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From the Jungle to Cactus land...




        From the Tropical foliage of Hawaii to the Cactus land in Southern California I have traveled to different ecosystems.   Traveling.....








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Focusing on Life Instead of Death

I am having a difficult time caring for my mom after her hip replacement surgery because I am not all that caring about whether she lives or dies.  It is not a good place for my mind to be but I have been there for many decades and I have to be honest. 

    She and I have talked about it and she agrees that she isn't afraid of dying, it is the living that she hates to endure.  The last years can be so humbling and honest that…


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Running Naked in the Waves

                                My little two year old granddaughter got to strip down and run into the waves.  I wanted to do that too.  The closest I got was to lower my top in the swimming pool at night and let the cool water soothe my sunburned back.   Swimming naked is so delicious and Hawaii is the perfect place to do…


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Jumping into the Feed

      Life is a feed.  All time is now so the idea of a moving feed is an illusion.  I like to believe that everything is happening right at this moment.  The past and the future are here.  There is nothing more real than the present moment. 

      That is why focus is such an amazing feat.  To be able to absorb what is happening to you at any precise time and process it is important.  I love to blog and throw a post into the…


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My aunts had them.  Pendulant, Boxer Dog jowls that now seem to be my inheritance.  I have known they were coming.  I am ready.


 Gravity happens.  Get over it.  We are all going to sag.  What a powerful force gravity must be to suck my flesh into odd shapes that look like I have been going head first slow motion through a time space warp and my skin is flaying back with the pressure. 

  Jowls are not to be confused with double…


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Cake Escape

    "I gained ten pounds."  My mom was worried that the scales showed an increase.

     "Since when?"  


      "How long has it been since you got weighed?"

       "Since my last doctor visit.  She isn't going to be happy.  We have to lose this weight."



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The Renter Unfriended me on Facebook

    I was heading to Facebook to unfriend him and I found out he had unfriended me first.  It is so interesting that there was a deep mistrust between us and we could have ended badly.  As it was we were polite and shook hands.   He said he would send me photos of the snow in his front yard and I hesitated.  I said I would see them on Facebook and he took the hint that I didn't want to continue to correspond on email.



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   Even tho the renter and I did not get along too well I told him he helped me with the loneliness around here.   Just having another human being in the house seemed to make that nasty feeling go away. 

  I am fine alone.  That loneliness feeling is just a twinge.  It is almost a chemical thing.  I can feel it now even as I do a happy dance for all my freedom and space.  It was surprising to feel that pang of loneliness sneak…


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The Renter is Gone

    Early this morning I was ready to drive him to the airport.  He was all packed and the truck was loaded.  On the road we agreed we both deserved a medal for surviving three months together.  He asked me if the lover guy was going to move in next and said he was sorry it hadn't worked out between us.  He admitted he asks too many questions and we had a long discussion about how complaining about the weather is rather a boring thing to do.  He maintains his…


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You Can Find Beauty Anywhere

  Scroll down to see where these photos were taken.













   I spent a half hour in this beautiful…


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Leaving the Purple House

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As Luck Would Have It

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PreOP Poem

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Fear of Being Sentimental

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Road Trip to Thunder Bay Postponed

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Kept the Memory

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Cutting Edge Not Vertical

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