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Easter Sex Talk


   I want to celebrate the Spring.

  In the Autumn I throw leaves in the air

  thinking about the days growing shorter.

  Now I celebrate the green sprouts coming up.…


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Turkeys in the Fog

"You haven't even gone down to the fields to see the turkeys."

"I've seen plenty of wild turkeys."

 "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

                I remember asking an old lady in Alaska to look out the window at the whale going by in the channel.  "Oh, I've seen plenty of whales going by."…


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The Thing About Human Bodies


   The body is like a lump of bloody flesh that is frequently

   hit by lightning.

   My body likes electric shocks.  


    When I was young I couldn't understand not having energy. 

    I had plenty.…


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My Muses

I felt one of my muses today


Pushing my hand toward the green paint before I had a chance to object.  

"Hey, wait a minute," I cried.  "Who is painting this piece?"


 "Breaks over, back to work." they order me.  "Okay, okay."

  Who are these masters keeping me inspired and on task?


  They protect me sometimes, other times they push me in front of it all.

  When I try to hide they lure me back to the creative life…


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I told the Renter about my Lover

     Sorry to go on and on about the renter and but in our last week I am evaluating what went on and how I have been affected by renting out my back room to this man.

    When we met online he was very sexual and funny.  He made me laugh and implied that he knew how to give a woman colorful orgasms and I liked that idea.  At the time I needed some extra money but lately I am not so needy thanks to my mom but I arranged for…


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Talking about Not Talking with the Renter

Hamburger time.  I completely support the local place called Fred's.  A big new Mc Donalds just opened close by and I have never been there.  My renter is a Mickey D's addict apparently.  I pointed out to him that there was a figurine of Ronald McDonald  hanging by the neck from the cash register at Fred's. 

    I don't think he understands how evil McDonald's is.  He seems to think that food is just the culture of America. …


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Poured Paint


     The last time I showed some texture photos like these James Emmerling asked if I had too much to smoke.  I think he was implying that it takes a step over the edge to see the beauty in this stuff.  However it is the way my eye goes and these photos mean something to me so here they are.

     The manager here disposes of the last bit of paint in his cans over these rocks before he puts them in the trash.  He says they won't take the cans if they have paint in…


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Should I tell my renter about my lover?

    I might as well throw this question out into the feed.  What good is blogging on the internet if you can't gather together the opinions of interesting people about an issue you are trying to decide.

   Should I tell my renter about my lover?  The rental is purely a financial deal now and is going to be over in one week and five days.   He and I started off sexual but within days it was over and he says he took the higher…


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Baby Pine Cones


  It is a miracle!   A pine cone seems like something so complicated. 


              We all come from some tiny point of life hidden and then bursting forth.  The fecundity of pine cones on this tree remind me…


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Still Getting Some

                                                 At my age

                                                 when playing with grandkids,

                                                  puttering in the…


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My Irish Ring


        I love my new ring.  It is a size thirteen and yet very lady like.  Turquoise is my birthstone and I thought I deserved a nice thing.

        When I did some research I found out this ring is a "Love, friendship, and loyalty" ring.  I learned that if you wear it on the right hand with the heart pointing out you are 'looking'.   If you wear it on the right hand but the point turned toward you it means you have met someone.

       If you wear the ring on…


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Human Diet?

    My renter just came out with no shirt on and asked where the donut box is.  I can barely answer his questions anymore.  "It is in the cupboard."  I guess it was on my side so he didn't think to look there even tho we share a big jar of peanut butter that is there.  He has too many insulin supplies on his side. Syringes.…


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Human Rules

   I was disgusted with my renter spending all day cooped up in his room yesterday.  He came all the way from Michigan to avoid the snow up there but he is just as housebound here as he would have been in snow country.  It was a gorgeous day yesterday and California is the place to be outside. 

   I told him so.

    "Well, doesn't everyone have their own life to live? I'm happy." he…


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Afraid of the wind? Not me!

     A warm wind has been blowing hard these last three days through this desert pass.  There is a sign on the highway that always says  "High winds next sixty miles".  I love the wind.

     Someone told me they didn't like the wind because you never knew what was going to happen.  It is unsettling.  There are currents that could whisk something away right out of your hands.  Things could fall over and bang…


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Fake Bunny

     I played a trick on my mom today.   While she was napping I put a little fake bunny rabbit on her porch.  When she woke up and went to sit in her chair out there she thought it was a real bunny.  She even went and got it a piece of bread and then finally got the broom and pushed it and realized it wasn't real.  We laughed so hard.  It pays her back for the time she put a life like rabbit in our living room on Easter morning and I saw it and thought I was up too…


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California Wild Lilacs





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The Swollen Creek

    From a night full of rain, thunder and hail the creek was aroused.  Taking the reeds and leaf debris with it the water rushed down the hill roaring with power.   The little stream had become a torrent by the time I took my morning walk and I saw two ducks taking a ride.

            The ducks finally found a…


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I Saw a Boy Hunting Frogs

       At least I think the boy was going to hunt frogs.   We crossed paths as I was heading out of the woods.  He had a big plastic bucket and a long wooden pole that was very sharp on the end of it.

        We said "Hello" but kept walking.  I glanced back at him a couple times and he was looking at me too as he took the leap over the fence and down into the creekbed.   I felt bad for the frogs.…


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Painting a Butterfly


    I'm painting my small butterflies.  Fun. Right?  I have painted lots of butterflies in my life and they have all been very fanciful.   I am intrigued by the real butterflies and how they get that color on those wings.  Here is an artist who really has painting butterflies down pat.


        My butterflies will be crude because they are on Stucco.  Oh I…


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