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Need a reminder about fascist politicians in Israel?


 "[Palestinians] are beasts, they are not human"…


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Venezuela: terrorUSt$ must win, OR else

or else, terrorUSt$' "regime change"* investments and crimes against Humanity will continue. 


Venezuela’s Elections: Resurgent Chavismo and Unrecognized Democracy


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Trumpcare is $uper-wealth care, not health care

In one word, the term "Trumpcare" effectively describes what the Trump administration is

to more in the world than just United States' healthcare prospects following Trump's sabotage and repeal warfare on Obama Era's humanely evolving (ie, health care as a right, an entitlement*) U.S. healthcare provisions.

The term '"Trumpcare" is applicable to human conditions in the world that are becoming, if not already so,  terrorUSt wet-dreams realized in real…


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Fareed Zakaria, Trump Derrangement Syndrome and scurriloUS Reasoning

Still watching Fareed Zakaria cnn gps after he defended his defense of Trump's missile attack on scurriloUS reasoning.

At least David Frum and Antony Blinken are contributing some sound, non-terrorUSt reasoning to the terrorUSt-Korean peninsula branch of terrorUSt$' derangement syndrome insomuch as it's possible one can be in possession of non-terrorUSt$ reasoning without being of anti-terrorUSt persuasion.


"Instead of building a wall, he's running into one ... it's…


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the integrity deal

the integrity deal

Nations led by leaders without integrity are led by dealers, confidence men and the rare confidence woman, whose art in life is to con others into a deal, a morality deal. A deal wherein the best  —that is most successful in a material sense: independent of, without morality being an ingredient to the deal by the con of self-aggrandizing achievement—  to expected is an amoral deal, a deal wholly lacking personal integrity because that's the…


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Haka Against Big Oil

Haka Against Big Oil


Haka for Big Oil

Sometimes watching Trump the President at a podium is like watching his versions of haka; though, the exact opposite (like watching ice melt or freeze) is watching…


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Liars' Offense @realDonaldTrump


GOP $hit

Liars’ Offense

Liars like thieves cannot mount credible defense so they resort to offense to “defend” their offensively egregious acts against truth and the welfare of others, even as that includes the welfare of liars and…


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Rep. Nunes dragged back in Trump rabbit hole


.. Marius Hills is big enough to fit the White House completely inside. .

I wonder if Chairman Nunes knew he was targeted again a couple weeks ago by the rabbit…


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Feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, anti-fascism, class struggle songs and music


Víctor Lidio Jara Martínez


Feminism, Anti-Capitalism Are One Struggle: Chile’s Ana Tijoux…


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Our "Russians" are better than "Our Trump"

yes or no?

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Nations of Killers

The U.S. of A being a nation of, predominate culture of, unrepentent killers since its inception has no moral high ground from which to preach to Humanity as if it were God doing U.S. of A's killing, in which latter case the killing is forgiven by all Jews, Muslims and Christians,, their god is timelessly all-knowing, ever present and by definition does not err.

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Candidate Trump Surrenders His Computer and Passwords

Not really,, at least probably not until His Fraudulence has to eat his shit beginning after 8Nov votes start showing up to begin digging the grave for at least one wing of our national insanity.

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fascUSt$' Contract on America

Contract on (Kennedy) America

Contract on (Johnson) America

Contract on (Carter) America 

Contract on (Dukakis) America

Contract on (Clinton) America

Contract on (Gore) America

Contract on (Obama) America…


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Pick Your Anti-Christ(s): Clinton(s) or Trump(s)

Kids, it's that time again!

It's Armageddon Time!!

It's time to select your Anti-Christ:

Who do you want?

Candidate Clinton or Candidate Trump.

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Sexual Predators, lying justUS Thomas vs. lyin' pompoUS Trump

What's one difference between u.s. Supreme Court Republican Justice Thomas and u.s prejudicial Republican candidate Trump?

One's color. One is colored with pigment from the inside, one is pigmented from the outside.

Another difference is each's response to sexual allegations regarding each's history of professional improprieties when not as well social improprieties:

Thomas:  " These claims never happened."

 Trump:  " These events never happened."



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Kids' Issues

Last week I was responsible for helping in different periods of our school’s computer lab to guide several groups of third and fourth graders into the labyrinth of our presidential elections.  One of the tools at our disposal is a  website: …


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Saud Human Rites, War Crimes In Yemen


Letting Saudi Arabia "investigate" their own War Crimes in Yemen is like putting Jack the Ripper in charge of the murder squad  …


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Social Insecurity = broken Social Security

Social Insecurity is broken Social Security

Despite former president Clinton’s excellent campaign speech in Cincinnati today ^, Tuesday…


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A Most Asinine Excuse for An Excuse



Charlie Rose on pbs/charlie rose

re "...Obama admin proportional response to Russia's alleged attempt to hack political players and institutions and create skepticism about the presidential elections." 

and then on comes John Carlin, yesterday's undersecretary* of…


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Monday Question

Posted by Ron Powell on August 21, 2017 at 6:30am 10 Comments

Jerry Lewis passed away today

Posted by koshersalaami on August 20, 2017 at 3:21pm 6 Comments

The Nazi Next-Door

Posted by lorianne on August 20, 2017 at 12:00pm 17 Comments

Dick Gregory, American Critic

Posted by Ron Powell on August 20, 2017 at 6:00am 5 Comments

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