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Lessons from the Riots?

Maybe, just maybe some goodness will happen from the lessons parents can teach their children and adults can share with one another about what is happening in Ferguson, Mo.; there are many lessons I can see from it, but I will stick with just three to keep the post somewhat… short (I know many will not read past this point and it is ok).

No 1:…


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Redefining Normal; The Scars of War

     My last post was in March of 2013. For those who wondered what may have happened, I apologize up front for not coming on sooner, since then, a lot has changed yet some things stayed the same. In the wake of all the media focus on the VA, let me fill you in on me.

     I have since medically retired from active military service with over 20 years of…


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The media is asking, was Iraq worth it?

Short answer: It depends on your point of view…

As the news starts to try to dissect IRAQ War and analyze the price of freedom, I wonder why one variable is never included. I challenge anyone to ask an Iraqi woman now in her 20s, 30s or older… WAS IT WORTH IT? Ask an Iraqi what it was like to live in a constant state of fear from the Saddam’s thugs who made you and often your entire family disappear at night. Ask a political opponent of Saddam who kept his mouth and words silent…


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The blessings of parenting teenagers: prayers please

As parent we all know kids are kids and this will never change. No technology can change this fact. Our children act just like us when we were kids. We acted just like our parents. Kids will be kids and times may change but human nature doesn’t.

Before I continue let me just say through all the trials and hard times as a parent, the good times surpass them one hundred fold! My three teenagers are all straight A/B students. As a matter of fact all of them are in Honors and/or AP…


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The American Drama-Comedy: The Political Crisis (Hope Believe, Change, Forward)

Every time congress and the President has to make a “decision” (also known as: do their job) it is a media circus and the political script is already set, “the US is coming to an end”; jobs will be lost, seniors will lose healthcare, our military will not be paid, social security checks will not be sent on time, our airports will be crippled, the military and law will stop protecting us etc, etc, etc. Maybe this time, imagined crisis has had its moments of instilling fear into…


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Finally... I made it to the "Middle Class"!

Today’s discussion at work has been focused on the “fiscal cliff” vote. In three separate conversations, I asked a simple question… who are the middle class? No one had a concrete answer. Ironically, most people think they are in the middle class, but no one has…


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Children Should Play Sports!

[UPDATED 11 Dec 2012: originally posted by me on Sept 30 2012 on another site, pictured above is a summer youth sports camp sponsered and ran by a local church that introduces children to all kinds of sports]


A little while ago, I was reading sports articles on YAHOO Sports and came across a soccer story…


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"Billy": Time to let go… but NEVER forget


It was 1998 and I was a recently divorced man. After four years of being married (she was married for two of those years), I had to start a new life. During this first full year of being divorced, I was by myself. I had visitation every other weekend and every other Christmas with the kids…


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TRUE story - Internet love

John and Jennifer: Picture date - 2001

The year was 2001. As a divorced single father raising my 3 children, I worked in an all male unit in the military. Work began for me at 4:30 am when the alarm went off for me to get up out of bed. I had the children up by 5:00 and in daycare at 5:30…


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Coming out: The Plight of the UNDOCUMENTED


  I happen to come across a Time magazine (June 2012) “Shadow Americans” article by José Antonio in the dealership that I have my vehicle serviced. As I was waiting for my car to be serviced and reading this article, I couldn’t put the article down and looked…


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Hello and Help... Am I a democrat or a republican?

  I don’t fit anyone’s political platform. If you can label me, more power to you. I try to write on many things. I often find it hard to convey a complete thought when writing, so it takes me a long time to write things; If you dont understand something I write please ask me to clarify and I will do my best. To some there may seem no clear logic to my…


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TAX the WEALTHY: But do it responsibly.


  I believe in the equality principle when it comes to taxes. I believe in tax neutrality which means our government shouldn’t discriminate against any American. We all have to pay a fair share that is tax neutral. As an example:

  Replacing our whole tax system on one based on income earned to…


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My vote for TIME's Person(s) of the YEAR


I made this little picture.


My cover for Time's Person(s) of the year are NYPD officer - Lawrence DePrimo and Pakistani education activist - Malala Yousa.


I personally think both of them could be on the cover of Time. Who did I miss?  Who would you put on the cover of…


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As the month of December closes in, most -  if not all, Americans and many around the world understand what Christian religious holiday is celebrated at the end of this month. Each year in the United States, the media and discrimination enthusiast (mainly atheist groups) from all over the country get to voice their anti-Christmas jargon. Furthering…


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A Daughters’ sign; Dad, you are doing something right!

* Update to story at the end [Originally written on 8 April 2012].

  Prior to coming home from another year long deployment, to Iraq this time, one of my daughters, age 13 at the time, wrote me an e-mail. In it, she wanted to introduce a boy she “liked” and shared his name with me and also wanted to let me know that he would like to e-mail me also; which he…


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Detroit… forward... wait, wait, STOP!

  The Huffington Post reported today, Detroit’s mayor is set to furlough government employees starting January 2013 in order to help with the $30 million dollar cash shortfall/deficit/overspending/ any other name you want to substitute for not living within your means.

  I pray that one day people will…


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What is thankful about WAR?

Having been deployed on two twelve month tours to Afghanistan, a yearlong tour in Iraq, a few months in Kuwait and twenty six months in South Korea, I would say I have experienced a lot more than many other Americans with respect to freedom, how fortunate we are in the US and how [why] we put our lives on the line. I am not at all claiming I am an expert, but have unique experiences many people only read or hear stories about.…


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Welcome to California... Becoming a fiscal conservative state?

  Based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, California has an unemployment rate hovering around 10.5%. According to, California is ranked number 1 in the US with the highest sales tax 7.25%; coupled with a combined tax rate of 8.13%, ranks the State 12th…


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The Final Frontier

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More Notes To Self

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Spun Dry

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