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Beginnings and Endings

I took my booth down at the Marketplace.  I snuck in there last night and took out most of the art when no one was there.  But just as the sun was setting the manager came back.  I don't think he saw me.  He lives in a little trailer behind the log cabin.  He seems troubled to me.  I don't know his story but he is in a fog.  I am too. 

  This morning early I went there to get the last of the poles and the roof.  He saw me and…


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If you need me I am in the backyard reading.


    There are three books calling for my attention.  This first one is the Eleventh Insight in the Celestine Prophecy series "The Secret of Shambhala".  It takes place in Tibet and tries to guide humans away from fear and anger toward a more peaceful, intelligent community.  I love the action in the book as things crumble and explode and transform into new beginnings with…


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Is Death like Second Life?

    I am not sure what reality is.   Accepting death is terrifying and yet intriguing too.  I thought of Sirenita today as I flew around the internet site called Second Life.   There is a peace there and an ability to transform.  I would wish that we have that too with this earthly death.  I don't know.  I think Sirenita is incredibly brave and graceful on her journey and I…


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  The dark clouds were rolling in and the thunder rumbled in the distance.  My little granddaughter's eyes got big and round.  She was afraid at first but then got very interested in this new phenomena.  What an amazing world we live in.

   Then the building pressure mounted as we made a mad dash to Great Grandma's house for a quick visit before my granddaughter's daddy's father got into town.  We debated whether or not to…


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Art Attack


    I realized there was something different about this fellow when he stood so still and straight in the garden.  He was looking at me.  There was something mesmerizing about his wild colors.  I got closer.



  I tried to make friends in spite of his fierce beak.  He looked friendly enough.  He seemed to like me but I wasn't sure.


  Hey, little guy.  Coochie coochie…


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Scarlet Red Bugs

   I was amazed at the color of these bugs and how rapidly they have infiltrated the lower field here.  Ticks?!  I don't think so.  But when I got the photos back I was amazed at the tiny patterns on their backs.  What use do these patterns have?  Marks of intelligence I think.



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My Two Geminis

   There seems to be a cosmic battle going on for my soul and yet at the same time it is just a couple guys from Craigslist.   I seem to be attracting Geminis lately which is the astrological sign of my departed father.   I get great comfort and pleasure from these two fellows but I have to keep them at a distance too.

    One is young.  Forty one.  Black and Sexy as can be.  We have been seeing each other since my boyfriend died three years ago.  He comes to my rescue and I rescue…


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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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Old Soft Shoe (POEM)

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I saw one Mountain Lion

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