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I just sent Lorianne Episode Four of JMac's Palace of Memories.  If you're interested you can catch it on Wednesdays and Fridays at 10:30am PDT on Our Salon Radio.  Here's a preview:

Another Funeral:…


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Our Salon Radio: JMac's Palace of Memories Episode Two - a Bit of a Repost

Still figuring out the Audio Editing software, but it's getting easier.  Glad my aging brain is still capable of learning.  For what it's worth, Episode Two will be going up on Our Salon Radio on Friday July 24 at 10:30am and will repeat on Wednesday July 29 at 10:30 as well.  It will repeat in the …


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1977: Kevin and Richard, Zeke and the Crew, the Saudi Waiter and Star Wars

Kevin and Richard… - Kevin Crowley joined the staff because, despite the good money he made as a mud logger, he’d quickly grown weary of life off shore and on the road in the oil patch.  One Monday night we were drinking and playing darts at Jimmy’s Pub when he asked me how long it would take him to learn…


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Flashback - 1973: Romeo and Juliet, 1976: ‘Doc’ Berger & Shakespeare in the Park

Went to a BBQ in Laurel Canyon Sunday, started telling tales and connected these dots, so I thought I'd post them before I forgot them again.

1973: Romeo and Juliet In 1968 Franco…


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1976-77: Empty Bottles, Daiquiris, Frozen Daiquiris, Single Malts, Armagnac & Jamaican Blue Mountain, Doctors, Lawyers & Indian Chiefs

Empty Bottles… - The Saudi waiter was a post graduate engineering student at the University of Houston and after five years in Texas he was no longer a very devout Muslim.  Because he drove a used car and had to work for a living, he obviously wasn’t related or connected to the family Saud, yet he eschewed his Arab heritage and…


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1976-77: Francois Goes to Mexico, Grand Re-opening, the Saudi Waiter and my Long Dry Spell

Francois Goes to Mexico Somewhere in this time frame Francois’s wife had a little boy baby and a few weeks later his parents arrived from Belgium to see their first born grandchild.  They spent a couple of weeks in Houston and then after Christmas, Francois…


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1976-77: ACB Audit, Renovating St. Michel’s, Coeur de Veau, and Yes Sir, Ma’am!

ACB Audit… - My first job at St. Michel’s 2.0 was to prepare for an audit by the Texas Alcohol Control Board so I spent the better part of a week going through a year’s worth of waiters’ checks and supplier receipts and wrote it all…


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1976: Bowlarama, the N-word, Two Jobs and St. Michel 2.0, an Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Bowlarama… - I started the job on a Thursday night and for my first few of nights at the 24-7 bowling alley, I trained with the manager who I knew from throwing darts at Jimmy’s Pub.  He drank White Russians, shot a decent game of pool but wasn’t very good at darts and now…


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1975: Couch Surfing, the Cowgirl, Gilley’s, Willie Nelson’s Picnic on Acid and “Doc” Salliday

Couch Surfing… - From 1975 up until some time around 1999, Kevin Crowley and I intermittently crashed on each other’s couches or shared rent as roommates.  Occasionally we worked together and/or found each other work.  We were good friends in fat times and lean.  You’re lucky if you can count your…


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1975: Renovations, High School BS and Deeeeepression

Renovations… - My memory gets a bit fuzzy about this but as I recall I found this gig through Jude Norris.  Maybe she came in for lunch or dinner at Ruggles with her date.  In any case she introduced me to this thirty something guy who was buying and flipping old rental houses in the Heights…


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1975: Aunt Jean, Ruggles and Jill Baskin

…Aunt Jean,… - Francois’s wife was a plump blonde who drove a very undependable Range Rover and spent his money on clothes.  Her mother had married into money and her Aunt Jean was the family’s poor relation and so she served as cashier and hostess at St. Michel’s.  Aunt Jean came with the…


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1975: The Studio, a $250 Tip, Therapy & the Cuckoo’s Nest

The Studio… - Like nearly everything else in Texas, including the roaches, Magnolia trees grow bigger than other places and the one in the center of the studio courtyard was huge.  When one of the American waitresses at St. Michel’s decided to move to Colorado I lucked into the…


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1975: Splitsville, Roommate Kevin, Poolside Duel and St. Michel’s 1.0

Splitsville… - Janine didn’t break my heart when she moved out.  I had kind of been expecting it and we didn’t have anything like a big blow out.  She moved in with a really nice guy from the Midwest who was a regular at Jimmy’s Pub…


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1975: Fiction/Reality Edith Piaf Sings at J. Alfred Prufrock’s

"Édith Piaf 914-6440" by Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Rijksfotoarchief 914-6440.jpg

This is a piece of fiction that explores the symptoms of PTSD as they become manifest in the hubris of…


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1975: Recovery, Enchanted Forest, Jewelry, Clown Suits & Residuals

Recovery… - After losing that one-sided knife fight I was rolled out of the ER for exploratory surgery.  When the ER folks found air below my diaphragm, it was necessary to open my abdomen from my rib cage to my belly button…


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1975: Psycho, Janine & Brian, Longhair, Hallucinations & Turkeyman Wins!

Psycho… - One night after killing time at Prufrock’s before I drove over to go to work on the last bits of renovation, I called the Pub expecting to touch bases with Janine before she closed the place.  No one answered…


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1975: Ménage à trois, New Pirellis, On the Wagon & Stepping off into Space!

Ménage à trois - Living with Janine and Nellie in Montrose was a strange combination of domestic indifference and boho extravagance.  We never ate at the apartment and…


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1975: Resignation, Brennan’s, the Toothache & Renovating Jimmy’s Pub

Resignation… - I can’t remember what specific outburst from Mrs. Crowder was the straw broke that my camel’s back at The Red Lion, but if it hadn’t been for her insanity I might still been there for another couple of decades.  Managing the bar at the Lion was the best job I ever had during my on again off again career in…


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1974: Janine & Nelly, Baryshnikov & Janine’s Screwed up Family stamp

Janine… - Janine was yet another rich girl and like Jude she was attracted to anyone who didn’t give a shit.  Like Jude she was a highly intelligent, well read tomboy with a penchant for masochistic foreplay, except that Janine’s penchant was a solid order of magnitude more intense.  Less than a week after I dropped her off at her family…


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