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Imagine There Are No Borders

  Imagine if you can.  A world that lives in peace.  However, listening to Trump's Immigration speech I can see that walls and order can mean survival.   I get confused and that might be because I smoked a little pot before listening to Trump.  

  His new campaign team is really polishing him up.  That trip to Mexico was a photo op and then to…


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Hurricane Madeline Arrives Today

      Here we go again.  Hurricane season has arrived with a double whammy.  I remember last year when I had just moved into my cabin and my daughter says her cel phone would be out being replaced for a couple days so good luck with the hurricane.   I get it now.  Im pretty blaise about them and smiled at the frantic shoppers in the grocery store…


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Doing the Work

                  Doing the Work according to Byron Katie means taking a statement and applying four questions to it.   I was going to choose...."Religion is a fairy tale".   I dont know what my intent is tho since it isnt really something I wonder about.  Maybe Ill choose something more personal.   How about..."I am overwhelmed."  or "My house is a…


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Naked and Not Afraid

       There is a sign in someone's driveway in Oceanview, Hawaii that says..."Naked and Unafraid".   It is a spin on the title of a reality tv show called "Naked and Afraid" where humans try to take a forty day challenge in some of the harshest environments on the planet and survive.  There is no big cash prize..just the knowledge that you survived.…


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There was a Cultural…


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Lapauhoehoe Point on the Big Island was where a Tsunami in 1946 leveled a small village and school there.   Many people were killed.  The water went way out and people were curious about what the low tide revealed so they went out to explore.   Then a big wave suddenly appeared and the people were drowned.   My granddaughter is fascinated with this story.…


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                            If I go insane it will be because of all the creepy stuff in the universe.  There is a definite scare factor that lurks just below the surface of everything and here in the jungle of Hawaii I get a jolt of what that means frequently.  I have taken to screaming when startled by a moving leaf, thinking that it is a flying…


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I sold a Palm Tree!



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Second Life


                           Well, I still love my Second Life.  I can escape this callous place and be myself there with no worries about anything as I fly around a universe that is creative, sensual and fun.   I am Zanelle Aero there.   I almost disappeared into this world about ten years ago.  It got so the the textures and visuals of the Second Life…


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                             In the Kona heat my daughter set up her booth outside her gallery.  I tried to help but I am pretty useless in humid conditions.  Mostly I just sat and stared at all the fat cat tourists and odd ball characters who…


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                     You just have to ride the waves.  You have to or they will topple you.  They are endless and relentless but there is power in that give and take.  Just like things are added as the moon gets full and…


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           I really dont like coffee.  I almost hate it.  What I dont like it the addicting quality of it and the jitters.  Do people drink it for the rush or the taste or out of habit?  I dont get it.

           I have had the best coffee in the world here in Hawaii and it leaves me cold.  Yuck.  Black liquid.  I can put lots of sugar and cream…


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Nude Statue of Donald

                                   Im sure you saw it.  A plastic statue of a nude Donald Trump!!

                                   People gathered around and took photos.  Peacefully.


                                   Im sure you realized it was a parody of the Emperor has no clothes!



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Good Bye Larry Wilmore

              When the Colbert Show and the Daily Show ended I was sad.  However I was happy to see Trevor North do so well replacing John Stewart.   I worried about Larry replacing the Colbert time slot.  He just didnt have the charisma or the funny but he had hubris and I am going to miss his honest perspective.

               He will be doing…


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School Daze

   I did the First Felt Board of the year today at my daughter's school.   The kids will attack it tomorrow and change everything.   Today it was ignored by the teacher's kids who play after school....they liked it a little  bit but were way too busy rolling down hills and playing post office.  

   My daughter has a little post office set up in…


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Moral Decay

       Im not sure if things are getting worse or better.  I watched a riveting report on Sixty Minutes about a Catholic Priest who has worked for the last fifteen years to find and record all the mass graves of Jews and Gypsies who were shot by the Nazis in WWII.   In broad  daylight they were taken to places outside small towns and shot so they fell…


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Sunday Sunrise

                                I am always so relieved to see the sunrise.  I peek out from the darkness of my dreams and if there is a faint glimmer of light I know I made it through the gauntlet.  The witching hour between two am and five am can catch a person but it didnt get me last night.  I slept straight through.  I feel like an Olympic sprinter.  I…


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Invasive Species

     This beautiful Ginger plant is apparently INVASIVE and threatens to take over the volcano national park so they are trying to eradicate it.  Isn't everything invasive?   Taking over is what plants do and when they are too good at it they get a bad rap.  However the plants think they are doing the right thing by surviving and thriving.



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Trump signs

Trump signs are disappearing.  Hillary signs are not.  That is the message from this CNN video showing people stealing Trump signs in neighborhoods.   Doesnt it seem that this election is pitting people against each other who live right next door?  That is always worrisome as fighting is just around the corner if either candidate wins.



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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

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Remembering Julie Johnson

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Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 7 Comments

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