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Lost in the Void

Well the mosaic mural behind the bathtub is done except for the hazy area in the void.  When i realized I wouldnt have enough grout to finish the middle of the void I was mad.  But I realized that having it right there in the middle was ok.   Maybe I would put white grout in there and call it mist.  I am eternally creative.  Everything I do can be done in…


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My Palms


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                                     Frolicking.  Young girls and surfboards mesmerized me as I sat by the water.  They were…


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Grandmas Take to the Campaign Trail

                         Campaign speeches are so goofy.  A series of sound bites that have been heard over and over until it is annoying.  I can't imagine having to give speeches day after day.  However I am really loving Elizabeth Warren's speeches.  She and Hillary are taking to the campaign trail, holding hands and skipping together onto the stages of America.…


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New Camera

       My old camera is terrible but it is small and goes with me everywhere.  Someone gave me a camera and it is very fancy but it is big and complicated.  I have avoided using it and yet I get it out and fiddle with it once in awhile.  I think I am going to start using it more.  

        Ill just put it on auto and now that I have figured out how to…


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                               I got a tax refund of $3,600 from Hawaii for putting in solar panels!  Wow!  I had heard there was a thing like that and did the paperwork imagining it would just disappear into government hell but low and behold I got a big check and cashed it yesterday.  It felt good and will help me survive here.



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James Emmerling's Birthday

                The figure standing on that rock in this picture was a little boy dancing.  He would fling his arms wide to the beauty all around him while his mom was taking videos of his joy.  He reminds me of James.  I miss his banter, imagination and truthfulness.  He tried so hard to make sense of it all and he was a lover of women and joy.  I miss his…


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                      It is the time of year when the days are long but getting shorter.  People are usually out and about but with the heat it feels like winter as they huddle inside by fans and air conditioners.  In Hawaii it isnt hot yet but it is going to be.  August is always brutal.  Summertime might be overrated.

                      I am tired…


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They Shut Off the Cameras....

                     Paul Ryan had the Cspan cameras shut off while they dragged the Democrats off the floor of the senate!  That sends shivers down my spine.  It smacks of war.

                     I hope someone had some videos from a cel phone.  I want to see what went down.  Were they escorted by security guards?  Did some have to be carried?  Im…


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Rainbow Falls

                                  I caught the rainbow yesterday.  We were at the right place at the right time and the clouds cleared and the rainbow was awesome.  What a gorgeous place to live.  Right now the morning shower has passed and another rainbow is forming in the sky.  This place sings with beauty.  



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Peach Pie


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Strawberry Full Moon on the Summer Solstice

                           On June 20th the full moon will reflect the sun on the longest day of the year.  It is already very bright and beautiful.  Do you know where the moon was when you were born?  Your moon sign is important like your sun sign.  The moon makes me swoon.

                            Here in Hawaii the tropical ways of the moon are…


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                          Liquid vitamins.  I spotted them in the spendy health food store and they were eleven dollars compared to everything else for twenty and up.  I even got a discount at the counter so for ten dollars I walked away with a little bottle of vitamin B12.  25 drops a day for thirty days.  

                          It made sense that the…


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Into The Void

                                               I have come to a point in my mosaic creation where I dont want any disturbances in the pattern.  Lord knows, I love to embellish and improvise with wind, strange symbols and twists of tile but in the middle of it all I wanted it quiet.  I can see someone sitting in the bathtub looking at it all and I want them to…


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ZOO life...sad or not?

                                    I had to go to the zoo.  It is about a ten minute drive from where I live to see some amazing things absolutely free.  You would think I would go more often but it makes me sad too.  I had to go yesterday and see the new tigers.  I had to.  Im not sure it was a good thing or not.  Sometimes things like that stick with me and make me…


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Gratitude for Our Posts

                                        I enjoyed waking up to all the great posts this morning.  I could hear the rain at Rodney's and get inside aka's mind. I wrote three whole paragraphs about how grateful I was to have Our to go to for company.  Then I lost the whole thing.  I let it go easily because I understand that posts come and go and life is…


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Life Goes On...a new Art project

                               This is a mosaic I am doing on the bathtub surround wall.  It is of the volcano just outside my window.  I am hoping to find just the right shell pink and orange to make a few sparks.  There will be some clouds below the volcano and then some beautiful big green hexagonal tiles that I got from the old Hawaiian school they were…


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FBI Looking for a needle in a haystack.


                                         The director of the FBI and the talking heads on the news are talking about being alert to terrorist threats.  Be aware.  I wonder about the person who sold that assault weapon to the terrorist who just killed fifty people in Florida.  Then there was the security guard at Pulse who let him into the club, didn't he see the…


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Where It Started

                               I was watching a show called "Why They Hate Us" on CNN. It was a powerful account of the history of Islam and they said the hatred all began at a dance in the United States.  An Egyptian exchange student was at the dance in 1949 and was aghast at the way the women showed their legs while dancing too close to the men and how their…


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What to do with friends who are for Trump

                      Facebook is alive with political comments lately.  I have a good feed line there and value all my friends.  So many are sad about Bernie and hating on Hillary.  So many are very vocal in criticizing Obama but I always defend him.  So many are frustrated and so we rant and rave.

                       There is one friend I…


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