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Cruising the Cosmetics Aisle

White hair products are few and far between in Cosmetics.  The rainbow is getting brighter in the hair care section.  The eye makeup is evolving into very dramatic effects.  I am not sure why I was cruising the aisles in the drugstore this morning and I walked out buying nothing.

    I guess I went in there because of my hair.  It is getting so thin.  As I looked at all the options I remembered all the things my mom and I used…


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Road Trip to the Mexican Border at Tecate

Woo,  it started out to be just a little drive to Campo.  We stopped at Lake Moreno and saw the cabins there where I had such a wild weekend once.  The lake and little town are at 4,000 feet high about sixty miles from San Diego.  There was a cold, brisk wind blowing and only two boats out fishing in this resevoir.


 The train museum at Campo was interesting.  Some day I am going to have to go in there.   We saw the Border Patrol cars all lined up in this town. …


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Tickling the Sky


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The Alaska Hawaii Connection

  I am very fortunate to have two wonderful daughters who are in their thirties and live in Hawaii now.  I raised them for twenty five years in Alaska and it is interesting to see the connection between the two places.

    Today they told me that they saw the whales going by from their back porch just like we saw them off our back porch in Alaska.  That is the connection.  An…


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Leaf Decay Up Close


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OS Fiction Club/ "Peter"

     Unfortunately, Peter has few friends in Tacoma.  He had burned all the bridges he built there.  His three ex wives in Washington state did not ever want to see him again.  Now he was hurt, injured by a falling brick and in the hospital on his business trip through Tacoma.  A one in a million chance and he wondered if this was the blade wheel of Karma coming at him.

       The truth was Peter…


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Energy from the Rain


                                                                                Beating me transparent

                                                                                A rare rain in the desert

                                                                                Humans take energy from me



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I liked the movie "Silver Linings"

      Mental illness is a massively complex theme for a movie.  It was cathartic to see it in this modern saga.  The old movies put asylums in dark spooky lights with screaming and straight jackets.  Here it was right out in the open in everyday neighborhoods.  That is where you find it.  Everywhere.

    I liked how the movie didn't even have an opening.  It just started telling the story like these were people you knew.  The…


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They Can't Hear You

    The five senses are reality and when they start to go we can get a clue about what it means to die.   If you are hard of hearing, blind or weak you can feel that your energy is compromised.  Or is it?  Maybe without the senses we can get an idea of what the afterlife is about. 

    My mom wanted to connect with some friends but I know they are in their late nineties and cannot hear.  They needed to be let go and she…


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My Renter, the Interrogater

  There are five ways to take energy from someone else according to the Celestine Prophesies by James Redfield.

            !.  Aggressively take it.

            2.  Play 'Poor Me'

             3.  Be Aloof

             4. Interrogate

    Intimidators steal energy from…


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I Yelled At My Kids

     Kids can drive you over the wall of decency.  I have memories of yelling at my two little girls and I am not proud of that.  They seem to have self esteem issues and yet they have a very strong spirit.  I gave them just enough fear to be cautious in this world and bravado to go out there and do what they want.  However there is no excuse for yelling at kids.

     I can remember trying to spank them.  They were smarter and…


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My Friend's New Car in a Dark Garage


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View of an Abandoned Black Car


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Gravity Bothered Her / Short OS Fiction




  The dam rain was coming down again.  

                                    The little girl knew that there was sunshine up there somewhere.   She had been in an airplane and watched as they descended from the sun into the clouds to a rainy day in Seattle.   

   She wanted to turn the world upsidedown and watch the rain go out the other side of the clouds making holes so the sunshine could peek into her…


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View of an Abandoned Red Car



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Morning with Mom at 94

       As I was editing this photo on PicMonkey I thought it looked like a funeral announcement portrait.  Soft and fuzzy with such an angelic look to it I could put it on the front cover with her name and the dates.  However she doesn't want a funeral.



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Changing a Period to a Comma

    I just went back in to edit a poem.

    It was all perfect except for a period that should have been a comma.

    I swooped back in and fixed that detail

    Relishing being a poet.

    Or perhaps I am a poetess.

    Romantic Poetess inspires me.

    She found a partner and still writes

    about love and sensuality.

    If I read my life and could alter one mistake

   It would be to make my last my…


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A Terrible Book Experience and A Wonderful One


    This terrible book makes me mad just looking at the cover.  I got it at a thrift shop and at the time I was feeling grumpy so the title appealed to me.  I read the first few pages and was disgusted with it.  Vain women on an unforgiving journey to China to seek revenge for one of the women's pregnant…


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Intense ER /Stroke Unit Two Day Vacation

   It was like a mini vacation my mom said.  She was wrapped in the arms of nurses and machines in the ER for about nine hours and then in the Stroke Unit of the Hospital for one night and one day. 

  Long long long days and nights.  

  Long long long life entwined with mine. 

  Long long long time to figure it out and no…


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Spirit Fog People


                       Early in the morning I saw the fog thick in the valleys, stuck in the crevices and laying low.  Then the sun came up and by the time I got outside I saw the last wisps evaporating.

                         As I walked in these swirling mists I felt I was among spirits…


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4th of July 1963 3 of 3

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