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                  Last week a fellow drove into the driveway and asked if we wanted to sell some of our palm trees.  My daughter said "No!"  but it is my house and I asked him "How much?"

                   "Let me measure them." he said, coming back with a quote of $300 for the almost twenty footer and $250 for the…


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Werner Herzog

I just learned of this man and his work.  This page spells out what he has done with film and tells about a new movie about the Internet that sounds incredibly interesting.…


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We Can Never Rest Easy


                         Someone posted on fb that they were waiting till Nov 5 when the election was all over and he could rest easy.  I commented that "You can never rest easy." Who do you trust?  No one   I am even wondering about Bernie and how he came to run against Hillary.  Is his influence in the election going to tip it to Trump?  Was it a plan by the…


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How Rigged Was It?

  Nina Turner was going to second the nomination of Bernie Sanders at the Convention but she was barred from the stage.  Susan Sarandon and other celebrities stormed the media tent protesting this action.  No one really knows why Nina wasnt allowed to speak as she hadnt submitted any written plan that was offensive.  Another big mystery pointing to censorship…


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                            I love this photo.  The green inside the nest is super soft fuzz and it would have made such a nice birth place for a little bird but it was destroyed and on the ground with a half egg shell near by.  Made me sad to think that life is so brutal to take a little bird from the nest.  Apparently some one had a nice…


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                           There is always hope.  Go further into the fray and you will find some measure of good that could still work even tho the perfection of a moment wears thin.   

                            We had fun yesterday with Miss Five talking about Booing.  So rude and yet so satisfying.  We were booing around here alot yesterday…


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Kid Time/Adult Time

  Dawn of a new day, up since five, kids are back so my adult time is over and I made the most of it.  I do love my time alone to sort out life and figure out who I am.....

  My daughter starts back to teaching this week and the grandkid goes next week to kindergarten.  The big K.  She is so smart and learning to read which is amazing.  Her mom…


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Off to the Market


                         It is Sunday morning and I won't be going to church.  I thought of going to the Unitarian bunch here or maybe checking out the Baptists...not!  I wont be doing either of those things.  Instead I will be going to the farmer's markets.   We have one big one here in Hawaiian Paradise Park.  I am used to all the booths now and it…


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Sex and Hurricanes

   I got it good

   Totally blown away

    We can go down 

    and still thrive

    Take a good pounding

    You waves

    A viking did me in

    Life is about power

    and kindness

    Even in gale force winds.…


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Election Gif

Oh my,  this bristles with me to see Trump and his sleazy ways and yet it seems a perfectly natural gesture on his part.  His daughter only seems to pull away...I think she was already done with their talk and her introduction.  Im sure she knows about his roman hands.......and such small pathetic hands they are.....scandal is not far away of some sort.   

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Always Hope

Seems like it is getting more difficult to find something new to explore on this island but I found a pretty extension to…


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Trump's Kids/My Kids

                             I have heard that Trump's kids have a great deal of influence on what he is doing.  I think this must be heady stuff for his daughter to introduce him tonight as the RNC nomination as the President of the United States.   I cant imagine my kids having that much confidence in me.  I taught them to question everything, even me and…


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Back to the Future..


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Growing Up Sensually

Im sorry to say that the sexiest people I have known have all ended up bitter and alone.  sigh.  The ones who gave up sex or never had it seem to last in relationships and be more stable until the end.  Is this a pattern?  I know that growing up means you put away childish things and maybe sex is one of them.  I hope not.

I know a forty year old fellow who…


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Robot Pets


At our house we have robot pets.  Some sit silent for lack of batteries but some are used frequently to entertain Miss Five.  Today I found the perfect robot pet bird at Walmart.  It was marked down from fifty five dollars to fifteen and it is genius.

  The bird is beautiful and has a perch, mirror and cart that it can sit in and propel across the room.  He…


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Big Corporations vs Mom and Pop


            It is getting hot and humid here in Hawaii.  My air conditioning on the car went out about six months ago and I was doing fine by just opening the windows but something had to give today as it was blowing hot air on me.  

            I had been to Firestone here and liked how the signs said they believed in old fashioned integrity.…


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President Pence


               I think it is the way with Presidential picks for Vice President that I have never heard of them before.  Pence is a darling of the Koch brothers so that explains why Trump picked him.  He wants some of that Koch money.  So simple.  I shudder at the way things are going but I think there is a big movement afoot to see Trump fail and then have this…


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Life is but a dream...

                                 Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily....


                                 Is happiness a choice?  How many times do you get knocked down by waves and have to get back up and realize you are alone in this world and you must make the best of it?   When people tell you who they are believe them and give them wide…


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Back From the Other Side


                              As I went over the top of the first volcano on my way to the other side of this island I decided to pull into the visitor center.   I have a free pass till I die, Hawaii is nice to old people.  So I enjoyed seeing all the tourists...a big group of Japanese people and people from all over the world.  Lots of steam with not much…


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Missing People

                        I spend most of my time with my head in the clouds so when I do go out into an area where there are people I am usually repelled by their ugliness.  Yearning for the pure beauty of space I stay close to the sky, marveling at how the plants climb on top of each other to reach the sun.   The organic world teems with greed and misery,…


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