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The Movie JOY and a Peanut Parfait

  I have ended the year with some good things and the movie JOY is one of them.  Jennifer Lawrence is magnificent as Joy, the lady who invented the self wringing mop.   Absolutely blew me away and is such an important real life story to tell.   Great cast!!!

I also ended the year with a Peanut Parfait. 

      $6.45 at the Orange julius here which…


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Understanding Republicans


    Today I talked to the billing lady at my Doc's office.  It was my first visit with him and I was after a simple visit that Medicare says I get for free every year.  He has only been taking Medicare patients for a few months and the bill had a $115 dollar charge on my "free" visit. 

   The empathetic insurance agent had tried to explain the charge…


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My Mother's Furniture


  My mother's furniture is stained,

   Sat upon and dusty.

   I scraped play dough off the sofa,

   water marks off the table, and

   mold off the end tables.

   Honoring the past

   Drifting into the future,

   What will I leave behind?

    A broken chair?

    Paintings in a…


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Eleven Turtles and Rainbow Fish Book Reading

    I saw them!  Just as I got to the pond the battery on my camera went out but I caught a few of them.  Resting.  Baby turtles and big ones...then one kid went down to touch them.  That is sad.  I didnt see that or I would have yelled at him.  I dont know how the turtles survive here in Hawaii...everyone wants a piece of them. 

   It was such a beautiful new…


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   We danced this morning.

   It was glorious.


   There were streamers

   Swinging around

   Now we are trying to take a break

   But someone is chattering.

   Look at me, look at me

   Like a right winger

   Addicted to applause

   Unable to sustain…


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Five Year old's Techy Presents

A smart watch that has video, photo capabilities.  twenty ways to tell time, a calculator.  twenty or so fun games and she has already mastered it all after one day.  Amazing.  Except she tells time...5 dot dot 14....

A robot dog that responds to fifteen voice commands.  Dance, sit, eat, bark  etc....amazing.  A little hard to control but cute when it…


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Educating Kids

  For Halloween we made monster parts and had some wild compositions on the big felt board in my daughter's classroom.  For the winter season we made gingerbread house parts and it was fun to see the creations that resulted.  So much creativity in her class of special education students.  She is such a good teacher.  I also took a big box to her class and they made it…


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Whoopie's New Book

  The name of Whoopie Goldberg's new book is...."If they say you complete!"  She has been promoting the book by talking about her own choice not to marry ever again and to just have flings where both people are free. strings attached. She believes people should be whole before they go into a relationship and not put these big commitments…


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Happy Winter Solstice!

   Squeezing through the winter tunnel on its smallest day is exhausting.  I feel claustrophobic and dark.  There is no escape from the reality of Winter unless you lose your mind.  Sometimes going beyond time and space is fun but in the end we are at the mercy of physical laws.  The shortest day of the year is here and from now on the light will be coming back.  That…


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Winter Dance


   I went to the Winter Dance Recital at the ninety year old Palace Theater to see Miss Five in her first stage performance.  She was so confident and loved it all.  It gave me a little bit of hope that humanity can do wonderful things.  Getting out and about, seeing all the bright costumes and happy dancers who worked so hard was good for me. 

 We all…


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  I have put the bait out...guaranteed to kill up to twelve mice.  The rat traps were more expensive just because they were larger but the man at the hardware store said if there were no kids, dogs or cats around I could just put the bait out by itself. 

The "cold" weather has brought the mice indoors here.  I have tried to block the holes and batten…


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Give Me One Good Thing...

     I am looking for one good thing.  Something I can hang on to when people pull the rug out from under my feet.  Don't tell me my family.  Family is just as difficult as it is joyful.   Don't tell me music as I like it silent so I can hear the lions creeping up behind me.   I don't want to hear about religion, Art or the purity of math.  There has to be something else I can hang on to as the world spins. 

    The one thing I thought about was AIR.  When I am sobbing I try to…


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Guinea Pig Hell?

   We had a hellish accident with one of the guinea pigs in my daughters classroom.  He escaped and had to spend the nite outside and in the morning when they found him he had been attacked by some animal and the janitors had to put him out of his misery.  That is real hell.

    Today I was looking at a home for the remaining guinea pig as we know he is lonely…


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Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue

            I just watched a movie with Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue.  I remember her from Beach Movies...this movie was different.  It showed the deep darkness of judging other people and took me back to the fifties....I dont want to go…


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Endless Roads in Paradise

  This is the second biggest subdivision in the country.  Hawaiian Paradise Park.  11,000 people live here but you would never know it as the jungle is all around protecting them from each other and softening the blow of that many people.  I drive around the roads endlessly lost and sometimes reach out to an event at the Activity Center.  Today I found the Saturday Swap Meet and I will be going there regularly from now on. 

   As the new resident to this vast neighborhood I am in awe…


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Liberal Bubble

               I know someone who is really smart and an old school Republican.  He seems to like the business ethics as a way to keep the world going in a prosperous way.  I dont' really like that.  I think the business way is cruel.  I want my taxes to go to caring for all of us and socialism isnt the horrible system that I was led to believe as a kid even…


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Argument Before Shootings

It may well be because a religious argument spurred the shooters to target the husband's workplace first. One of the victims killed was Nicholas Thalasinos, "was a Messianic Jew, which means he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, and a passionate defender of Israel. According to his wife, Jennifer Thalasinos, he was not shy about proselytizing, or criticizing Islam, even to Muslim co-worker Syed Rizwan Farook, who has been identified as one of the shooters."…


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Fire Ants


            Another threat in Paradise is fire ants.  They are very, very tiny and love peanut butter.  All over the Pacific they have taken up residence and torment people, practically closing down acres and acres of land.   A fellow told me…


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Trip to the Top of My World

     I can see this volcano from my deck and had tried one other time to go up there but realized half way that I didnt have enough gas and had to retreat.  So today was the day I decided to go all the way.   It was beautiful.  I didnt take the last miles past the visitor center tho.  They warn small children, old people and the infirm that it is not a road for the…


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Its My Birthday!!

   Techniquely I have a few more hours to go but I am feeling the vibes.  Heard from two old boyfriends and an ex already.   I am going to be 69!!!!!!

I'm feeling pretty good.… Continue

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