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The biggest gay riot in History

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

“Harvey Milk's people do not have anything to apologize for. Now the society is going to have to deal with us not as nice little fairies who have hairdressing salons, but as people capable of violence. We're not going to put up with Dan Whites anymore.”

With those words (quoted in Randy Shilts’ The Mayor of Castro Street), Supervisor Harry Britt, successor to Harvey Milk, said what needed to be said on the day…


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When the shrinks stopped electrocuting us

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

I’ll never forget the look on his angelic face, that dark, curly-haired Italian/American guy who came to our Gay Liberation Front (GLF) meeting in Philadelphia in the Fall of 1971 to tell us of the ordeal he endured after going for help at Temple University’s student counseling program. 

One moment, he was explaining to a counselor that he thought he was gay, the next he was sitting in a dark room in the Eastern…


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SF Pride nixes discussion on Manning recision

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

Newspeak, SF Pride board-style: first, Army whistleblower Bradley Manning (not Congress, the Pentagon or the president) is putting U.S. military personnel, straight and queer, “in harm’s way” by releasing thousands of pages of classified documents to WikiLeaks that show, among other thing, U.S. bombing of civilians in Iraq, now his supporters are putting everyone who will come to the pride parade on June 30 in danger by protesting the…


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Something for Rosa Maria Mecca, mia Mamma

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca

You who came screaming into the room to find my limp five-year-old body that had fallen while I was swinging from the marble mantle, pounding on my chest with your fists to force air back into my lungs, then bolting out of the house and into the middle of the street in your housedress and flip flops to flag down a car…


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SF Pride: it DOESN'T get better!

by Tommi Avicolli Mecca


It’s really difficult to believe that SF Pride could make a tense situation even worse, but they managed it with flying colors last night, and not the colors of the rainbow flag. 

For those who may be out of the loop, a quick recap: For two weeks now, the board of directors of SF Pride has been feeling the heat for its overturning of the vote of its electoral college of former grand marshals electing whistleblower…


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