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TAX the WEALTHY: But do it responsibly.


  I believe in the equality principle when it comes to taxes. I believe in tax neutrality which means our government shouldn’t discriminate against any American. We all have to pay a fair share that is tax neutral. As an example:

  Replacing our whole tax system on one based on income earned to…


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My vote for TIME's Person(s) of the YEAR


I made this little picture.


My cover for Time's Person(s) of the year are NYPD officer - Lawrence DePrimo and Pakistani education activist - Malala Yousa.


I personally think both of them could be on the cover of Time. Who did I miss?  Who would you put on the cover of…


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As the month of December closes in, most -  if not all, Americans and many around the world understand what Christian religious holiday is celebrated at the end of this month. Each year in the United States, the media and discrimination enthusiast (mainly atheist groups) from all over the country get to voice their anti-Christmas jargon. Furthering…


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A Daughters’ sign; Dad, you are doing something right!

* Update to story at the end [Originally written on 8 April 2012].

  Prior to coming home from another year long deployment, to Iraq this time, one of my daughters, age 13 at the time, wrote me an e-mail. In it, she wanted to introduce a boy she “liked” and shared his name with me and also wanted to let me know that he would like to e-mail me also; which he…


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Detroit… forward... wait, wait, STOP!

  The Huffington Post reported today, Detroit’s mayor is set to furlough government employees starting January 2013 in order to help with the $30 million dollar cash shortfall/deficit/overspending/ any other name you want to substitute for not living within your means.

  I pray that one day people will…


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What is thankful about WAR?

Having been deployed on two twelve month tours to Afghanistan, a yearlong tour in Iraq, a few months in Kuwait and twenty six months in South Korea, I would say I have experienced a lot more than many other Americans with respect to freedom, how fortunate we are in the US and how [why] we put our lives on the line. I am not at all claiming I am an expert, but have unique experiences many people only read or hear stories about.…


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Welcome to California... Becoming a fiscal conservative state?

  Based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, California has an unemployment rate hovering around 10.5%. According to, California is ranked number 1 in the US with the highest sales tax 7.25%; coupled with a combined tax rate of 8.13%, ranks the State 12th…


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Hooking up on BS

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Just a Little Too

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Water View II

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The Merlin Of BindleSnitch

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Old Soft Shoe (POEM)

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I saw one Mountain Lion

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