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Whitewishing terrorUSt$' Crimes Against Humanity

What does that mean, "Whitewishing terrorUSt$' Crimes Against Humanity" ?

Well, for one, it means well before the u.s. dollar "$" sign, beginning in the Americas around 1492 to put it recent in terms of capitalistic predation on humanity.

This current all channels "bush1 going to heaven to hold hands with child and spouse" nationalist propaganda…


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Republic of Fraud

Republic of Fraud

Fraud is a state of mind.

today’s u.s. Americans as a whole some more elitelie than others are direct beneficiaries of an effectively omnipotent capitalist economy government defending a culture so highly tolerant to elitUSt$ fraud and trillion$ worth of weapons,…


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Brett Kavanaugh, groomed for justUS

What is justUS? One need only listen to its promoters and protectors to appreciate their weaponized words of distillations from the delusional myths infiltrating their intellect, poisoning their soul, rendering them tools of justUS:

justUS is not Justice, justUS is the absence of Justice.  

Lucky we are that one of the best u.s domestic venues to observe justUS in all its passion, vanity and shamelessly vile cultish glory is at a Trump or Cruz goppishTrump political…


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Lifeboat of naUSealAnd

Lifeboat of naUSealAnd, made in USA

In our sea of naUSea no-see we don’t have an abundance of navigators or even star gazers not blinded by the darkness of it all.

Afloat -lucky at least for that, could be submerged, sunk or sinking faster than we know- in this knowingly bottomless…


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Common Ground, Earth: our one and only

Common Ground: For Secure Elections and True National Security

An open letter by Gloria Steinem, Noam Chomsky, John Dean, Governor Bill Richardson, Walter Mosley, Michael Moore, Valerie Plame, and others. By …


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Chemical Weapons: good thing terrorUSt$ don't use Periodic Table for Lethal Weapons

It is beyond ridiculous that  " 'The Greatest Nation in History' " has succumbed to a relatively peaceful, internationally and domesticated  national psychosUS, but,, so be it... is what it is.

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Zionism is an ideology; Naziism is an ideology; isRealHell is Zionaziism

 What is ideology?

a system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy.

synonyms: beliefs, ideas, ideals, principles, ethics, morals, ...

Naziism is an ideology 

Nazism, also spelled Naziism, in…


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corporatists’ shills, fake knews

corporatists’ whores$, fake new$

Our corporatists’ whores, Our fake news

the liberal pov and the anti-liberal pov took u.s. to war in iraq, keeps u.s. at war for USraeli interest$ (most definitely to include SaudUAE cabalUSt$) in effectively equal measure.

both were/are militant anti-communist, both are intoxicated with ziona…


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msnbc Rachel Maddow? Left-wing?

Rachel Maddow? Left -wing? Were there a true Left-wing, it would be profaneblasphemous to give her a free pass to ride shotgun like some sort of left-wing saint or temptress.

Case in point, TRMS citing The New Yorker's 'Christopher Steele, the Man Behing the Dossier':

...Russian interference in…


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Russians... evil?

Are Russians evil?

Are Russia/SU immigrants/" 'persecuted' jewry" to the religious(?) state of Israel still considered to be "Russians" ?

, like Israel-u.s. dual citizens are considered to be Americans …


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State of Dis Union 2018CE, commentary

Channel First of "Trump" terrorUSt$ lies and myths has yet to begin,, inviting amigoed commentary as entertainment "Trump" regresses US and rest of u.s., indeed Humanity into their future: doom

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Apology Avalanche

Increasingly it is becoming an absolute that President Trump cannot be gifted credit of any description; however, his learned moral character exemplifies irredeemable human and tribal, nationalist traits that make him the best candidate to lead a course for the living toward progressive serendipity that can support the scale of forgiveness which his personal and national apologies would require leading to any possible acceptance by those to whom…


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From Liddle to Big Bob Corker: kissing Trump's bottom behind closed doors

This:   Bob Corker's suspicious yes on the tax bill

It is hard  to say what is most damning about the process Republicans used to produce their $1.5 trillion overhaul of the tax code. Is it the suggestion by critics that a key…


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Vanity of youManity

But at least we living beasts have the best,, the best, the most expensive killing and destruction mechanisms yet conceivable and doable by and to huManity....

... no greater waste of Earth's treasures and gifts could be committed lest this planet and its moon are visited again by…


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Russia, Political Asylum in

Were i Herr Papadopoulos, Herr Manafort, Herr Gates even Herr Trump and Herr Pence -or a likely a couple dozen and more underlings and relatives- i'd be thinking about seeking asylum in Russia or elsewhere,, not i, but some might choose IsRealHell in Palestine.

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Conservative e$timates, pro-growth inequities


Multi-millionaire husband to Taiwan fortune heir, Addison Mitchell McConnell Jr. claims that in his  "…


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American Zionausea

AmericanZionazi blindfold$

Harvey Weinstein Urges Jews to Take on Anti-Semites: …


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Definition of Insanity:  Tom Cotton, Director of CIA

Definition of Insanity: Director of CIA; Mike Pompeo, Sec. of State

Insanity rules from the top will be proven unquestionably if cottonmouth snakes live on our desks' tops.

10 Horrifying Facts About GOP Senator Tom Cotton

One of the worst…


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Chaos Verses Fascism

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Can A Sitting President Be Indicted?

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Happy Chanukah (final night)

Posted by koshersalaami on December 9, 2018 at 8:33pm 6 Comments


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Playing Father Time

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Her Body

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The Mermaid

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Low Energy

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Master Of The Arts

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