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JM Emmerling on Artificial Intelligence 5 SEPT 2015

'Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior. Major AI researchers and textbooks define this field as "the study and design of intelligent agents",[1] in which an intelligent agent is a system that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chances of success.[2] John McCarthy, who…


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If Stories Were Morning Glories

I would not be concerned

what to wear toward

one big show

my re-buttoned 49 YO

Sargent Pepper epaulette*

*An ornamental shoulder piece on an item of clothing, especially on the coat or jacket of a military uniform


over my cool John Lennon Portrait T

my County Zoo green-billed cap

remembering Agnew

podium pounding

and how the black-haired

beauty and me

had to flee

mounted police

swinging sticks

nor awake…


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Just Wanted To Be:

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Thrill of It All Thursdays

Good to get the day in early, what with these Arctic Circle (Teflon puffy yet malleable ski jacks, opaque glint googles)! First layer: Balboa grey sweats. DeeLee on all sort-a-automatic transcription never tedious! A cast of mutes?  Penultimate climatic scene at DeSales, SF CA, I probably should have said. Do you know ---(whatsamatter$4 you?). She goes: see the world spinning 'round?? We'd (DeeLees my very good friend) rescued the cutest blue dog - an Australian cattle pooch, all of…


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Tawry Tuesday, Rubiesque Poetica

Bell of Freedom Bowl

Poets dreamed. War and Peace. No relief. Good  grief Quint. Quant. Navel lint. Chopper rides. Higher slides. Water parks. Snowden: are the dice loaded? I've not done my best on that Rorschach Test. I just dropped in. To learn what might have been. First off, we'll (wheel) thrill all the lawyers. Liftoff 24/7 (comes 11). Do you know where your _____ ___?

Not to worry. They remain in a hurry. Show me a planet.…


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Two Maybe Three Thursday Poems

Weathered wood of Einstein grey,

no old folk, not even kids with time

to be kids,

no time to play

recess was cancelled the day the whiteboard rolled

off the truck

abc as a start,

at last,

the finality of


no time to plant a tree

or flee,

you know,

take a knee,

anxious, insouciant…


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Wonder Howl {poem}

I was nearby, thoughts on auto pilot And I promised him everything I could give

If only he would make the music live* wind chill -9 no train fare but

a good-sounding 6 banger fingers too stung-numb to cross reports

$low @hunger task force this is not the Jordan river now is that steam

or detritus naked to the eye or would the ox survive with no blue tail

flies to swoosh would the missile confuse its point only to implode time clocks

and GPAs fast forward zoom…


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Google Trend (POEM - - - J.P. Hart)

green of red / better blend / that loud fear / around the bend / J Rivers revivals / California afire / waterfalls / tho water ought geyser / snow shoes / sleigh pups / weaving holly sprigs / around the tambourine / afterglow / IT began to snow / harmful side effects / of comfort / of black Friday / of white Xmas / an Argentine lime / harmful snide effects / a final round / of wine / that code cold / silence melting / ascension / redemption / war on plaque / womantra / play Sinatra /…


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Tick Tock, Good Day for a Wind Sock

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My Aren't We Cute, Sweet Nipple Suck (POEM)

Quantification of darkness, PTSD with a word processor wonderin' Y Gogol would redline (7 Sq'd?) (should read GOOGLE) as though a thick battle (two sentences south) prattle: all hat, no chattering cattle, smattering, tattering.  As though we're after the 'stolden Swissfish' meant to type stolen.  Litigiousness impossibly 'lost and found' naming rights for Exxon. The ol' boy would change symbols, much to do with puss and boots, balance beams, such as that romantic rush, deeply exhaled…


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Wars are economic. Mars uninhabitable.

. . . we can concur that sound bites are highly malleable wedge issues. . . 

Wasting assets and false needs are clear and prescient dangers --- expedients of greed and fear, dare I say, detractors from social welfare, which is goal orientated toward good, self-actualized - sane - healthy human beings.

And our better angels.

Hence, the contra to social welfare is social warfare.  The circumstance a…


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Hello Old Friend!

Yours is the first face I saw after a pivotal, brutal day. Handful of senators my white ass I’ve always said.  I appreciate all your glorious words since, well, down through the ages.You should know if I still have your Flannery Conner’s book (the story where she rambled down highway 41 selling shower rings with the fat uncle?) well slap me left and right!

 Not  much, anda some…


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Today's Non Sequitur: Rethinking the Second Amendment

Hey ol' boy where you going with those ten assault rifles? 

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"Burt's chili, ana BLT--mayo ona side, you know, please---Coca-cola."


"Hash browns, hon?"


"No--no thanks—are we about twenty-four hours from Tulsa...."




"Oklahoma...how far?"


"Do I look like wayfarer's aide, hon?"




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Champagne, Stadium Mustard and Milwaukee

On National Ave. the Clement Zablocki Veteran's Memorial Hospital overlooks the autumn woods and steel girders of Miller Park; silver-golden fireworks as loud as a drop forge echo on through the timelessness and style and swagger of sweet victory.



Again, the sweat of passion, reserved for October, when it was 1957.  The hickory sea of painted chairs in the Milwaukee County…


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Post Eclipse Blues

We'd  bee lined from Wildcat State Park cozy yet wind-blown in our let HRC Nissan SE on past Lodi-Arlington, road signs, through MKE via old Route 18, threading Bluemound boulevard toward midday already, beneath pewter cloud cover, Guido (Coltrane like-lungs) doing the soprano sax repeatedly of Leon Russell's Bluebird.  Student hands on the wheel alert, diaphragm breathing. Clean, sober as any DA!  Eastward with me going on & on glimpsing Storybook unique homes to the N…

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'. . .and a Happy New Year . . .'

.   Please add some text to the body of the post

What? That I should take and type through Carl Sandburg's letter To Mrs. Jacob Buchbinder---

Elmhurst [Illinois]

Aug. 23 [1926]

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Charity, Hope, Faith

O that the three best words had been learned as such!

Ya think John Lennon, JFK MLK RFK and countless millions would still be with us ?

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Single Yesterday

Bobby Kennedy's Speech for Humanity

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Come Along With Me

Amber May sun rose from my jacketed vantage an arms' disc just about an hour ago through the 100' and more Civil War aged sycamores, ash, basswoods as a loud geese flock winged incredibly fast through those largely deadwood tree tops, just above elicit spring green leaves while SUVs twice as expensive as my parent's 1957 three bedroom brick ranch, that squared sturdy new construction not far, one, two zip codes NW, those trucks and an old Caddy with loose pipes, over yesterdays fresh…


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World Turning

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Happy New Moon in Pisces

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Happy St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Anna Herrington on March 17, 2018 at 8:30am 21 Comments

In other news...

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