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Punishment For Abortions!!!??


                   I got so mad at Trump for saying that if abortions became illegal again women who had them anyway would need to be punished that I had horrible nightmares. He has a talent for distilling an issue down to the basics and he really did that this time. ie...  Women are demonized for not wanting to bring a baby into the world.  We are blamed for…


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Patti Duke Died

                She was my age and had a septic reaction to a bowel obstruction.  I feel close to her in this crazy way that fame brings someone into our hearts even tho we never met.  Her performance in the movie Miracle Worker was riveting.  She had energy and spirit.

                As an advocate for mental health help she openly admitted she was…


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Grumpy Gut


   Can the bacteria in your gut determine your mood?  I think it takes more than that to get me down but I like the saying "You are what you eat.".  I am happier when I eat some bread and am not hungry.   My granddaughter can get in grumpy moods but it seems to me it is a combination of not eating well and being too tired.  One daughter says she is never…


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    The moon looked like a jellybean this morning!

          Orchids by the driveway.…


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Giant Cockroaches!

   Two cockroaches were hiding under the piece of plywood I just picked up.  I don't even scream anymore but I can feel the adrenaline rush as I try to stomp on one as the other takes off.  After three attempts I feel the crunch under my flip flop and scoot the remains out of sight.  Then I spot the other one taking a run for it and hiding under the cooler.  I take the big…


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Don't Eat Bread!


         My youngest daughter hasnt eaten any bread for a month.  That makes me eat it even more.  I ate pancakes twice yesterday and that counts as bread.  Apparently it is processed flour that is bad and also the heavy feeling you get from loading up on crabs. Personally I like that heaviness, it is comforting to me.

          I have tried to avoid…


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Is it me or the system?

         My teeth are a mess.  Not many left and I'm considering false teeth. I will probably just muddle through with the few I have left.  Deep cleaning this morning makes me think dentists are sadists but if I had been taking care of my teeth all my life things would have been better now. Right?

         Or is it the fault of this capitalist system…


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     My daughter has lots of these kinds of books at the cabin.   This one tells of the research being done to prove everything is energy and people can control the flow when they realize they are energy too.   We are all in the field.

     I like that way of thinking but it isn't very practical.  I get that there are systems of thought and you can get caught…


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Virgin Earth

     Fire melts, air and water cool,

     Earth moves.


          There was an earthquake as the sun came up and I had to hold on.  I climbed to the top of a mound of lava near the cabin.…


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Lava Tubes

 The sewage drains into a lava tube at the cabin.  Unpermitted but it works.  Lava tubes are everywhere on this island. Some are big enough to live in.…


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My daughter's cabin 3000 ft up


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Another Cabin

              My daughter has bought a cabin on the south point of this big island and tomorrow she and I will get the keys.  It has a view of the ocean and lots o privacy.  I know I will take lots of photos.

              Life has lots of twists and turns.  I see new paths open up every day and I don't know what to expect next.  Mostly I am trying to…


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     Just when I was getting the hang of my little tablet keyboard it won't work on half the keys and I am pecking on the screen keyboard now.  I think this is how iMac types but it is annoying.  I have to look at each key and I am getting a crook in my right shoulder.

      I miss my fingers flying over the keys as I worked hard in typing class to get…


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Let's Just Not Know

               "Just a minute, I'll google that and find out."

                "Let's just not know."

                         We are getting the hang of this internet thing, realizing that we can find out the answers with just a few questions posed in just the right place...But do we really need to know everything?   I do.   I…


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Trip to the ER

   Shortly after taking the above photo with my self timer I ran to get in position again and flipped over backwards landing on my side and banging my head on the mossy ground.  It hurt!  Three days later I stood up after working on the sewing machine and I couldn't breath without sharp pain and it was scary.

             My daughters put me in the car and we went to…


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Clinics for the People

      We have a great clinic in Keaau where my daughter just got a tooth pulled for twenty five dollars.  All the dental chairs were in one room and the staff was all working together to take care of the four patients.   There were little kids and old people, nice looking and down n' outers.  All the stories I heard at the receptionist desk told me that people need…


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It's a Jungle Out There...


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First Lady

           Our first lady in the White House if Trump is elected would turn some eyebrows upsidedown.  I actually would like to see that.  I have long said that America is too prudish and we need some oomph.   I like that the Taliban would be aghast at the idea and I also like that it makes me feel less of an idiot because I like to take sexy pictures of…


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Have you filed your Taxes yet?

                        I emerged from my hammock long enough to get a start on filing my tax returns.  Usually I just float by as my income is so low and I am retired but this year I have some things to declare from my mom's estate and even tho it is all gone I don't want to get a big tax bill in the mail so I am trying to explain things to the…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

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Remembering Julie Johnson

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Open Our Salon For Good

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