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Tolerance and Bigots

Tolerance implies a sense of superiority.

I don't think it is thought of that way very often.

Intolerance is not so terribly different because it is another way of thinking that implies superiority. Most of us recognize that a person who repeatedly spews their intolerance towards thinking that is different than their own is guilty of bigotry. Maybe it's lesser than that. Maybe it is just small mindedness.

Indifference is the ability to go on without caring what…


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Spencer Has Moved

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Spencer Bohren through another musician friend. She tours the US and Europe and knew him well. We spent an afternoon together shortly after the flooding of New Orleans.

He was an historian and story teller. His "roots" knowledge was extensive and well expressed in his performances.…


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Noise In The Alley

Much of the internet has become the sort of place where people can convince…


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Time To Go

Two years ago today I was standing on my front porch about to head out for groceries.

I could see the train had stopped north and east about two blocks away. It always did, of course. This time however, it did not take off for the next stop.

I knew something was happening and told my wife that I suspected something was wrong. It was more than just wrong. It was a racially motivated double murder.

Two blocks north and to the west of the front porch was a bicycle "chop…


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Executive Privilege : Mueller's Future

Today we wake up to see what we suspected.

The flimflam man, naked emperor that he is, has shown that at least for one decade he managed to lose an average of nearly $400,000 per day.

OPM of course, but nonetheless, gone for good.

It’s over, right?

Why be concerned? He’s a fraud. We’ve known that all along.

But Mueller knows exactly what it then became.

It’s because it led him into becoming the laundry man for the Rooskies. Now I’m not going to pretend I know…


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The Horizon Keeps Moving

Duped again.


Hope is the folly of the hopeful.

It’s that simple.


I’m down to the immediate. I think it quite possible that it’s over; the place we knew has been removed from the map.

I had a…


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Orange Foolius


My money is on the Southern District of NY Attorney General.


That’s what Manafort getting the State of NY indictments was supposed to signal. It was a notice to the White House crime family.

Mueller did his job. He knows what they have and it’s enough to indict, when a POTUS pardon won’t matter. Why not fold at this point?

No running away in designer togs claiming executive privilege. The lot of them are quite findable.

These arrogant…


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Upside Down In The Surf

He played his guitar left handed and upside down.

This won't happen again:

RIP Dick Dale

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Beyond the NWO

Conspiracy aficionados hell bent on describing how the world will turn, referencing pyramids and eyeballs on dollar bills, secret hand signals flashed by Hollywood elites, the number 33 appearing in subliminal messages in TV commercials, and panty waste political hacks stumbling around in the dark at Bohemian Grove spooking each other into group hugs, have forgotten the most basic power tool of the childish…


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Tomorrow Feels Different Already

Tonight, a mere few hours away, the USA will begin its final descent into a forgotten time.


Most will think they are just listening to the debate of the day, the battle cry for a border wall or a steel fence, presented as a necessary ploy to keep us safe. We'll be told our best interests are at heart in a "Father Knows Best" fashion.

Some will feel safer, failing to understand what being on the inside of a border wall means.

They won't hear the rest of…


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On Not Meeting George H.W. Bush

In the late summer of 1981 my young wife and I went to pick the invasive non-native Himalayan Blackberry on the banks of a slough across from the air base in NE Portland. We arrived with a couple of pails, anticipating the days of vanilla ice cream and these sweet morsels to follow.


George H.W. Bush was slated…


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Little Red Rooster

We had a rooster. It was white.

Most of my background is white except for my first job working with grandma in the Salvation Army Store on Union Avenue. I hung clothes and pushed a  broom across the wooden plank floors.

I was paid in comic books,…


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It's time to get moving into the day.

Two strong cups of coffee behind and I'm finished rummaging through headlines and giving cursory attention to off the beaten track YouTubes.

What in the hell am I 1/1024th of, I wondered ? If anything at all it is not readily apparent.

But I couldn't help but wonder why anyone would hang their reputation on such a slim bit of hyperbole.

It bothered me. Anything that could make the current POTUS seem reasonable bothers…


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Mad at some?

Tell us how those not affiliated with those people are just as culpable. Make up stuff and claim it is true.

Add invective at each opportunity. 

This is the way it rolls from the White House down to the commoners.

Don't worry about being open minded anymore.

Nobody is listening.

Responses will be closely monitored for ingratiating agreement.

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Turning Vinegar Into Vodka

 This morning I admitted on the email exchange with some friends that I do not understand entirely what it is that POTUS is doing by ramping up the potential for major conflict with Iran.

When I say I do not understand entirely I mean that I do not understand at all. I have given up on thinking I understand.

In response, one of the participants, who happens to be Jewish, enlightened me in this fashion. Typos are left intact…


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The Cult of Acceptance

We're being crushed, becoming the mash at the bottom of an oak barrel turning grain into bourbon.

We're willingly flitting about in the light of a flame about to sear our wings and turn us to ash.

We're licking ice cream cones, watching the scenery, laughing our heads off on vacation while our vehicles careen off course to plummet into the depths of an unrelenting sea…


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In the Presence of RFK


I don't remember exactly when I heard the news although it was stunning.

I had just met him a few days before. The feeling of disbelief is memorable however. First it was his brother, then the civil rights leader, and now this man, taken.

Teenagers now will remember their youth as the time of school shootings. The bad guy comes in the front or side door and kills them or their friends and peers.

Those who were teenagers in my time, lived in an age of political…


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Preparing for WWIII

I started off the day with an early e-mail to my friends, remarking on the callousness of the stooge daughter Ivanka, in her trademarked goofy fake smile dedicating a plaque to her daddy who is the "President of the United States on America", while dozens are being killed outside the ceremony and hundreds more injured.

Somewhere between the reneging of the Iran nuclear deal and the placement of a US Embassy…


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Is It All A Lost Cause?

The news.

I just have to quit looking.

Whether it's local, national, international or microcosmic neighborhood BS, it's just become too much.

Last weekend's attempted break-in at the neighbor's house and the discovery that a coat hanger was used to get into my parked car AGAIN has been swirling through my head.

The move out of here will be complete by mid-September, after the house is painted and the movers take everything. The new used house is in the process of being…


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One Flew Under Radar

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Tolerance and Bigots

Posted by alsoknownas on June 18, 2019 at 2:20pm 4 Comments

Where Jaws was Filmed

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 18, 2019 at 11:19am 1 Comment

I’m Not A Buddhist

Posted by Robert B. James on June 18, 2019 at 7:42am 2 Comments

2 Questions for Kosh and Jon

Posted by Ron Powell on June 18, 2019 at 2:30am 9 Comments

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