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St. Valentine's Day Massacre

February 14, 1929…


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Happy 2018

I'm busy wrapping up business for the year, packing and deciding on what to keep of a lifetime accumulation of stuff and where to put a dozen guitars, and other stringed instruments. Where do the big vinyl collection and the books go? Too many books.

Antiques, the good furniture, my slate pool table etc.etc.

Wait....I know where.

At the new house.

I'll drop in and say hello next month.

Be well, healthy and kind to yourself and neighbors.

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I read a comment this morning from a favorite writer who mentioned the beauty of his neck of the woods. He mentioned that it is soured by the ignorance and bigotry of many who live there. He mentioned that the roadways are littered, bald tires and broken refrigerators cast off for someone else or more likely nobody to properly dispose of them.

I was struck though that despite this he still sees and wishes for the beauty to prevail.

It can and does in many ways.…


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Two Rifles, One Window

The following is re-posted from Nov. 22, 2013. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated 50 years earlier to the day.


Oswald  crouches at the window. The Carcano rifle is resting on the window…


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Would It Matter?

I meant to keep a lifelong journal. It was going to be lists, such as a list of every book I read or every movie I've seen. 

It was going to have a log of every trip I took with little notations about the weather that day. It was going to mention every dinner and what was eaten.

It might be an interesting piece by now but it didn't happen.

I thought at one time for some reason that it would be helpful to have kept track of all that.

The stuff of a…


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Hell In A Hurry

Maybe you've thought it couldn't get worse.

The globe seems to be teetering on a rickety stand, waiting for the next kid to spin it as hard as possible until it falls off the library desk.

International "leaders"…


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Dark Clouds

From a cliff top, Sunday afternoon, dark clouds across the shimmering sea.

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 Not really.



I'll check here in the morning.

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Ain't That A Shame

Antoine Dominique Domino Jr. has moved on to provide the heavens with a stroll and shuffle beat.

Known as Fats Domino, his sound out of New Orleans was the inspiration to far too many musicians to name. I remember being about 6 years old, spinning my brother's 45's and knowing this was so different as to defy description.

Always a charmer and a pleasant man, he was feared to have died in Katrina. He lived through it and the devastation to the 9th Ward, but his…


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Not Blood and Soil

Like many who might read this, I have had bouts of complete disdain for Senator John McCain. It's hard to forgive him the VP choice he made when running for the highest office in the nation.

But my current take on him, this man who knows he is fading into the history books, is that he still has something to teach us about patriotism.

The critique of his past as a captured warrior not being satisfactory to the Commander-In-Chief has ratcheted up again.

Today he is…


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Pompeii Redux

The Columbia River Gorge is so beautiful that sometimes I've wondered if it isn't heaven.

I read a story about the Bridge of the Gods last evening. It is said to have spanned the Columbia River way back before it was named such and provided a trade route for native tribes living on either side.

Some long disputed cataclysmic event maybe as big as gods hurling boulders at each other made it collapse. That is, if it were ever there in the first place. Not everyone…


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Gone Fission

10 days disconnected.

Whaddya think I meant?

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Hiding In Plain Sight


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Meddling Seems So Harsh

Let's face it.

We're roughing up each other too much these days. Every event is parsed and repeated until it loses meaning. It's either that or it's given too much credence and coverage and we end up acting like it's some sort of important issue.

It could go either way.

My current pet peeve is that by the simple act of goofing around on the computer an entire system is seen as corrupt, while the leaders of nations get portrayed as nincompoops driven only by their own…


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I don't know about you, but after this many decades spinning around the sun on an orbit I don't control, I'm ready to admit I just don't get it all.

In the last 8 or 9 months I feel like I've had more people than ever talk to me as if I need to decide if I'm going to have the tapioca or the peach cobbler for dessert, that I need to decide right now and then wipe the drool off my chin.


Politics is a confusing world to be in.…


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In The Midst Of Rancor

For most this day has become nostalgic. We look back and remember the picnics. We head off to the park or a neighbor's place down the street, or to our favorite Uncle's backyard to re-create those times.

For many, a good job is done at building new memories.

I think it's all right and good for that to happen.…


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Well, of course not...

Stunned and repulsed.

Each day.

"I just don't want a poor person."


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We Laughed All The Way Home

    Sept. 1952  




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Not Too Old To Dream

None of us are too old to dream.

I dream about taking off without a map.

My cat dreams about being out on her own some day too.

We connect in that regard despite the reality that it may not happen soon.

It's just a dream.


I was headed back from the veterinarian's this a.m with my Bengal and had the community college jazz station on. Nat King Cole was singing an old classic with violinist Stuff Smith accompanying.



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I Love Bearded Iris



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In other news...

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now is the Time

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