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Exploding Poinsettia

        Today I exploded the poinsettia my daughter gave me for my birthday.   When I was carrying it out to the porch to paint it fell apart.   One branch came off in my arms and fell to the floor...Without gravity it would have floated away.

         I already have a branch that came off in a glass of water hoping for it to send out roots.  There are…


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I Hope He Doesnt Get in Trouble...

   This was such a sweet news story for this morning.  A little five year old boy in a Taliban area in Afghanistan was given this plastic bag replica of a soccer jersey made by his older brother who put his picture on social media.  The ball has a…


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Objectifying Women

Here we go again....    Trump and Megan Kelly.   He calls her a Bimbo and takes her to task for posing in GQ magazine seductively.  I think misogyny is something the world needs to come to terms with.   Women can be sexy and smart.  Not that I support Megan's politics or style but I do care for her right to be who she is.  I thought the questions she asked the…


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Bernie and God

I was thrilled to read this article about Bernie and God.



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Bananas Exploding

      I'm on a…


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I Have a Cold


     The cold was passed down from my granddaughter's preschool to my daughter and now to me.  Yesterday I had all the energy in the world and then last night the Kleenex phase began and I am tired of blowing my nose now.  Then my ex gave me a antihistamine and I am I smoked some pot so I am flying over the clouds backwards.   My nose is not…


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I Don't Have a Bookshelf

I  have enjoyed all the bookshelf posts.  Our has some classy participants.  I have a few books on my two shelves here in this one room cabin and Petunia has several boxes of her books around.  It is so exciting to see her starting to read.  Her mom has always been a great reader and loves helping the kids read at her school.  Petunia is proudly proclaiming…


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Exploded Pineapple Paintings

     So lucky to be able to paint things exploding.  It is an Art of sorts and a discussion of time and space.  Debris!…


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Exploding a Pineapple


     First comes the story.   Why did the explosion happen?  Bad business decision?  Jealous rage building up inside? Gas accumulation?  Lazar beam thrust? Why did the explosion happen at exactly that point? Why didn't the top just blow off, or the whole thing just get destroyed?

      I get a little heady with the power of an explosion because I…


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     I saw a wonderful visit with Ruby Bridges who was the little six year old girl chosen to desegregate the school in the South.  She said when she was that age she didn't realize what was going on but now she believes it was a stand against evil.  Evil.   She sited the man who went into the black church and talked to the prayer group for over an hour before he shot…


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             I'm sorry but I have to write about it.  When I get down about things, looking for a way out, it occurs to me that the world would be better off without me.  It is a decision that is almost selfless.  I could just disappear and not cause any more trouble. 

             I don't know about the urge to make the pain go away.   Taking your life…


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      I did a palm tree exploding painting while I was processing the news of James dying.  It was soothing to float with the debris out into the universe.  I have soared with him over and over off that cliff and into that tree. …


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   I graduated from high school in Seattle in 1965, going on to the University of Washington where I noticed the "fringies".  That is what they called the people who hung around the edges of the campus on the lawn.  They were the descendants of the bohemians...they looked intriguing.  My mother had insisted on a sorority but it was a bad fit that…


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sunbeam power

I fell under the spell of a powerful sunbeam.  

It energized me, making my vamp come out.…


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The Last State of the Union Speech

   I have to admit I admired every word the President uttered.  He is a great speaker.  Even Gov Haley complimented him on his style even tho she didn't like his substance.   She spoke well too about how she didn't want this country to demonize the wealthy.   I get it.  I know business people like Republican ideas and aren't just being greedy.  They just want a system that works so they can provide jobs and not be swamped with regulations.  I get it.

   Still Obama is being called a…


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New Year Resolution Gone Wrong.....Alyssa's Fiction Club

   His New Year Resolution had been to find Inner Peace.  Turmoil in his life had almost brought him to his knees making him yearn for a sense of calm.   He didn't want to get too calm like some of the potheads he knew.  He had some ambitions that he hadn't realized and he hoped this New Year Resolution wouldn't go terribly wrong on him.   He lived in a nest of old hippies.  They got on his nerves sometimes as they were so seedy    Unkempt is not a word that would describe him.  He…


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My Ex is Coming.

     He is going to stay with my daughter most of the time but we will be on the same island and of course he is welcome here too.  I have been trying to plan a trip away for this next month but there seems no escape because my daughters need to see us get along together.   They were hurt by the divorce in ways that are subtle and cold.   Of course they benefited from it too because they got a mom who is much happier with her life now.   Most things in life have sharp…


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Computer Finally Crashed

   Ahh yes, the screen went dark and things were frozen solid so my poor little laptop is in the computer hospital.  I bought a sewing machine to cheer me up and it has been so much fun.   I miss my cyber friends however and hope to be back up soon.

   What am I without my computer?  My mind seems quiet.  I have much more time, which isn't necessarily a good thing since I have too much time anyway.  I remember when I was younger and there never seemed to be enough time, now that I am…


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Zombie Girl

    Soooo, Miss Five wanted to talk about zombies and her mom was away at the Farmer's Market.  She and I looked at zombie make up on an image search and we looked at Vampire pictures too.  We looked at Ballerina Zombies and the kid game called Zombies vs Plants which is apparently pretty popular.

   She wanted to watch Walking Dead and I told her no way.  She…


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Obama in Hawaii

  Obama in Hawaii.  I am enjoying the images of this man's vacation in Hawaii.  Powerful.  I contrast it with my attempt to move here to the Big Island and I come up short.  He is so physically fit he can climb steep trails and body surf the waves.  I admire him.

  What made him such a go getter?  He loves the game.  I heard he and Michele get up at five am to…


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Pen for Hire ( Bathos, Pathos)

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