'm a little late to the super moon games. I suppose this improves my odds of being the only super moon post in the feed. Anticlimactic you say? Perhaps, but this way I didn't steal any of trig's thunder and we know how he likes his thunder don't we?!?

Here's a few of my favorites. 

Super moon rising…


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This is just a rant. You've been warned...

A year and half ago my ex husband died. It was sudden and tragic, he was just 52. He died from cancer. 10 days from diagnosis to death. My kids loved their father and he loved them dearly, always wanted the best for them. 

Enter the second ex wife. A harpy who's dumber than a box of rocks. Her name is Pam. My ex was a trusting soul and didn't see her as the despicable bitch she is until it was too late. Unfortunately there was one not…


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I would rather live like Sirenita than die like Eddie

Eddie was a handsome man but dark and brooding with a distant look in eyes hidden behind aviator style tinted glasses. Our sons were best friends through grade school and Eddie's wife Karen had latched onto me. They lived in a house trailer on 20 acres a few miles away. A housekeeping disaster of a home, dirty dishes everywhere, dogs and kids tracking mud through out the place. Sheer bedlam compared to my household. 

It was a Friday night during the summer of 2003 when the phone rang…


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Love after Death

Your love covers me like a blanket

But the sorrow seeps through and tears burn my eyes

The space you left empty

A hole in my heart which will never…


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A shopping adventure

This morning in the Opium Den, Emily, Julie, Veronica and I chatted about fashion and fashion finds with a fun idea of hitting a resale shop to see what we could get for around 10 dollars. There must have been something in the air cause there were cute clothes on the racks. 

My bootie: 

Sun colored silky scarf, under 2.…


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My son's rant on gun control

 I copied this from a comment my son left on FB. 

"You can't…


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"Fix" my picture?

This is a "back in the day" picture which has faded horribly. Is there a way to restore it? 


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Playing with Image Editor

We saw this factory one day when we went biking. I love old factories, they tell a story. 

KC skyline taken while hanging out…


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My pineapple plant is expecting!

It begins and continues its never ending cycling into itself as life must do to be life. 


Oh My God, my gnarly damn pineapple finally has a flower! 

Next picture I'll clean the left over cobwebs off, promise, but thought I'd share the blessed event. Wondering if the flower can turn into a fruit without pollination? Not sure how all that works.  …


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Who am I?

My yesterday started with a bang and ended with a whimper. I left the house in the morning, prepared for an awesome day. Phase one was a 3 hour class I needed to finish my core ConEd requirements and renew my RE license. Good class, learned a bit, and now I can renew and pay pay pay to the gods of my local real estate board with the intent and inspiration of actually making a go of it. This will be my break out year!…


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Jack Fruit Breakthrough

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