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The Handy Man Can

     My house is all clean

      I just need a handyman.

      Someone to clean my gutters,

      Unplug my pipes and rake some leaves.


     Someone able to work

     and not lay dying on the floor.

     We all are…


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Joni Mitchell......



I can feel myself dying sometimes.

Someone I know choked to death on Christmas.


I knew a man who shot a crow.

Now I know a man who is a crow.


I remember the sixties.



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I Rented My Back Room to a Man

   I am going to the airport Monday to pick up my new renter.  He is 68 and wants to get away from the snow in Michigan.   He has escaped here from the winter up there for the last three years and knows San Diego well.   I have talked to him extensively on the phone and skyped with him in his home up there in the cold north.

    He is part Chippewa, Danish, German and French.  So he is a big guy with a full beard and a missing…


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What I want you to know about my Second Life..


  I love to be Zanelle Aero in the world of Second Life on the internet.  I have a house and land where I can alter the environment in very creative ways.  I can dress however I want to and my avatar can be anything from a tiger to a little person to fat or another gender.

    It is not a fantasy world.  This kind of technical play is rampant in the world and very…


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There is a reason they are not telling me everything.

They know I would charge in there with fur flying

A mother bear protecting her young

Not with a gun but with a bull whip.

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Red and Green

   Walking along the road I started to notice the textures of the no parking zone. 



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Can you find it at the Mall?

That special zen moment.

In the midst of chaos

There can be a lull.

That is where IT is.

Overwhelmed? Wait a minute.

Hold it.  Hold…


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Sayings II - Plagarism?


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Christmas and the End of the World /Fiction Club

   "Oh What a pretty sparkle on that ball!"  One of the little hands reached out to try to touch it but a bigger hand held it back.

     "Be careful, that ball is very fragile.  It is the only one we have that sparkles red and green together and it only happens at this time on the timeline.  Don't touch it."

      "Ahh I can touch it if I want.  You can't tell me what to do.  Mommm!  Sylvia won't let me touch the sparkly ball on the tree."



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Poinsettia Symbolism

Named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, first United States ambassador to Mexico and the amateur botanist who introduced the plant to the U.S. in 1825, the poinsettia is also known as Mexican Flame Leaf, Winter Rose, Noche Buena and, in Turkey, Atakurk's Flower, because it was the favorite flower of Atakurk, the founder of modern Turkey.


While considered by the ancient Aztecs to be symbols of purity, in today's language of flowers, red, white or pink…


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Mentally Ill

   The motive for the killings has been suggested to be that Lanza was angry at the idea that his mother was trying to commit him involuntarily to an institution.  One of the clients where I work escaped yesterday.   I know a little bit about mental illness and institutions.

    I like to work in the trenches.  I have had brief encounters with clients who were difficult and violent.  The safety…


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Open Salon Content Bubble for Sale?

   Who the heck would buy Open Salon's stuff sitting on that server that they just put in?  No one.  If I was a screen writer and wanted to get an idea of what happened to Open over the years I would be interested.  I think it would make a fine movie. 

   I can see Salon making the deals with MGM right now.  However I can also see Salon going bankrupt and losing all control of that content.  I can see our bubble of words…


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Peace and Human Kindness

   Apparently America is becoming less religious and perhaps more spiritual.   The younger generation is not excited about going to church and they see the hypocrisy there.   I do not like the way organized religions get so powerful and vain that they cause and perpetuate wars.

   The primitive worship of nature only goes so far with me.  The raw ways of life and death are bloody and messy.   Trauma and terror are things I…


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98 and 94


                                  Remember when...


                       We walked in the hills together.…


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"Miracle" / OS Fiction Club



            Up on the roof top a noise woke me.  I sat up straight in bed and listened.  It sounded like someone was walking around up there.  I have had wild turkeys, cats and black birds on the roof but this sounded like human boots.  Heavy steps went from one end of the roof to the other and I was frozen with fear.  It did cross my mind briefly that it could be Santa Claus.  I wanted so much to believe…


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                  Defying gravity

                   for a little while longer

                   in the downward spiral



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Orgasmic Wave

                                                                         The rain was beating heavily

                                                                         on the window sill

                                                                         before the…


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The Man in Black - A good guy

   The man was tall and drove a big black truck.  From a distance I could see his long black jeans.  He was just pulling out of the parking lot as I was pulling in with my big silver truck.  I knew he saw me.

   I got out of the truck at the garden I was making and saw he had brought a bunch of new plants to the area.  I hadn't realized anyone else was working on the garden but me.  I could understand now why he was moving my…


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Lunch with the Creationists

     At a fancy restaurant where the average meal is fifteen dollars sixteen people came in to eat next to us.  We asked them where they were from and it was a town about an hour away. 

      "We came to see the museum."   We weren't sure what museum they were talking about.   Another lady came thru and we…


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