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Pompeii Redux

The Columbia River Gorge is so beautiful that sometimes I've wondered if it isn't heaven.

I read a story about the Bridge of the Gods last evening. It is said to have spanned the Columbia River way back before it was named such and provided a trade route for native tribes living on either side.

Some long disputed cataclysmic event maybe as big as gods hurling boulders at each other made it collapse. That is, if it were ever there in the first place. Not everyone…


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Gone Fission

10 days disconnected.

Whaddya think I meant?

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Hiding In Plain Sight


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Meddling Seems So Harsh

Let's face it.

We're roughing up each other too much these days. Every event is parsed and repeated until it loses meaning. It's either that or it's given too much credence and coverage and we end up acting like it's some sort of important issue.

It could go either way.

My current pet peeve is that by the simple act of goofing around on the computer an entire system is seen as corrupt, while the leaders of nations get portrayed as nincompoops driven only by their own…


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I don't know about you, but after this many decades spinning around the sun on an orbit I don't control, I'm ready to admit I just don't get it all.

In the last 8 or 9 months I feel like I've had more people than ever talk to me as if I need to decide if I'm going to have the tapioca or the peach cobbler for dessert, that I need to decide right now and then wipe the drool off my chin.


Politics is a confusing world to be in.…


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In The Midst Of Rancor

For most this day has become nostalgic. We look back and remember the picnics. We head off to the park or a neighbor's place down the street, or to our favorite Uncle's backyard to re-create those times.

For many, a good job is done at building new memories.

I think it's all right and good for that to happen.…


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Well, of course not...

Stunned and repulsed.

Each day.

"I just don't want a poor person."


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We Laughed All The Way Home

    Sept. 1952  




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Not Too Old To Dream

None of us are too old to dream.

I dream about taking off without a map.

My cat dreams about being out on her own some day too.

We connect in that regard despite the reality that it may not happen soon.

It's just a dream.


I was headed back from the veterinarian's this a.m with my Bengal and had the community college jazz station on. Nat King Cole was singing an old classic with violinist Stuff Smith accompanying.



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I Love Bearded Iris



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A Guy Walks In


A guy walks in to the grocery store carrying a head.

Stop me if you've heard this one.


I'm not kidding. A little before 6 a.m. my laptop was warmed up, the coffee was hot and the cat had been fed. Let's see if the world is still spinning, I thought while waiting for the the local cyber rag to come up with the headlines...

...then it popped up. In a rural setting, about 20 miles up the Clackamas River which feeds into…


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The Push To Limit Public Access

A small, whole grain mini-biscuit, a chunk of Teriyaki Chinook Salmon, a half glass of high pulp orange juice and dark black coffee.

I needed to start this day off with something I can relate to because it's just not happening when I search for "news".

Books on my side table are being ignored. Mark Twain, Sherman Alexie short stories, Raymond Carver's poetry, Charles Bukowski's "On Writing", all well thumbed and half read don't get finished.

The urge to see what…


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Dirt Nap

This morning at 5:30 a.m. I noticed a shape, surrounded by sacks of garbage and covered in two broken pieces of plywood laying partially on the curb and partially in the street. A blanket was blowing around back and forth across the road.

When I called 911 to say a human being was partially in the road and might be hit by a car I was told it was not an emergency and I was hung up on by the operator.


I called non-emergency and was asked to…


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Whoda Thunk?

It's the new meme.

Have you noticed it in your own home town?

"News" gets presented as a startling chain of events nobody could have predicted. The talking bobble heads go back and forth about how some entirely predictable event wasn't foreseen. There it was, upon the hapless victims in a split second. How could anyone have known?

Details after the commercial break. Your news team will be there for you.



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The Cold Hard Facts of Opioids

In my youth, gone for over four decades, the opportunity to destroy my life forever and end up lost to the world presented itself repeatedly, cloaked in the hip buzz of the excitement of being a professional musician.

I had the chops then to be presented with a couple invitations that could have led to fame and fortune, but there was an undercurrent of darkness that terrified me. I've been around the use of opioids and have seen persons I knew and liked lose themselves. I saw…


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Dancing Past The Grim Reaper

Sitting outside on Sunday afternoon by a small chimnea fire with one of my guitars I heard the news about a friend. He has never lived a careful life it seems to me when it comes to certain things we all know don't have the best endings. This was one of many instances when time came close to catching up for good. Something happened to his lungs, they began to fill with CO2 and he nearly died. He awoke after 3 or 4 days in a critical care unit after being rushed to the hospital. We're…


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Goodnight Chuck

Goodnight Chuck

Thanks for the good times.

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The Trouble With Brothers

About the same time I am typing this, 7 years ago today, I received a call that mom was in the hospital in a great deal of pain.

I had recently taken over her finances at her request, to the consternation and complaints from some other relatives who claimed they were "helping" her. They were helping themselves to her money. She had me take over as her Power Of Attorney and she began to save each month instead of being penniless. I moved her into a very nice facility where she…


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Daylight Forgetting Time


I wondered if things are the same here in the waterlogged Pacific Northwest as other places.

Maybe it has something to do with the pounding in our heads from rain hitting the roofs, winds lifting shingles, transformers blowing up when the lines are coated with ice, etc. It's become nerve wracking.

Before you tell me that winter is worse where you live though please consider that the National Weather Bureau ( I may have made that up, but it's similar) has deemed our…


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No Less Than Treason

You're welcome to leave any comment here you wish.

I have become so dis-enamored of hope lately that sentences won't come together. I find it incomprehensible that these times are upon us.

I won't buy into citizens being the absolute evil beings some are portrayed to be, because they voted for…


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Music for the DMZ

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Don't Mess with Texas?

Posted by Robert Young on September 24, 2017 at 12:30pm 4 Comments

1 Sentence Pigskin Religious War

Posted by Jonathan Wolfman on September 24, 2017 at 9:05am 2 Comments

Yes, You Are STUPID!

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The Decisive Moment

Posted by Terry McKenna on September 24, 2017 at 4:00am 5 Comments

A Case Study about Health Care Costs

Posted by Terry McKenna on September 23, 2017 at 3:30pm 5 Comments

Question for a Frday

Posted by Ron Powell on September 22, 2017 at 5:00am 4 Comments

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