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Trick or treaty? For economic terrorUSt$, it's one and the same


Where is the elixir "Financial Services" ?

This cartoon came from, yet it is clearly applicable to most all methods and means by which the U.S. extends its hegemoneUS grip on…


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Thirty-eight years of progressive regression

Since most of this paper was first written most of thirty-nine years ago serving as a platform for consecutive, different states' and federal, biennial elections.

Action permitting advancement in this lifetime:

- - - maximum utilization of all processes/technologies which would effect comprehensive, secure, DIRECT SELF-DETERMINATIVE GOVERNMENT through referenda and initiatives; minimize and eliminate wasteful, corruptible "representative" governments/"democracies“.

- - -…


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IsrealHell, charting a course out of: terrorUSt$' refugees, foreign and domestic

Charting a course out of IsrealHell /\


Edited post title from "terrorUSt$' refugees, domestic and foreign" 


"IsrealHell*, charting a course out…


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terrorUSts' putschist's reformation by justUS

* and -

terrorUSts' putschist's reformation of truth

 cnnGPS 18.10.15 Sunday

Poroshenko re Crimea-Donbass-Syria-Afghanistan?-Estonia?-Omaha?

“ ... , because when we have a situation where one of the permanent members…


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Year Zero for IsrealHell in Palestine or Zero Peace


In 1948 two more (i.e., in addition to u.s.’s core wealth acquisition constructs) racist, genocidal, national constructs were borne onto Humanity by the u.s. led West:

the Afrikaner  Broederbond organisation's …


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One Flew Under Radar

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Tolerance and Bigots

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Where Jaws was Filmed

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I’m Not A Buddhist

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2 Questions for Kosh and Jon

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