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Halloween Extravaganza


   The Enhanced people were putting on a show for the Decayed ones.  The Decays didn't have all their parts in order, like new hearts or a mouth full of implants but they enjoyed a good show just like anyone.  The Enhances knew they had special privileges because of their wealth and they looked good in the Extravaganza Shows.  The one with a Halloween theme was…


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Halloween Romance Execution

    It started out quite nicely in an online search for love.  He was tall and had enough money to feed himself which are the basic criteria for admission.  The romance progressed through emails which were sweet and smart.  Kisses and hugs were exchanged in the…


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    Drifting along in the…


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Almosta Ranch Tears


          I had tears in my eyes reading about Mel's death at Almosta Ranch this morning.  She went quickly in her recliner surrounded by her little animals after fighting cancer and heart disease this last year.  I remember David's poignant writings about the…


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  Petunia's dad has been in the hospital all week with Pancreatitis.  What a Halloween disease!  The pain is horrible so he is on a morphine drip and he cant eat or drink so there are tubes for that plus some oxygen.  Apparently his pancreas is inflamed and the…


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The Rainbow Falls' Rainbow


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Be in the Moment, Halloween Style




Sylvia walked into the kitchen measuring her steps. "Speed it up, Dear. I haven't got all day!" her husband yelled but he knew it was fruitless. Sylvia was on the path to inner peace and living in the moment. She usually moved at a snails pace.

Sometimes she went fast. Eckhart Tolle probably would advise that if you are going to run then run…


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Halloweeny Valentine from Nigeria

   Mombai was tired.  His work at the cybercafé in a small part of a big city in Nigeria was interesting but his overlord was brutal.  He was told who to write to and constantly monitored to see that is lines were producing fish.  The "fish" were American women who had put ads on Craigslist and his job was to get money from them. 

   Mombai's father had recently passed…


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Halloween Storm at the End of the Universe

     Log Date October 16, 2015

           I really shouldn't be writing this now as there is a real danger the lightning could come through these keys and fry my brain.  But as Captain of this ship that has crash landed in the trees while exploring this far away planet I feel it is my duty to leave a record as this might be the end of the…


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The Halloween Puzzle

        The air crackled with excitement as…


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A Girl Could be President?!"

   Miss Five was not interested in the snippets of the Democratic debate that her mom and I were trying to watch.  She was sabotaging our watching at every turn however she stopped in front of the screen long enough for me to ask her if she knew who…


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Agenda 21

   I have an old friend who always tests my patience with current events.  This latest rant of his about Agenda 21 has me befuddled   It actually doesn't sound so bad to me but he thinks it is terrible.  His slant on the situation is here.



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My Daughter and Granddaughter are Here and the Daddy is not.


  I usually don't write about personal…


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Why I delete Art James Comments

      I think Art might have the Hawaiian way the same way this bulletin board does.  It just doesn't make sense and I wish it did.  It seems the easy going bunch here doesn't really care that this board is bedraggled.  It is beautiful in its own way just as an…


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Rat Lung Worm

   Apparently you don't know if you have it until the nerves are affected and you start to stroke out with brain damage as the parasites…


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I've Lost My Touch

       I have an HP computer which reminds me of Fiorina and makes me even more disgusted that I have lost my touch on this thing.  I bought it on sale at Walmart so what can I expect.  The touch screen was so miraculous at first and I got totally addicted.  I…


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Where is the darkness, the light and that grey area in between?


   Standing on the porch symbolized the light and entering the living room represented the dark.  My daughter walked through the door illustrating how…


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Guinea Pigs

  The guinea pigs are downstairs now.  My daughter has them in her classroom and needed a place for them to stay while school is out for a week.  Fall break.  So many breaks.  Teacher unions are on many Republican cancel lists and sometimes I wonder if they…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 26, 2019 at 10:01am 1 Comment

Remembering Julie Johnson

Posted by Julie Johnson on June 25, 2019 at 10:30pm 4 Comments

Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 7 Comments

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