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Health Care vs. Wealth Care

Wealth Care verses Health Care

Trumpcare Fiasco/Logic For The Left

Medicare For All advocate, Dr. John Geyman, rejoins us to discuss his latest book “Struggling and Dying Under Trumpcare: How We Fix This Fiasco.” And philosophy professor Ben Burgis…


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Zionist Israel Project: Mideast Zionazification: destroy Syria, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, then ...

Few are alive today who were born before the United States became Israel's tool for satisfying Zionist aggressions in the Middle East.  The United States, a nation founded on the fruits of genocide, conjoined in the torso to Israel, a nation born of genocidal depravity, has committed themselves through decades of commissioning war crimes, crimes against Humanity especially in the Middle East.  

Zionists essentially want Islam exterminated.  Saudi money and U.S. weapons, soldiers,…


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No More putschUSt$ regimes: Begin with Venezuela, Democracy vs. democrUSy

No More putschUSt$ regimes: Begin with Venezuela, Democracy vs. democrUSy.

United States taxpayers' --i.e., their yet to be born paying interest in perpetuity on never-to-be-paid-off national and state debts-- let their politicians spend billion$ to force regime change in other cultures and countries. …


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Collapse of the American Empire

This post's title The Collapse of the American Empire?  is from title of  27:42 youtube clip, 


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Naziism or Nazism

Use over time for:…

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Reparations due: us is not US, US is not U.S.

Reparations due: us is not US, US is not U.S.

We, all of us humans, who are alive on Earth are us.  Some among us believe they are exceptional, they are US.  To be of US is to believe one is entitled to privileges and immunities not deserving of the vast majority of the rest of us.  Some of us…


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United in Fraud is US. one sentence

United in Fraud is US. 

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Progressive means Reversing Corporatists' Privatizing Gains while Socializing Costs

Progressive means Reversing capitalUSt$' Privatizing Gains while Socializing Costs

There’s more than one thing I would like to know from all candidates in contention for further nurturing progressive human capacities for love for our own species and others, for empathy, for truth, work and love for self-worth derived from contributing to the common…


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Satan’s Troika: Bolton, Abrams, Pompeo

United States' worst foreign policy character is embodied in and represented by these three men:

John Bolton, Zionazi tool who should be indicted, prosecuted, convicted and held responsible for war crimes before he commits more crimes against humanity. 

Elliot Abrams, fascUSt$ tool, another yet to be indicted, prosecuted and convicted war criminal 

Mike Pompeo, Zionazi tool imagining himself savior…


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Evil Incarnate at United Nations today: Elliot Abrams, war criminal top shelf terrorUSt$

Evil Incarnate at United Nations: Elliot Abrams, war criminal top shelf terrorUSt$.

Nixon, Reagan, bushit uno and…


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International Emergency, Trumpster'$ USraeli Deal

Trumpster'$ USraeli Contract on Humanity is an international emergency.

What's the deal?  Finishing the job of destroying the secular and shia islamic societies of the southwest asia but for sunniUSraeli and their puppet master, the Zionazi-administered state of Israel in Palestine.

Here's an example of what makes the RT news media offensive to Zionists like u.s. senators…


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Nothing, that's the deal: Nihl to middling vs. terrorUSt$' terrorism, inhumanity

Nihl to Middling vs. terrorUSt$' Terror, inhumanity

But for Tel Aviv and London, our terrorUSt$ bow to no one, to nothing,,  not the truth, not the health of Humanity,…


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National Fraud is our National Emergency

Finally, we have our very own King of Fraud in the highest elected office on Earth.  What a launch it has been, the greatest by any measure short of holocaUStic, so far.  The West deserves being led by such a boastful beast but Earth and possible future generations of humanity deserve far better.

Our trench-coated…


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Three Star u.s. General Flynn, fLying to phrYdumb

General Flynn is a homegrown clown of an excUSe for:

forgive US our sin$ and multi-tran$gre$$ion$.

If this guy doesn't do time behind bars, why should anyone?

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Whitewishing terrorUSt$' Crimes Against Humanity

What does that mean, "Whitewishing terrorUSt$' Crimes Against Humanity" ?

Well, for one, it means well before the u.s. dollar "$" sign, beginning in the Americas around 1492 to put it recent in terms of capitalistic predation on humanity.

This current all channels "bush1 going to heaven to hold hands with child and spouse" nationalist propaganda…


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Republic of Fraud

Republic of Fraud

Fraud is a state of mind.

today’s u.s. Americans as a whole some more elitelie than others are direct beneficiaries of an effectively omnipotent capitalist economy government defending a culture so highly tolerant to elitUSt$ fraud and trillion$ worth of weapons,…


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Brett Kavanaugh, groomed for justUS

What is justUS? One need only listen to its promoters and protectors to appreciate their weaponized words of distillations from the delusional myths infiltrating their intellect, poisoning their soul, rendering them tools of justUS:

justUS is not Justice, justUS is the absence of Justice.  

Lucky we are that one of the best u.s domestic venues to observe justUS in all its passion, vanity and shamelessly vile cultish glory is at a Trump or Cruz goppishTrump political…


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Lifeboat of naUSealAnd

Lifeboat of naUSealAnd, made in USA

In our sea of naUSea no-see we don’t have an abundance of navigators or even star gazers not blinded by the darkness of it all.

Afloat -lucky at least for that, could be submerged, sunk or sinking faster than we know- in this knowingly bottomless…


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Common Ground, Earth: our one and only

Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security

An open letter by Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, John Dean, Governor Bill Richardson, Walter Mosley, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame, and others. By …


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

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Remembering Julie Johnson

Posted by Julie Johnson on June 25, 2019 at 10:30pm 4 Comments

Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 7 Comments

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