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So Much Going On!

       No prosecution of Hillary.  No mercy for the press.  No denial of the White Nationalists.  No denial of his million dollar investment in the company building the pipeline through Native Sacred lands....What a Thanksgiving!  

       The "transition" is waffling back and forth.  Romney or not...Ben Carson or not...A woman?... a black?  Who…


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Another Wave

This wave kind of knocked me down.   Maybe it is the blue splashes in the front.  I like it tho.  I like how it looks like a mountain.... powerful.

   I haven't been swimming in waves like this in a long time.  They are on the other side of the island.  I actually like that there are NO ROCKS in this painting.  

   I don't want to crash against…


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I only had my cheapo phone to record a picture of the waves today. It worked out just fine when I got back in front of the canvas. The cheapo camera was a good reference for the placement of the waves and the colors. I zoomed in on the composition I wanted and penciled it in Then I got to just relax and paint. The blues and greens are so incredible.



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Doing Ok

        Im listening to eulogies about Gwen Ifill.   What a wonderful lady!  What a legacy.  She never faked anything...detail oriented, professional and fun.  I enjoyed her company on PBS for many years.  She just looked trustworthy.  Beyond looks...she embodied what a true journalist is like.  She chose happy.  What a wonderful smile.  



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Last time I logged into my second life I was wearing about five different hair dos....It took awhile to click them all away and I ended up being a red head because I couldnt delete that one. Sometimes an alternate reality consists of just playing paperdoll however there are some serious times when your avatar becomes more real than you are.

We are seeing a…


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I was flying in my living room!

     I rose up from the sofa and tipped over slightly.  My feet came off the floor and I was thrilled at the feeling.  I straightened up a little and realized I could control the movement upwards if I wanted to.  I inched out over the sofa and headed above the dining room table.  I was flying!!

    I took a turn around the kitchen, feeling the…


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Exploding Rocks

I tried to post about my Exploding Rocks series but it was lost in the big crack as Ning reorganized....Wow, the world is spinning so fast!

NC gave me the great idea to explode the rocks in my beach scenes. Never mind exploding the waves....altho I do claim to be able to explode anything.…


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Liberal Split Amour

I lost a cyberlover to Politics.

He said he didnt like Hillary,,,

I lost a real life lover to Politics.

He said he didnt like Hillary and he

was also in love with someone else.

Politics divide. Fear makes us wary.

I don't like the security police.

It is not easy to riot in the streets.

Come home.

Human beings are…


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testing testing

I know things are wonky lately.....blame it on the full moon that is driving me crazy!!…


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                         Well, it had to happen.  I had two little 11 by 14 canvases crying for some paint and yesterday I finally delivered.  I have to be in the right "mood".  I can't just crank out these explosion paintings.  They have to come from emotion which is sometimes so depressed it is impotent and sometimes so agitated it is whacked out.…


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                   The rape of a teenage girl in the nineties at the big parties Epstein and Trump used to throw has been the cause of a potential trial for our President Elect.  It has been put off, refiled and is still current but it is so far in the past it will probably get thrown out.  Bill Clinton was at those parties too and on the famous orgy…


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USA/Russia in War with China

                   My wise Dad used to say...."Study Russian, Suzie, because in the future there will be a war between China and Russia/USA."   Trump said in his campaign..."Wouldn't it be nice to be friends with Russia?"  A skeptic today said that Trump will have a difficult time dealing with China on trade.  Trade Wars....great.



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                    I do not have xenophobia.  Actually the idea of change with strangers milling about and new ideas excites me.  I have made a point of getting away from the 1950's xenophobia because it was suffocating me.  I was a good Hippy chick and went my own way around the world, hitchhiking through areas that are now war zones.  I loved it…


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Throwing Up

My oldest daughter threw up violently in the middle of the night after we had finally settled down from watching Trump's landslide. She had loved Bernie and did not want Trump. She and I went together to vote for Hillary. I could feel the pain of my generation's failures passing on to her and then on to her little girl who was sad that Hillary lost too. "Why didn't…


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The Last Day of the Election!!!!!!!

                     Are we going to have withdrawal symptoms from all this excitement?  Will we miss tuning in to see the latest Donald Trump travesty?  Will people ever stop hating Hillary?  I'm going to miss all the drama and high emotions.  Ordinary life will be back to boring and the trouble makers will fade into the background tending to the…


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Back from Around the Island

This was the sunset from 3000 ft up at my daughter's cabin. The shadows of the clouds on the golden water made it all surreal.

Then the sunrise this morning in a clear sky that was so vibrant and beautiful. Yesterday I spent lots of time…


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                         Such a pretty vine.  Reminds me of the Winter season coming up and here I am in the tropics missing it.   Oh, there is a little snow up on the volcano and there are some cool nights where we need a blanket.. but on the whole, Hawaii is just one beautiful day after another and then it rains and then it is perfect again.  boring.…


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Let's go look over the bridge!

   "No."  says Miss Kindergartener.   

   "Oh, come on" says Grandma.

   So we did.

             "I've been swimming down there."

             "With your dad?"  



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Ghost Plants

   These plants are all over my yard.  They look just the same as another plant but this one is special because when you wave your hand over disappears.  I really dont care about the official name for them.. I call them 'ghost plants'.  

   I have a new little tree too and I am amazed to see that it goes to sleep in the evening…


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                     What a strange color washing down the river and over the falls this week! I think there is a saying about not polluting upstream because whatever you do there will wash down to the lower levels.  We will be seeing the effects of this election for a long time and it isn't pretty.  However there are moments of hope we can hold on…


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