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3D Printer Magic

  A friend of mine in Tennessee is excited about using his 3D printer.  It has been interesting to see all the things he can produce.  He is a computer whiz and an artist so his experiments are very creative and accurate.  Here are a few things he has made.

      He used some glow in the dark plastic for this…


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Snuggling by the Fire in my Second Life

Lately I have been in a winter mode where I just want to get a nice soft blanket and lay on some comfy pillows in front of a roaring fire while snow falls outside.  In real life I am Southern California where it is eternally sunny and I miss the winter daze.

   So I created this cozy scenario in my Second Life…


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Capturing the Full Moon

  There is no use taking a photo of the moon as it peeks over the treetops at dusk in all its full moon glory.  The photos always come out like little white dots on a black page.  You need a fancy camera.  Oh, that isn't true.  I have taken many photos of the moon with my crumby little camera and every once in awhile I get a good one.  I just went out and took these three interesting shots out of twelve bad ones.…


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The Courage to Try an Art Installation

   I am going to take some of my sculptures over to the local brewery and install them in their beer garden.  I have been having a series of dark moments when I think I do not want to do this.  I could pull out at any moment but it is a proverbial door opening and I am determined at this moment that I will walk through.  I just got an email from the brewmaster saying he set up a tab for me to drink beer while I…


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"The Story of Pi"...transformative storytelling

    Someone described the success of the movie and book called the "Story of Pi" as transformative.  It did not make me believe in God as it promised but I did enjoy the story and it has stuck with me for days after I saw the movie just like the book stays with me too.

   Pulling up a chair next to someone and listening to their stories is fun. We listen to my mother's stories over and over of her…


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I Played Cupid and Lost

    Still trying to figure out what went wrong.  I had met a fellow on the internet and had a nice coffee with him and a good walk.  Then he showed me pictures of his art work and I told him to come out to my house and see my stuff.  We fooled around a little but no sex and then we both got busy with projects and I lived far way from him up here in the hills.  


    I decided to introduce…


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                                                                    The Doors  

                                                                    The Doors…


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Eating Disorders

"There's going to be a good show on 'Katie' this afternoon at four."   My mom called specifically to tell me about this special on eating disorders.  She has done this many times before and it is annoying.  She and I have been entwined with food issues since I was a young girl.  I can also see it going back to when she was a kid.


    She grew up as a country girl in Indiana and one of…


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Run Away, Turkey!

   He loved the turkeys.   "Wake up!  There are turkeys in the street right out in front of our yard!"  His girlfriend was so excited the first day they saw the turkeys trotting past their new house.  Together they watched them come every day for their walk around the park.  At night they watched them them roost high in the trees down by the creek. …


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Laying down flat on the floor and thoughts about sex..

  We had our big Thanksgiving lunch at the Adult Day Center yesterday.  One fellow ended up on the floor and we scooped him up in  a wheelchair and the nurses took his blood pressure etc.  Pretty soon he was back in the swing of things.  His health is poor and it could have been he got weak and slumped down.  However many are wondering if this is just his new way of getting attention.  "Crying wolf" is not a good way to behave because when something bad really is…


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Chocolate Marbled Stucco Butterflies


  I have shared all the trials and tribulations involved in making these butterfly sculptures recently.  It has been a rough week.  I learned so much and went from a literal translation of Butterfly to an abstract portrayal of freedom and flight.  Today I could have put one more coat of stucco on the sculptures but when I saw…


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"Fringe" Blows My Mind

  I have followed this wild tv series for so many years that it seems part of me.  I love it.  The theme in these final episodes involves the alteration of the chemical bonds of CEMENT.  They can clear rubble in a specific area by just focusing on it with some machine and it disappears.   CONCRETE!!   I love the idea that time and space can be altered like that.

  We are so pompous to assume we know what this universe is…


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My Neighborhood Reminds Me of OS



   There was a crisis in this neighborhood in'o8 as the trailers stopped selling and many people could not pay the lot rent.  The management has been nice not to raise the rent for the last couple years.  It is $640 a month and utilities can up that to about $800.  I…


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The President and I do some ART

President Obama had just finished his first press conference for his next term.  I was all fired up to go out into the backyard and do what I had to do.  If he could jump in there and try to do his best to fix this mess then I could cement a few butterfly wings to some pedestals.  

     With his words of courage for leaning this country into the middle class I felt more secure that my art work does not have to be rich.  By that I…


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Red Flags

 Red Flags



     Wrong Astrological sign....





    Talks too much

    Sexy as Hell

   Lover of Crows




  Dangerous Roofer

  Too nice


    Lives by the beach

    Good with his hands.







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Good News Sunday



 There is good news even in the midst of bad news.  A grain of annoyance that changes the insides of an oyster and turns into a pearl. 

     We transform whether we want to or not.  Our puny human endeavors try to control the…


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Tears and Music Books

      The old man beckoned me over to his chair.  "What happened to Jan, red headed?"  I thought for a moment.  


       "She is the one we all liked so much.  Yes, she got worse and her husband couldn't take care of her at home anymore so she is in a nursing home."   


        Demenita patients can be…


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Good News Sunday Butterfly Reborn

My father made this wooden butterfly and put it on the outside of the house where he and my mother lived for the last thirty five years.  I had painted it once before as the weather took a toll on the paint.  We had it taken down so I could paint it again and this time I added a row of mirrors surrounded by black grout around the edge.

   My mother is so proud and…


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