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Annoying Thoughts on the 4th of July

I try to stay focused on one thing. But I can't. I look at something and the more I look, the more I see. Maybe I am part insect. Their eyes are like a clear kaleidoscope. They see images in multiples upon multiples. Me too. It is cool and annoying.

I woke up remembering it was The 4th of July, and then it started. I thought about how this celebrated not only a Declaration of Independence from England (ahem...for white men), but the invasion and conquest of native…


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Giggling gods

People make plans and the gods laugh...

A year ago I told my boss I'd retire after the summer programs were done. I offered to volunteer enough hours to keep my beloved arts camps and apprenticeship programs alive. 

I knew the Rockford Arts Council couldn't afford me anymore. Donations and corporate contributions were down in a local economy that has never recovered from any recession. And we weren't getting our operating grant from the state any time soon. Illinois is in a…


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Gift Story for My Husband (instead of another tie)

I knew George would be my husband before I knew his name. That was good because I didn't liked the name "George". True story.…


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Oddly Hopeful

I thought I would be at my hermitage for a week end retreat today. I reserved it soon after the election. This was my first free week-end and I knew I’d need it by now. I do but I’m not there. Last night a friend called. Her husband was put on life support and she’s given permission to take him off. “I need you.” I didn’t tell her my plans, how happy I was leaving work that day knowing the next morning I would escape for three days of quiet, walks in the woods, time to sleep, read, think,…


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Honoring my son's birthday...Memoir piece

My son's birthday is today. He's a grown man, married with three children and just had a play produced at the New York Theater Workshop. But he'll always be my baby...

"Baby Naps" Memoir

My mother gave me a subscription to Parents Magazine when I announced I was pregnant. I’ve read every article on babies. The magazines are now…


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Thanksgiving, Standing Rock, & a hope

My daughter is making Thanksgiving dinner today. Her homeschooled children helped create the menu and were up early helping. I can smell it from my bedroom. I've been on Facebook reading "Happy Thanksgiving" greetings from friends amidst posts about Standing Rock. My son-in-law will go there tomorrow. My nine-year old grandson told me that last night when I got home. "Hopefully he won't get arrested, but..." He shrugged and smiled his hope this will not be what I am afraid it will…


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My Father's Names

I called him "Daddy" when he taught me to ride a bike, and baited my fishing hook because I heard the worm scream, and whisker-scratched me good night. I still called him Daddy when he talked about his college track days and set up the high jump in the yard. I have my mother's short legs instead of his long ones.  He set the bar so I could execute a clean jump. "Good job, Punky. Now, a little higher."

At bedtime, we asked questions. "Daddy, how does an…


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Laughing Matters: Bumper Stickers & Trump

I was looking at some of my old blogs and came across this one. It was written during the last Presidential election campaign. Guess I was right to be concerned...

"Laughing Matters: Bumper Stickers & Trump"

Years ago, my eight year old son asked, "Do you know how I can tell our country is…


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About me and them

This is not going to be a post about politics, world issues and concerns, or any other great profundities. Some day soon I may write something enlightening...or maybe not.  But tonight I just want to reconnect with my blog friends.

For the last year or so I've bopped in and out. That has nothing to do with the death of Open Salon. It has to do with my need to finish my book project about my inter-racial marriage. On January 27 at 4:35 PM I did that and submitted it to an interested…


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I am sitting in the living room editing my manuscript and my daughter is having a grown up conversation with her son (my grandson) who just turned 13. It began with the ridiculousness of Trump's candidacy, and morphed into colonization of Africa, world religions, racism, Mars, spiritual worlds beyond this one, wars, insanity, prophecy, self sufficiency, and…


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A Tiny Terror Tale

She isn't dead. But almost. I watch and wait. Two faint hairs just below her swollen lip move as she still breathes. She has to give up soon.

She has not been able to speak since it happened. She thrashed and threw and banged. I listened to that for three days. When she quieted I waited another day and then unlocked the door. There was quite a mess but I didn't make her clean it up.  She should have thanked me for that. I won't hold it against her since she can't talk…


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One Dang Lucky Girl



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Ridvan Begins at Sunset


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Advice for Young Artists...from unidentified muses



I was invited to a middle school "Career Day". They asked if I would give advice on how to become an…


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Easter Memory

My family doesn't go to church on Easter Sunday. It is too crowded and my father's parking spot could be taken by those who don't know it is his. He might not get his pew either (second row from the back) and he does not want to do the "Meet & Greet" with hypocrites who show up only for holidays. Rather than be rude, Easter is a day off. I am glad because my parents…


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Bows & Arrows

This is a proud mama post. That's a statement of fact, (not an apology).

This is an interview with my son...


Nathan been doing a lot of these interviews lately. His play,…


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A Good Man

I knew he was a good man when 

our granddaughter plopped herself on the case of his prized guitar and he didn't mind.

I removed her  

and she giggled her way back.

he laughed

and said it was okay.

He talked with me

but listened for her. 

turned his hand

palm side up.

sometimes she put her hand in his and he smiled.

other times she put 

a ball, or crayon or block or her brother's power ranger.

he smiled…


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Dad's Day: April Fool

"April Fool’s Day" makes me think of my father. Not that he was a fool. He was a research scientist and so smart I thought he would be President one day. I told my teacher this and didn't understand why she laughed.…


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Obama's Mama and Me

This post was inspired by a dream. 

obama mama  

I never met Barack Obama's mother, but I know her.  And I know we would have been friends and how our friendship would begin...

I see them in the park. They push a stroller and I find a way to catch her eye and smile. I comment on what a beautiful baby they have. They respond and I love the rhythm of his accent. "Kenyan" he tells me.

I ask directions to the nearest post…


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Dying Wishes


The week-end my parents moved from their home and into the assisted living facility near me,  Mom sighed and pouted. “I wish we could both die here, right now.”  

“That could be arranged.”

She cried when I said I was…


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100 Minutes

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Jack Fruit Breakthrough

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Thanks, Lorianne

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