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Not To Be Sacrilegious . . .

Really wondering who fudged President Trump's SAT?

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WOW {poem}

My voice in the voice of my voice talking to my voice an inner voice

hearing itself voice its own voice voicing voice above ground, nuanced

voicing louder as living voice ought to voice, a raucous certain voice

euphonious, that of a wolf voicing wow: harmony.

One dude coming back from lunch, a salami in his pocket, confronts a

wounded man, well, all the wayfarers…


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Leopard, Shepard {POEM}

Alive and cold here, snow covers all horizontal. Windless dawndark. A great silence like a speechless child. Heat machines spark, burn and ravage flame. Pent up warmth, a leopard prowls through tin, then its fog wisps a moonwalk, vanishing, words unspoken. Slant snow too high for the tongue, glimmers-surrounds a road lamp, maintains the eye on white. Dark trees, a woolten shepherd, vertical ideas, sentinels as dark as wire, hold the nighttime, allowing the sun a faux return, so reticent and…


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Door to Door

Anxious to earn money

a paperboy responsible

5 block radius year round

7 days up and early

Sundays' ad heavy

funny paper

stuffed editions

over snow berms

through sleet winter

sheet lightening

around dark aluminum

beige corners

past howling white

chained Malamutes

into enslaved back yards

where the first yellow

shaded lamps

lit bedrooms

where crying babies

nuzzled shadows

of big bosom…


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Tearing Around

There'd been news purporting an Alzheimer causing sap, from an obscure XYZ tree somewhere in South America.

Such report ought rank at the top of the sounding probe within the medical industrial complex, what with the subsequent demise of the person, the heart-broken caregivers, the erstwhile pharma RD staff, the pill-peddlers shoulder to shoulder with Congress-fluke who golf the highnoon away, as victim slowly, passionately expires.…


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{}Fifty AMP {} (tribute to Richard Pryor. 50% of {}Fifty AMP{} was written by RB James, Editor at Large, Our Salon)

Joseph Campbell knew better. He stuck with the evidence, mostly. I’m not expert anything, won’t ever be, either. MAHI is winding down still before the 2000 election... on Coronado with the Clintons in late June, playing with the kids of all ages On The Beach, well before dawn. Campbell's soup used to be thicker. Hot and good, for whom the microwave prompts. This can't be oleo on the soda crackers. Sharp shooter medal blurrily snatched at BONG AB. Deftly pinned by the Honorable…


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...to be continued...

(recent 'alley crawl' then four revolving lit squads photo op for iPhone seis dinnit'lize naught but image of a churn butterfly. Please allow any word, sighting or recollection of Orville Redden______.  I've a real snazzy rose wood cue from Minnesota for'em.  Please advise if Danny DeVito is on the short list for MC. I maybe at that Witherspoon table.


victim of true…


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OCTOBER 31, 2009 4:07AM


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I would set a mood just like my youthful grandmother, aunts and mother would set out green plates and beige bowls ringed by burgundy and forest green lines most Sundays after Mass.

A large tin pot of chicken soup simmered on a gas range. Grandpa in herringbone pants, suspender-ed, had been home from the South Pacific for six, seven maybe even eight years by then and never slept real good, loving even cold coffee, sometimes…


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Faux the Two Party Teeter Totter! (Open Call)

Meacham - Maddow 20/20?

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01:00 Train

I Thought I Heard

America Singing

It was Ray Charles

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whom I'd spun on the Bose, after having tired of my cable system's music selections. And of watching finches feed on a black tin cylinder, the redheaded woodpecker upside down carbing up suet, stuff from the big box, man-made items to maybe capture at least one day, the tireless birds, and how clouds cooled the wooded air.

Thistle thieves and an acrobatic redhead oblivious that an old, old friend had…


Added by J.P. Hart on October 13, 2018 at 10:00am — 5 Comments

1st Day of Filmic Fall

the heart ache exists

remains yet resists 

at home

tooth and nail

without fail

safe, secure


word de jure

nothing for sure

dryer balls spin

ring flounce ping


finger to thumb

before the snow


washed pocket change




Here comes Murphy's Law

a right cross to the jaw


an inverse V of geese

wing southeast



Added by J.P. Hart on September 23, 2018 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

Words for the Thai Adventurous Kids and Rescue Team: WWPS?

WWPS What Would Plato Say?

We're all Thai this morning!                                                                                                                                                                                          Allow me to mention, without guarantee, that prayer works, as we saw your humble namaste on TV.

Hey brave crew!

You're alert to shadows, first you'll see, free of that cold dank night.                                                     …


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Compliment to Steel Breeze & His Heigh-Ho WC Hero Post

Whoa! You repair, fix, wrench-ratchet-redux 'make it better' faster than Con Chapman writes! Faster than the news cycle!

I was going to say: Gloria and I thought of going up to Billy Mitchell Field --- where we used to park watching the submarine races with plans of Instagramming Air Force I (POTUS & Governor Walker yesterday brass-shoveled potholes---cutting ribbon for the controversial Foxconn Inc., in Mount Pleasant, WI. A well publicized, $3B State incentivized gargantuan-scale…


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Ain't It Funny (Three Word Friday)

Guess who sighs . . . ?


Happy Father's Day!

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Mystic Jimmy and the Mermaids (Along with the Suede Milkmaids)

Again, spring ran ahead, horizontal 62 hour rain and hail, flat screen replete (never complete) nor perfect, ever, another checker marathon, audio of Sunlight Dialogues, rooftops balconies, A-train, Coltrane, cross-town elephants winked, eyes on scratchless screens nary blinked, incessant angst or dread, how will all the children be fed, genie in the bottle, maybe back to Walgreens, for 100 red noses: glued…


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Play Hendrix Four Me No! Play Debra Harry!


OS describe tomorrow's bread, ethics first cures thirst               }Land of F.R.E.E!

We said all that, some of it                                                       }Wolf on fish

No time to rehearse                                                                 }[That bites!]

The train delayed huge gas                                                       }PSI lbs.Sq."

lobby (God bless mobility, chemo swabe, chemo KIA)                  }Hey…


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WWQTED? What Would Quinn The Eskimo Do?


hedonistic howl

the 'speech'

in the air

(along with alligators & lizards)

{where are my wool socks?! Dad blame IT 1!1!1!}

I just now almost stabbed my smart aleck

with this Malwart Pentel WOW BK 4400

what?<>that I should begin anew Gaylord Nelson Earth Day, if the CAT"S




got it??

where do I end

neath the



the uscher say, ^…


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I Am Not the Only One

Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions - It's Alright (August, 1963


Apropos the continuous humanistic need for discourse, dialog harmony and all the goals of utopia, time like a slipped clutch on a moonlit asphalt blue highway, why don't we strive toward the Disneyesque reconstruction of all our urban goals...

If fiction is dead, reality is not far behind.

Good day,…


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Now I'm hesitant

(knight's vanity!)

(my pen's a horse) 

(my pen's a horse)

re: re: re:



J.P. Hart


After Thought, LLC


In the beginning

(OK there was WAY too much ginning,

as well as what

the good Sisters of St. Francis Assisi-39-0806271

defined as sinning...

And at the end,

at last…


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Not To Be Sacrilegious . . .

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Day Two: The Show Goes On

Posted by Robert B. James on February 17, 2019 at 8:24am 3 Comments

Two Sundays

Posted by Robert B. James on February 16, 2019 at 8:00am 0 Comments

WOW {poem}

Posted by J.P. Hart on February 16, 2019 at 4:00am 4 Comments

Bell Bottom Blues

Posted by Robert B. James on February 15, 2019 at 8:30am 3 Comments

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