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Chocolate Marbled Stucco Butterflies


  I have shared all the trials and tribulations involved in making these butterfly sculptures recently.  It has been a rough week.  I learned so much and went from a literal translation of Butterfly to an abstract portrayal of freedom and flight.  Today I could have put one more coat of stucco on the sculptures but when I saw…


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"Fringe" Blows My Mind

  I have followed this wild tv series for so many years that it seems part of me.  I love it.  The theme in these final episodes involves the alteration of the chemical bonds of CEMENT.  They can clear rubble in a specific area by just focusing on it with some machine and it disappears.   CONCRETE!!   I love the idea that time and space can be altered like that.

  We are so pompous to assume we know what this universe is…


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My Neighborhood Reminds Me of OS



   There was a crisis in this neighborhood in'o8 as the trailers stopped selling and many people could not pay the lot rent.  The management has been nice not to raise the rent for the last couple years.  It is $640 a month and utilities can up that to about $800.  I…


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The President and I do some ART

President Obama had just finished his first press conference for his next term.  I was all fired up to go out into the backyard and do what I had to do.  If he could jump in there and try to do his best to fix this mess then I could cement a few butterfly wings to some pedestals.  

     With his words of courage for leaning this country into the middle class I felt more secure that my art work does not have to be rich.  By that I…


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Red Flags

 Red Flags



     Wrong Astrological sign....





    Talks too much

    Sexy as Hell

   Lover of Crows




  Dangerous Roofer

  Too nice


    Lives by the beach

    Good with his hands.







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Good News Sunday



 There is good news even in the midst of bad news.  A grain of annoyance that changes the insides of an oyster and turns into a pearl. 

     We transform whether we want to or not.  Our puny human endeavors try to control the…


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Tears and Music Books

      The old man beckoned me over to his chair.  "What happened to Jan, red headed?"  I thought for a moment.  


       "She is the one we all liked so much.  Yes, she got worse and her husband couldn't take care of her at home anymore so she is in a nursing home."   


        Demenita patients can be…


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Good News Sunday Butterfly Reborn

My father made this wooden butterfly and put it on the outside of the house where he and my mother lived for the last thirty five years.  I had painted it once before as the weather took a toll on the paint.  We had it taken down so I could paint it again and this time I added a row of mirrors surrounded by black grout around the edge.

   My mother is so proud and…


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3 Halloween Stories

                                             Story One

                                       The Yellow Full Moon

     The sillouette of the dark trees emphasized the brightness of the full moon as it rose behind the Indian Reservation and illuminated the darkness.  Siouxana longed for light in her dark life but there seemed to be no end to the…


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I Walked a 1912 Suspension Bridge

   I was so proud that I was brave enough to cross this bridge.  There are many bridges in life and it sometimes is not easy to cross them because you begin to look down which is disorienting and scary.   Eventually I could let go of the ropes and relax enough to see the beautiful canyon that this bridge crosses.  There were many other people…


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My Two Sculptures


  I am happy to announce the birth of two new sculptures in my backyard.  I worked hard for two weeks creating these heavy items and I am so happy with them.  I want to tell the world just like a proud parent.

   I posted my two week diary in Open Salon …


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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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Old Soft Shoe (POEM)

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I saw one Mountain Lion

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A Measure of Intelligence

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