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Exploding Bowl


     I just lost my whole post because the internet connection failed before I saved it. 

My daughter said 'Sounds like a first world problem.'. Ha.  My daughters are driving me crazy lately. 

I'm sure I do that to them too.  This last full moon was a doozie. 

  This big green bowl was pushed off the second floor deck by a rogue wind. I…


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Speeding Ticket

   This road across the island just begs for speed and yet I have been caught twice now in speed traps.  The first ticket was on a down hill part ...70 in a 50mph zone.  The ticket last time was by a military post on top of the volcano where I was going 60 in a 40 mph zone.

    I should have known better because a few weeks ago I was in that area and a…


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Back From the Edge of the Universe

         There is a saying on this island that if you move to Ocean View, you disappear.  It is like a vortex portal to another level of the world because of the vast views, vivid colors and wild people.  It is the largest subdivision in the country of America....I'm back on the other side of the island now in Hawaiian Paradise Park which is the second largest…


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House of Cards

     House of Cards is a Netflix series I have been hooked on for awhile.  Kevin Spacey plays the part so well and his wife in the series is just as lethal. 

      The series shows a dirty side of politics that is chilling.  What these two characters do in the name of power is awful.  The behind the scenes story shows a gripping tale of corruption of…


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Someone to Talk To..

   I can't imagine talking to a god.

   It would be like blabbering to thin air.


    That some people rely on divine word,

    flabbergasts me.

     I talk to myself in my head,

     I guess that isn't divine enough.

      I want someone to talk to about my fingernails.



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Our Own Little Bubbles

    I like blogging.  I'm happy we are all in our own little Bubbles and we get to control what goes on in there.  Lots of pressure in life can be released with proper boundaries.

   I'm listening to Miss Five play with her toys.  Trying to figure out your place in the world and what is good versus what is evil takes lots of attention.

   I don't…


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      As i age I can see the importance of memories.  I remember pushing an old lady in her wheelchair out to the sunroom in the Long Term Care unit of the hospital.  I asked her if she wanted a magazine or something and she said... no, she had her memories.

I can see her there smiling as I left her alone.  Lately I have been facing…


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      A pretty little town on the south tip if the island here is fun to drive through.   Big trees line the street and there is a wonderful bakery stop next to the cute school...I learn more about it every time I go thru there and I like it.  I don't want to live there tho as I am sure everyone knows everyone's business.…


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     Sorry, Woody, but you have to go.  I met this six foot eleven guy from Indiana online and we became friends on Facebook.  He liked ladies and yet I didn't feel much for his constant requests to get on Skype and make whoopie.  I liked him but as I watched his online quotes and links I realized he wasn't a lefty like me and that is always a turn off.



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Hillary is for Sharia Law in America.....sigh


   A young lady visiting my daughter said she wasn't voting for Hillary because Hillary supports bringing Sharia law to America.  I said I didn't think so and we stopped talking politics.... but I wondered how she could have such an idea.  I found this article from 2012 where Hillary supports a United Nation movement to stop islamophobia.  Maybe that is where they are dredging this stuff up.

   This is from a site called America Acts...



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The Big Island


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The Crack of Dawn

I just heard it!  All of a sudden it broke with birds starting to twitter in a chorus and the light changing to soft glow instead of black.  I'm addicted to waiting for it now. Crack, like the gun for a race... on your mark, get set, go!…


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Evening stroll


       After I watched the season finale of the Walking Dead where the people who aren't zombies are much scarier than the zombies because of the brutality of survival, I went for a walk down on the coast behind my house.   It restored my hope in humanity.…


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Parade in Hawaii


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Write What You Know

   I mostly know about sex and pot.   That is a sad thing to realize as I get older.  My art is tangled up with those two things and it goes something like this......Smoke some, paint some, think about guys.  I have met a bunch of duds here in Hawaii and yet that is the way it was in all the other places I have lived. 

   So I am inspired to paint these flowers because…


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Hula Festival

               I got to see the old folks hula.  I missed the big show because I'm afraid to drive in the dark.  Oh, I can do it but it was raining too and I knew I could see the festival during the week.  it is a big deal here in Hilo.  I liked some of the photos I got of all the different types of people here. A melting pot for…


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Canned Heat, Canned Laughter

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 26, 2019 at 2:52pm 2 Comments

4th of July 1963 3 of 3

Posted by J.P. Hart on June 26, 2019 at 10:01am 3 Comments

Remembering Julie Johnson

Posted by Julie Johnson on June 25, 2019 at 10:30pm 6 Comments

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