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Bob Dylan In My Life

  Phyllis wrote on FB that James Emmerling must have had something to do with Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.  I miss James's imaginative discussions with Dylan.  They were both genius. My ties with Dylan are more emotional; I got laid to "Lay, Lady. Lay". got divorced to the album "Time Out Of Mind", and got stoned to his music…


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                  The little witch cleaned and cleaned until the black mold was gone.  Then she looked up and saw more on the ceiling.   "It is hopeless", she thought.

                  She sat down to ponder it all and discovered someone had defiled her hero.  The man who inspired her most in the world was exposed as being just too damn…


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What a Tree!


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I am a MasterMuter!

                                            I pride myself on being able to mute advertisements.  I can calculate the four minutes that it usually takes for them to run and I flip thru other channels or just enjoy the silence.  I refuse to let that crap into my brain.  I have learned that the first one is usually not too bad as the ad agencies pay more…


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Bees and Almost Tears in the Parking Lot

                               A simple trip to the grocery store was not simple.  First I dropped my bag of garbage off at the Transfer Station and both dumpsters were overflowing.   That doesnt happen very often but today it was obvious that they just werent keeping up as the bags were all the way up to the top of the shoot and people were still…


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IRONMAN !!!!!!!!!! Kona, Hawaii 2016

        I want to report on every little detail.

        I was there the Friday before the big endurance marathon and watched the 2,800 contestants wheel their bikes out onto the dock for safe keeping.  It was amazing to be in the crowd jostled with the contestants right along with everyone else on the sidewalks.   The Ironmen had a certain energy about them that made me look twice.  They were focused.  The rest of us in the crowd were just looking…


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Autumn and Halloween

                                     The rooster crowed in the distance as the dark night faded into the crack of dawn.  Talya had thought she might not see another dawn.  She had swooned on her way to bed the night before, fearing that she might disintegrate into the blackness.  The medication had worn through and her pain had returned with a…


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                                                     I got nothing.

                                                     Seems kind of peaceful.





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Kicked Out of Kindergarten

                My daughter's friend's little boy got kicked out of kindergarten.  He was going to a Waldorf School and his big brother is in his last year there.  They only go to 8th grade.  So now this little boy is going to a public school and it sounds like he will be in a special ed program there.  It makes us all mad that the Waldorf School…


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   When I was in High School my father told me to take Russian for my language requirement.  He thought the USA and Russia would have to unite in a war with China.  That hasn't happened yet and I dont see it in the future.  I do see Russia stirring again tho and maybe we will have to unite with China to keep her in check.  Perhaps I should have studied…


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Christie Just Called Trump a Genius

              What a dither Trump is in!  I read a summary of his last speech and I think he is coming unglued.  However that is probably not true.  He and Hilary have both been accused of being robots!  They just go on and on and on.   The Saturday Night Live sketch of the two of them was worth staying up for.   That is the kind of genius I…


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Clouds Light as Air

                     Painting from photographs while looking at the clouds passing by can be a challenge.  Moving things are difficult to capture so a picture of something makes it easier sometimes and I combine two or three photos with real life so it isnt just a direct copy.  I am amazed at how fleeting clouds are.   They are always transforming, always…


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Miss Universe is Right. = Trump disrespected her.

                                Trump calls her the worst Miss Universe ever because of her attitude.  She apparently gained weight after winning and "they" were going to fire her but Trump stepped in with a plan to get her to slim down.  He used tough love and had the press come in to record her exercising.  She looks like she is doing it willingly…


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                   I went to the hot water pond to relax.  There were lots of other people doing the same thing.  …


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Me, At Sixteen

                 Oh my, yes.  My mom loved make up and my dad loved photography.   I was an only child and the three of us went around the world together.  I went on to go around the world by myself again.  It is certainly interesting to look at this picture.  My mom was disappointed in how I turned out, however I think she got a glimpse of…


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Too Much Trump

                  I want Trump's women to stand up and say, "enough".  I want someone to give this poor lady in the picture above ...who could be our next First Lady...a sandwich and a milkshake.  She needs to de-stress and understand that the ways she is trying to exist are not natural.  The whole idea of Trump is wrong.  The people around him are…


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The First Woman US President...It's about time!

            I concede that she is a little anal.  Her preparations were intense and her outlook is fierce.  That is what a woman has to do to get by in the male oriented mess.  She nailed it at the debates and the old cocaine sniffing Trump lost.  Bigly.  Im sick and tired of people moaning about Hillary.  She will be fine.  She is a powerhouse because she has…


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Painting While I Watch the Debate

   Im obsessed with this photo of a sunrise I saw from my deck.  For days I have been formulating a plan to capture this moment and put it on a canvas.  I finally went to Walmart and got a 12 by 16 canvas and a little white paint to beef up my arsenal.  I have assembled all my tools and am ready to paint.  My camera is not taking a charge so Im writing about…


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Saving an Orchid?

                   I thought something wasnt quite right about the purple on this vine.  As I got closer I saw it was an orchid in full bloom with a vine winding all around the blossoms.  I felt sorry for it and spent about ten minutes untangling the orchids on this fence post from the vine.  

                    I think of people in need now…


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About fifteen miles from my house is this dead end road that goes to the lava floes.  You have to hike the last three miles and I doubt I will ever do that.  I turned left and headed to the other dead end...Kalapana.  There the lava covered a fishing village about twenty years ago and people are saying that is the new Hawaii and not subject to USA…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

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Remembering Julie Johnson

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Open Our Salon For Good

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