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Two Roads Diverged

Dear OS,

I’ve been thinking of you and it seemed a good moment to check in.  I don’t go to OS very often these days, but I am friends with Zanelle on Facebook. She posted a photo of some guy and I was curious to see the story. I was greeted on the front page with the loss of James Emmerling.  I’m flummoxed, sad, and reaching for a way to integrate this into my…


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Mother of Universe

Mother of the Universe was once very young and alive. As a maiden, her spirit was not yet caught in objects. She danced in the Winds and slept in the Oceanic Depths of Existence.…


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Cultural Appropriation or - Monkey See, Monkey Do

Having a sales lady mock my southern drawl got my ire up at the mall, the other day. You might say I deserved it by the mere virtue of being at a mall, but I link you to Zanelle’s lovely explanation of Divinty at the Mall. She well summarizes how to find the Divine everywhere,…


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Karmic Stump Jumping

"Let’s fly away just up the road before school starts."

And so we did. Up to the Northeast, into the Cascades to My Lady of the Forest Lake. First thing when we arrive, my husband uses the facilities and the teenager and I begin a small journey . 

There were huge trees all around…


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Leaving my old friend, The South.

I'm forty four days gone so I hardly know I left. Most of the me which I left behind has caught back up with me

and brought the small whiff of an idea that I am never going home again. 
Seeing my son, who moved to the…

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Another Monkey Day

Where I once lived, not too long ago in a seven acre wood in middle Georgia, I built a rock circle which had piles of rocks in each cardinal…


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Twenty Days

Twenty days. This is a Mayan standard of time keeping with twenty distinct day signs.

Twenty days ago, we closed on our home. Sold it. Walked away. Drove down the road a bit. And then a bit more, until with two dogs, we drove all the way across the continent.

Then we resumed our lives somewhere else entirely.

I feel like I've dropped into opposite land. The politics, the kind of cars driven, attitudes... - all the opposite of what I am used to. What an… Continue

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Oc and Chuen find some things out

After Cib, the Owl, explained so much to them, Chuen awoke. What little memory Chuen had was all blurred: the going within, purifications, ceremony and travel. She awoke to her monkey mind on the day of Imix, many days later, the Solstice past. This was the day they began their journey to the sea. This was her sacred birthday, she was told. In this tightly wound spiral of sacred time, the window of time known as 5 Imix was today. It occurred once every 260 days.

Chuen and Oc were… Continue

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Owl Speaks at The Council of Ben

Chuen accepted the Talking Stick and took a deep breath. "I am a monkey, as you know. This totally freaks me out. And I miss my mommy and my daddy. But I really want to know what is going on. I am only nine years old where I come from, but here I seem to have a better understanding of things. I'd like some explanation if someone wouldn't mind." With that, Chuen held the wand up and looked around.

Owl flew over and gently extracted the wand from Chuen's hand. "I will tell you what I… Continue

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Oc and Chuen, the Council of Ben

Chuen awoke before dawn. The entire dwelling seemed to come alive all together. Oc blinked at her amd asked, what did you dream.

I dreamed of being at home, but it wasn't home like I know home. It wasn't were I live with Mommy and Daddy and my sisters. It was a round house made of beautiful wood and it was where I lived.

Oc nodded sagely.

"I dreamed of my two people. They may be in trouble. I feel like I need to get back to them as quickly as… Continue

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13 EB, the way, the path, the road

A dog and a monkey were walking down the path looking for the town of EB. There were high winds - had been for eleven days now. They were hoping to find shelter in the town of EB, but their hopes waned as person after person told them they had yet to find the correct road to EB.

"Straighten up," said one person, "and you will find EB."

"Dress better to find the way," said another. Oc, the dog and Chuen, the monkey, were getting sore discouraged. "The way can not be found," said… Continue

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Arrival Notes

9 Lamat

First evening

Frogs at sunset, a steady breeze. Gazing west, thru the center, thinking east.

The need to establish directional alters pulses within. Sit each day aligned in directional intent, consciously aiming the arrow of now.

The frogs suddenly hush. I can feel the wind blowing. The frogs return.

We want a bird book. We are identifying the wildlife thru sight. Like good humans everywhere, we want names for these… Continue

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The last three weeks have been spectacularly brutal as we packed and moved ourselves from our home of twenty five years and then took to the road, driving with two dogs across the continent to live.

We've almost made it to our new abode. We are in Oregon. There is a thunderstorm brewing outside. Inside, my husband is watching TV and I am feeling a little stir crazy. Tomorrow we will pack one more time and ride out one more day to meet our destination.

By nature, I don't… Continue

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Witty Wat, the Cat

Before running and packing for this day begins, here is the second short story I uncovered.

Witty Wat the Cat

She didn’t come and get me to let her out that night. When morning came, I could not find her anywhere until I heard some tiny, tiny mews coming from under John’s bed. There in the dark, unreachable corner was Witty Wat - and her kittens.

Two kittens were about a foot away from her. I thought one of them was dead. “She will eat them.” I said. “Oh no!” John cried…


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The Bank Robber

Moving and packing has revealed a treasure I thought was gone forever. I found two short stories I wrote a half a life time ago. Here is the first.


The Bank Robber

She sat at her desk, distractedly going through her box, waiting for him to come in. It had been two weeks since his last appointment and since then, she had seen his picture in the paper. A bank robber, how intriguing.

Within minutes he strolled in, same long hair, same dark glasses,…


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Riding the mighty moving stag

I am taking time to write.  I think this is a very Zen action to focus my tense, frayed, hysterical, insane self. I am not wasting time. Oh dear. I could be packing. 

We are moving. Soon. The last day of this month of June we are to finish unplugging from 25 years of continuous living. Twelve more days. We said we couldn't do that soon. They said the deal was off. We said, if you real estate agents can help arrange for all of the stuff to happen that must happen between now and then,…


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It's hot in Georgia

As I lie on my bed, wiped out by the heat, I look into my backyard. I realize if all goes well, in sixty or so days, I will walk out in my backyard and see the Siskiyou Mountains instead of this Piedmont landscape I am so familiar with. This is difficult to conceive, that my geography will be entirely altered, that the pattern of days I have settled into for years - that the entire everything of my life will soon have a different shape.

I am not spending too much time attempting to… Continue

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Cussing and Cursing

On the aniversary of Gary R. Guest’s death and ChickenMan’s rebirth.

ChickenMan is a profane…


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Keepers of the Memories

Our veterans tell the story of their dead. They carry the stories to us.

I once saw the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall at the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds.

My husband, newly minted in the Marine Corps League,

stayed with…


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Under Contract - no jinxing allowed

We have a contract on the house -  a contract on our lives as we know it.

I have never been as afraid as I am now.

There are times I should have been this afraid

- before marrying, before having each child are examples that come to mind.

I was young then and had no idea of how choices alter one’s life.

Late July, 2013, my husband and I…


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