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Transcending Reality

Oh my, I found another artist to adore. Paul Delvaux. Something about the French…


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Happy Halloween!!

                  Well, here we are at Halloween.  There was a time when my childhood friend, Linda, and I went all over the neighborhood as teenagers and scored a big bag of candy each.  I have vivid memories of laying in someone's backyard completely stuffed with sugary treats.  

                  I took my small daughters to the fanciest…


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                       In the rain the zoo was a grand jungle experience.  I had a big umbrella and there were fifteen kids.  That was just in the kindergarten group.   I like seeing the pictures of all the things the kids saw.  It was quite a romp and no one got attacked by the tigers altho I could feel their power.…


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Another Good Book

                      One nice thing about being retired is that I have time to read.  I got this little paperback book at the Pahoa Second Hand Bookstore and paid four dollars for it.  Four!  I read it a long time ago but couldn't quite remember why I loved it.  Reading it again has been worth the four bucks because it is such a well written book in…


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Halloween Monsters

           Im heading up to the school today to volunteer in my daughtere's special ed class.  She sure is good at what she does.  Her dream has always been to have a children's museum where kids can be creative.  She has a little gym set up too where they can go to stations and get their jumping done before they settle down to read.  She usually has a…


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Worth Framing


                                       Framing.  Boundaries  Definition,   Put it in a box.

                                       Anything looks better in a frame.



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Im Old - I Can Do What I Want!

                 I took the above photo laying on the grass and bending over backwards.  

                 Woo Hoo!  I am getting the hang of this being OLD stuff.  I can do what I want.  I got a very empowering feeling today that it really doesnt matter what anyone else thinks of me.  My kids know all to well who I am and I am the only one who can…


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A Fight to the Death

              Im listening to the Charlie Rose report on what is happening inside Mosul.  ISIL seems to be returning in suicide missions to slaughter the people celebrating their ousting.  They are coming in to cut off the heads of people who betrayed them.   The city of Mosul is densely packed and the fighting is only going to get worse.  Air strikes…


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My Art Walk Through Life


       A simple big leaf catches my eye and then I see there are so many big leaves all squeezing in to the same area and yet managing to share the sunlight.  I try to capture them all.  I see the light, color and shapes all at once.  My mind enjoys deconstructing what I am seeing and going deeper.

           Cropping, enhancing and moving quickly I scan my…


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Is Your Life EPIC?

                      I just finished my Anne Rice Witch Novel and my head is spinning.  The Mayfair Witches are an epic line of generations of amazement.  The things that go on in their lives blow my mind.  I loved her novel The Witching Hour and the epic tale seems to have no end. ....  or beginning for that matter.  How long have good and evil been…


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Christie Knew...

            Of course, Christie knew.  I figured that out a long time ago.  Now his top aide, Ms. Kelly, just threw him under the bus by testifying that he knew.  She told him there was going to be a study done on the bridge traffic and it might lead to some traffic problems....ok.   Did he know the study was in response to the non support from the…


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                This was my day at the school where my daughter teaches special ed.  She had four kids when the fire drills started.   They all gathered outside for the fire one.   Then they hid under their desks for the earthquake drill, and then they hid out of sight for the LOCK DOWN drill.

                We never had LOCK DOWN drills when I…


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I Now Know Where the Nude Beach Is....

                   I had heard of this place but today I found out exactly where it is and I prowled around.  I don't know if I would ever have the courage to go down that little trail along the cliffs to the rocky black sand.   …


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Dark Times?

                              A Donald Trump supporter scared me with his white skin and dark lips.  He said Trump was a dark candidate for Dark Times.  Apocalyptic.  Another supporter said that Trump was sent by God to help us through these dark times.

                             Are we in Dark Times?  Seems like it is the same old stuff. You…


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Love, Angst and Art

    Oh  The pain and glory.  When a great work of art is exposed to the world we are given a slice of love   People want to look at it, absorbing all the vibrations.  For really great art there has to be some angst.  I don't want art that is just pretty.  I want the power of an image that captures our hearts, minds and souls because it…


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The Golden Age

                            This is the inevitable; a palm frond is born, grows bigger, turns bright yellow, then brown and falls to the ground.  I have tended to hundreds of palm funerals in my yard and the thrill is gone.  i used to march right out to the tree and pick up the dead leaf, reverently dragging it over to the edge of the grass where there…


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Beach Walk


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I was groped twice as a teenager.

                    My mother and I were on a Navy cruiser in the early sixties.  It took four days to get to Manila on the ship two days on land and four days back.  My dad liked the peace and quiet at our home on Guam so Mom and I took this little trip quite a few times.  We ate at fancy tables in the ship dining room and that is where I met the…


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Bob Dylan In My Life

  Phyllis wrote on FB that James Emmerling must have had something to do with Bob Dylan getting the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature.  I miss James's imaginative discussions with Dylan.  They were both genius. My ties with Dylan are more emotional; I got laid to "Lay, Lady. Lay". got divorced to the album "Time Out Of Mind", and got stoned to his music…


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                  The little witch cleaned and cleaned until the black mold was gone.  Then she looked up and saw more on the ceiling.   "It is hopeless", she thought.

                  She sat down to ponder it all and discovered someone had defiled her hero.  The man who inspired her most in the world was exposed as being just too damn…


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Leaving the Purple House

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As Luck Would Have It

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PreOP Poem

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Fear of Being Sentimental

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Road Trip to Thunder Bay Postponed

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Kept the Memory

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Cutting Edge Not Vertical

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