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Even the Small Stuff is a Miracle

[My 48th birthday is today and I'm getting to spend some quality time with my kids tonight, so if you come by, thank you so much for reading. I guess it might also make more sense if you read the linked story I give at the end before reading my blog].

When my mom turned 40, she had an epic meltdown in the upstairs bathroom of our geodesic dome house on Hazel Dell Road, crying and rocking herself in the bathtub while relaying how disappointed she was in her life, and the myriad… Continue

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 From today, 9/11/2016; different flag, different house


Salt Lake Tribune I kept from 9/12/2001 …


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An afternoon in which I live out our precarious balance

8/31/2016: Jesus. At the Smiths [grocery store] at 9th and 9th, a homeless mom pushing a shopping cart filled with their stuff and her dazed-looking teen son with auburn hair and freckles following her riding his bike, bags hanging from the handlebars and backpack on his back that had a fucking poster sticking out the top of it. 

Oh dear god. I had to sit down on a bench because I was shocked to tears.  Our homeless shelters are currently full so there is nowhere for them to…


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Non-Optimal Viscosity

Seven years ago, I caught a cold that wouldn’t go away.   The runny nose left me dehydrated and exhausted and was accompanied by sneezes so powerful that my eyes would explode like volcanos of hot, mascara’ed saltiness while twin rivers of black gook oozed down my 


“Are you okay, Miss Amy?” the concerned kindergarten students I worked with would ask, confusing my red, runny eyes and smeared makeup for the tears of an emotional breakdown.

And I would pat their arm, and… Continue

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The hormones made everything hazy, as if preparing me for the hinterland I was about to enter.

Because my body had been making you for over seven months, gliding through the gestation of another human so effortlessly that I had no idea that the warm gush of fluid flowing down my legs was my body telling me you'd have to be born before you were…


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So I insist on getting these dandelions out by hand.  And theoretically it's all beautiful and environmentally-friendly but in practice I'm bending over and my back aches as I'm digging the bastards out of the grass, knowing full well that later I'll be immobile and begging my kids to find the Motrin and that, overnight, while I convalesce, those weeds will…


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Blessing of the Fosters

[My daughters and I foster kittens for Best Friends Animal Society, and are often asked if it's hard for us to love them and then let them go; and yes, it often is hard, very hard, which I reference in this post from a former blog.  Last year, we also sold our home of 15 years and moved into a rental, which was emotional--my girls both loved our house and our…


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Kitten therapy starts tomorrow

Yeah.  That's what we call it:  "Kitten Therapy".  Because we foster the "Independents" (can eat on their own) so they come from the Best Friends Kitten Nursery to our house and are almost-always weaned and ready for love. So we call it "kitten therapy" because loving something like that really gets those endorphins pumping.

Tomorrow we are picking up 7 kittens, our first fosters of the year, the most we've ever fostered at once.   This video is from a group we had last year--5…


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And I had just been telling him about my personal philosophy, confessing myself to be a sweet spinner of hopes that all things of pain morph into something beautiful

Relaying the story about my mother who stood stationary in the muck of Vile, damning us to a tomb of "did she ever really love us?"

And expressed to him that all stories keep moving on, even the hard ones, and that my Entirety believes that there is always something beautiful offered amid the putrid abyss if only…


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Blowhard 101

Even the border patrol union representative--a union who is endorsing Trump--tells him a wall is not necessary.

Trump supporters: why do you believe what he says?

He doesn't even know what is necessary or possible before blowharding into a mic about building a wall.

If he gets elected, I won't pay for this big government bullshit you're trying to fling at us. You think you're "saving the country" but really you're just making it an enforcement and maintenance nightmare…


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"I'm hungry"

If you do not already know a child living in poverty, that actually isn't very surprising. Because kids usually adapt pretty quickly to a life of hunger, having learned that even the people who love them can't handle hearing them repeatedly say, "I'm hungry." Because hearing their kids say it is simply another reminder of all the shit in life that they're not doing right.

So kids hide it. They learn to adapt; they learn not to talk about it; hunger becomes their "normal." T…


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Obnoxious shilling but I caucus tomorrow and I'm totally high on Bernie right now

For those outside of Utah, this newspaper has a clear and unabashed slant towards conservativism (as does our entire state; haven't elected a Democrat president for 50 years) because it is controlled/managed by the Mormon Church, AND YET THIS IS ON THEIR FRONT PAGE. 

DD2 and I went to his mid-day rally Friday:  8000 people were expected; 14000 got into…


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And it was a shapeless voyage.  Underplanned; underfunded.  Like that time in my twenties when my boyfriend and I camped up and down the California coast.  Freezing; complaining.  Our next step always unknown, and our misery purposeful and a small price to pay to feel free and unencumbered.  

And the original Yellowstone plan had been scrapped because of that June blizzard, but somehow we’re there and it’s morning when we’re stopped at the side of the road watching the grizzly bear…


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The Shit Show, starring Casey!

Listen up, folks.  I believe Casey has been offended.



So yeah, it’s through this stupid fucking Facebook bullshit that I come to understand some things, because the fussy little Mormon dude chastises my friend for sharing another person’s blog that had the f-bomb in the title (you can see below part of my friends’ post and the “not…


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And it was a time of great vulnerability.  But I didn't know it then.

Because at age 20, away at college, and in love with the future, I couldn't see anything but hope and sex and an unwavering commitment to idealism and reverie.

So we danced around reality—he and I—and played family in the rental in Davis, walking my dogs, having coffee and drinking Bailey’s—becoming grown-ups—playing Scrabble while blasting Led Zeppelin 4, and spending lazy Saturdays listening…


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So I’m sobbing by the side of the street just west of her house, remembering


that late night I drove her home and we saw the streets and businesses flood.  The windshield was submerged and the world inundated, and we all leaned forward in our seats to better view the spectacle, and there was a sweetness in the car.  The two older girls--Zoe and my daughter, Julia—laughed about work stuff, and my younger daughter fangirled over Zoe’s husky voice and vibrant kindness, and as…


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Shut your freaking mouth [warning: salty language]

[Gloria Steinem is amazing--although her apology didn't feel totally right--and HRC has clearly fought a hard fight for her spot in the sun (although I'm a Bernie gal), but some of the ugly stuff I've seen on social media directed at millennials lately has made me sick to my stomach so:  venting].

Young women today “Live in a…


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