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Roosters and Dogs

The roosters are crowing like banshees from hell as someone walks by in flip flops making the dogs bark insanely from their cages next door.  I hear someone over there yell "shut up" and little Petunia starts crying for her mama.  All is quiet for a bit and then a rooster on the other side of this house starts in and the dog next door starts his scratching.   This is…


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Around and Around the Island


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More Hawaii


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Even My Skin Changed in Hawaii


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The Road to Hilo

  I pulled out of Kona on the 6:30am bus and three hours later I pulled into the rainy side of the Big Island of Hawaii in Hilo.  I got a taxi to the pier…


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Hawaii Time

  There is a phenomena here called the Polynesia Paralysis.  You just stop.  We went swimming across the street from my daughter's Art Gallery and I found myself just staring at it all.  The hotel behind the beach was sponsoring a brunch and LT Smooth was a big Hawaiian…


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Hot Nuts! I made it to Hawaii!!!

      After an amazing ride in First Class I am in Hawaii and I can feel the island magic washing over me.   Traveling first class was a last minute upgrade and when the steward brought the hot towels and free cocktails I knew it was the right decision.   The hot nuts…


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My Last Night in California

   You might think I would be celebrating with one of my many lovers but in reality I cleaned the toilets today and packed my three bags.....

   I am smoking all my pot and finishing off the bottle of rum so I am feeling pretty good.  It is wonderful to sit in my…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 26, 2019 at 10:01am 1 Comment

Remembering Julie Johnson

Posted by Julie Johnson on June 25, 2019 at 10:30pm 4 Comments

Open Our Salon For Good

Posted by Robert B. James on June 25, 2019 at 6:52am 7 Comments

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