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Say My Name: The Strange 5

My counselor at Sound Mental Health called today to reschedule my appointment. She had a family emergency and we had to cancel last time. So, we reset it for this Thursday and she said she would call DSHS about the never ending stream of paperwork that never seems to make it where it's supposed to go thus making my frequent appearance repeatedly…


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The Gay Gatsby: Marne, Love on The Lake

From my second novel, Marne, 2011, unpublished. (some of my friends back then called it the Gay Gatsby) Happy Pride!

And so that year, I saw Marne every afternoon. Together with our friends, we decided to summer in Puget Sound, the San…


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Romancing The Caregiver

In the last few days I've had to reckon with my own bias toward amputees. I love one, I live with one, and I almost never talk about the reality of that, as if that too, should be hidden. J and I have known each other a little over four years and we've been together for almost a year…


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Step Inside The Homeless View: Modern Internment

From inside the main shelter at DESC, one used to be able to see into the windows of Smith Tower.  I guess the workers realized, after many years, there was a shelter there and sought to close off the view. 

“…one of the hardest things to endure was the communal latrines,…


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Communion: Kneeling On The Bayous

Written in 2010,  about 10 months before becoming homeless, a piece from The American Daughter. Thank you,  Shanon and Jesse Mitchell, for archiving this at Thick White Porcelain


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Book Work: The Unmade Bed

Working on our book....

From our Eye of the Tent Series, while living in Courthouse Park, Seattle, June 18,2014

Up off the ground. We have a bed now. We've been sleeping on the floor, on a mat our neighbor loaned us. We got the mattress from Share House and we…


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Seattle: Finding The (downtown) Sound

One of two signs at The Turf warning against extra sound

Considering Seattle is a town that puts Pop Rocks in its cheesecake so you can hear your pie, holds a private worship of Nirvana in an unspoken and unshakable belief, and has a fan base called the 12's…


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The Dissociative Fugue: The Wandering Self

When I think of my years in a Dissociative Fugue, the first word I think of is memory. Then amnesia. For many people, amnesia is the stuff of movie heroines hit in the head, waking to the arms of a heroic partner helping them to remember their name, where they came from. 

And I have…


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My Mother, My Selfie

My mother was a major picture taker. She would love to be alive right now; I wonder if she would still be taking photos of everything and anything or if she would turn the camera on herself. When I was growing up, one waited for someone to want to…


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The Kind

I had some great creative conversations today. One about Shelter, the musical which has a script, but as I do not write music, no score. John Walker is interested in the project and we talked about that today. And his step grandfather and J's grandmother have the same last name: Bennett. I'm…


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Uncle Albert and The Singing Exchange

Robin thought a lot about the God particle. She sat on the bench in the park thinking about it, she thought about it in the shower, and she thought about it walking to the store.

She smiled to herself thinking, it is here. It's right here, and I…


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Welcome Home

It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be to see Open Salon close down. Because I have so many friends. Because I still get to see so many of my friends from OS everyday. But, those are also my halls at Open Salon, some are haunted. All are tried, all have been reconciled. For me, they…


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Stats: OS Moving Day

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Beam Me Up: The Counter Is Transported Into The Future: November 21, 2014

In February of this year, J and I started The Counter in a friend's kitchen to cook for ourselves and other homeless people using, as we say, all beautiful food bank and food stamp ingredients. In Summer, we moved out of the traditional kitchen and J took The Counter grilling.…


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Notes on Transience: November 24, 2014

So, this compendium, Notes on Transience, for The Safewire and Uber Counter Cookbook keeps writing itself. I thought there may be a slim volume to go along with the cookbook.


Tired was she of spinning the legend of a poor and homeless…


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Open Salon Closing: Moving Party!


Hello...I'm going to be moving my blog at Open Salon to Our Salon over the next several days. I apologize in advance, and I'll try to do that at the least intrusive times on the feed. I cut my teeth so to speak, on Open Salon, and I will be forever grateful for every letter I was…


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Throwback Thursday: Took To School

I had been homeless almost a year when the women's educational project at Antioch University lei'd us for a party they were having for what I don't remember. This was taken in front of Mary's Place, the old place, the one where I planted myself behind the front counter for the better part of a…


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The Happy Season

It's almost here: Baseball season! Last year was the first year in a few years I watched so much baseball. I was like a puppy off a chain. This year, I look forward to seeing a live game here and to having fun and paying attention to focus, I think. This is…


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Love, American Style

Sometimes I think our high divorce rate, serial marrying, and seemingly militaristic attitude in all things from soup to nuts sends a message from America that somehow we don't care about love, that we don't know how to love. I wonder how we look for the…


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Beast Mode In Twelve Town

Last year, I wasn't a 12. I was a fan, we went out to watch Super Bowl, and as you can imagine downtown Seattle last year at this time was party on steroids on love on a city that confuses me, holds me, denies me and inspires me. But, last year I wasn't a 12. I had questions about football, I have…


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Day Two: The Show Goes On

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Two Sundays

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WOW {poem}

Posted by J.P. Hart on February 16, 2019 at 4:00am 3 Comments

Bell Bottom Blues

Posted by Robert B. James on February 15, 2019 at 8:30am 3 Comments

Happy Valentine's Day!

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