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between my beating heart and nimble mind

my essence is coalesced

where shut eyelids froth in r.e.m. waves of alpha

there is my life hastened by…


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Mutual Assured Destruction - The overtaking of Technology by Reactionary Ideology

1979: the SALT II talks between the US and the USSR fail ratification due to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The roots of the …


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I thought you were already dead? (not you, dear reader!)

soon to be gone and in some places, already forgotten:

Dead Parrot from…

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Zoey's Hall

It struck me how the sight of her entering my darkened bedroom, the penumbra of light around her body from the lamp outside, could awaken the quickening sensation in my body of a young man. Memories mix with fear and longing now that my younger image decreases in portfolio and distance within my remembrances, and I struggle to keep my libido separate from the…


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Souffle de Mer - A Siren Song for Cris Gutierrez

como agua tibia sobre hollejo frío

la hoguera que encumbre mis mercerías

un hálito de calor que disimula

el vaho de varón espejismo…


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a flame long lost emailed me a…

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