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A Proud Democrat

     I heard last night from a legitimate news source, i.e. one that is held accountable and adheres to at least some measure of objectivity, that the Democratic party has agreed to focus this election on the issues, rather than simply run against Trump.  It wasn't "big" news given what's going on, but big enough to make me proud. 

     The most obvious course of action would be to fall into the trap of recrimination with him.  The nation has been primed to do battle with itself. …


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The Twelve Steps of Trump Anonymous

1)  Admitted we are powerless over our addiction to Donald Trump and the loss of our moral compass.

2)  Came to believe a power greater than him would restore us to sanity.

3)  Made a decision to turn our will and our lives to the care of a real God as we understood her or him.

4)  Made a fearless moral inventory of ourselves and realized how we sold out.

5)  Admitted to a real God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our…


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The Media and the Midterms

    I started out my professional life as a journalist, trained in it, and came to New York City for that purpose.  Specifically, a print journalist since I wasn't pretty or nice enough to get on TV.  My hero's were "investigative reporters," who broke the stories that changed the world, of course.  I wound up with jobs at places like Metalworking News, and…


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To An Old Friend

In your Facebook photo

you look like you lost something

but don't know what it is.

I don't remember you

looking like that.…


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Laughter Isn't Always the Best Medicene

     Homer described laughter as "the celestial joy of the gods after their daily banquet." Darwin said of laughter, "It seems primarily to be the expression of mere joy or happiness. We clearly see this in children at play who are almost incessantly laughing."  More recently, Freud thought it's a "cathartic" response to emotional tension.  Readers Digest had a column titled: Laughter Is the Best Medicine.

     I don't think any of those definitions apply to Dr.…


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Dreaming at My Age

When you've reached my age,

and know you're a dot,

like the sands of the Ganges,

indistinguishable from innumberable other dots,…


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When you know you're a dot,

indistinguishable from trillions of other dots,

tiny, insignificant dots,

it can be hard to …


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The Rubber Chef

(The following is a biographical excerpt from my book GROWING UP TOGETHER.  It's not in the edition currently circulating, but will be in the next.  I publish this on the week my mother died two years ago.  Mom would have been 96 on April 2nd.  We buried her on her 94th birthday.  I think she'd have gotten a kick out of this section.  Certainly, she wouldn't have denied it.)

     It cannot be said we had a home without strife.  There were a number of reasons,…


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My Immortal Soul: A Moldy Piece of Cheese

(The following is from my book, GROWING UP TOGETHER.  It isn't in the sample copy currently circulating.  I look forward to comments how you envision your soul.  Maybe nobody believes they have a soul any longer.)

     In my childhood imagination, I envisioned the soul as a piece of cheese, like my father ate with lunch on Saturday.  When I broke the commandments in "thought, word, or deed," my soul became covered in a thick, dark mold that was only alleviated when I…


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My Super Duper All American View of Immigration

My father was a dirty mic, my mother was a whop, though you didn't want to mess with her, my wife when she was alive was a kraut, but I don't know what she is now.  My girl friend looks like a chocolate bunny, but she's really a spic.  The frogs never won a war cause they eat snails and drink wine instead of Budweiser. I've known a lot of Jews and camel jockey's going way back, but don't know how they got here. We never had any camels and we could have just imported the bagels.  You…


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Book Review: The Collected Letters of Alan Watts

     Alan Watts thought he'd be totally forgotten in fifty years.  Until his death at age 59 in 1973 he was the most widely known exponent of Eastern religion and thought in the US.  He was among the few public intellectuals the country had at the time who didn't come from academia, which is saying something since we have so few.

     He was born and raised a Christian in the small town of Chislehurst, Kent in England and for a time was an ordained Episcopalian minister serving as…


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The Approaching War with North Korea

     The likelihood of war with North Korea increases every day.  We know the American fleet is closing in on the area, and rumors have it that troop maneuvers are taking place in Alaska--the nearest land mass.

     The reasoning I'm using is based on what we know about the man who has the authority to make that decision.  For those who read the remarkable, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, the collection of articles by professionals on his mental condition, he has a…


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Meet My Friend Joe

     The following is from a section in my new book, titled Growing Up Together.  I introduce readers to Joseph Ellin, my friend who was a philosopher.  The quote is taken from Joe's book Morality and the Meaning of Life.

To have meaning in your life requires that you create a meaningful life for yourself through interesting activities; but this is evidently not enough.  Unless some morality also enters your life--love, friendship,…


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Dad: The Numbers Man

(The following is an excerpt from my new book: Growing Up Together)

     Dad taught me never to talk about religion, sex, or politics if you can help it.  Of course, those are my favorite topics.

     He went to an all boys school and was only taught by Jesuit priests.  While he showed allegiance to the Pope, he was more influenced by the "Black Pope," the head of the Jesuit order.  In college, he helped found a fraternity…


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At the Crossroad Where I Live

     I live on the intersection between Third Avenue, otherwise known as the Bowery, and E. 10th Street in New York City.  I've lived here since 1978 but only learned recently that the Bowery is the oldest street in the city, dating back to the 17th century and before that it was a Native American trail.  

     Not to be outdone, Tenth Street for centuries was the link between the West side and the East side of the island.  Today it's the only side street that goes all the way…


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Listening to Race

     Recent remarks by Tim Wise, a figure known nationally for his views on race, admonishing his audience to "listen" to people from other races is a bit discouraging given experience and the years that have gone by, but not since a president has been elected using racial baiting as a campaign tactic.

     It appears we are back to square one and the prognosis is not good.  How many outbreaks of racial violence will there be in the "Trump" era?  We have no idea what his response will…


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America Must Recognize Palestine

From the New York Times, Nov. 29, 2016

By Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States

     We do not yet know the policy of the next administration toward Palestine, but we do know the policy of this administration.  It has been President Obama's aim to support a negotiated end to the conflict based on two states, living side by side in peace.

     That prospect is now in grave doubt.  I am convinced that the United States can still…


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Book Review: Avid Reader by Robert Gottlieb

     Robert Gottlieb is a fortunate man who knows it, takes his fair share of credit but doesn't beat his chest.

     As an editor at Simon and Schuster in the 50's who "stumbled" into the job (rather than being born into it) educated at Columbia rather than Harvard, he worked his way up the ranks to become editor-in-chief of Knopf--easily one of the most prestigious and profitable publishing houses in the land and then editor of The New Yorker.  It doesn't get better…


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Guest Post: The Political Reaction to Donald Trump, a Psychoanalytic Interpretation

The following post is written by Eugene Kalin Ph.D. and Melvin Shaw Ph.D.

Why is it possible Donald Trump may become president when it is crystal clear that he is an immoral, self-serving, hypocritical demagogue who lies incessantly and is only interested in exploiting others and generating vile misogyny, racial bigotry and xenophobia? In the process, he has encouraged violence against women, African-Americans and Muslims and has bragged about his…


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Why Trump Will Win

     The model is Brexit.  Forty years promoting unification after the worst war in human history didn't matter.  The vast majority of the "ruling class" and responsible media were against it.  The Prime Minister, a conservative, well liked, staked his career on it.  The polls said it was not going to pass.  Yet it did.

     The latest evaluation is that it was due to voters who rarely if ever voted before.  They were "under the radar."  The pollsters didn't have access to…


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