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April 12-18

April 12

Despite my best efforts I woke up early. I considered rolling over and trying to go back to sleep but it was suppose to be a nice day and I swore I was going to go out and hike up the mountain, they call it a hill but if you plopped it down in the middle of Kansas the locals would all call it a mountain so....

I crawled out of bed, got my camera & a bottle of water and set out. It's about a 2 mile walk from my house to the base of the mountain then about a mile…


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April 5-11

April 5

Mom wanted to go to Walmart which worked out for me since I needed some stuff. I also like going on Saturday because the Chinese Restaurant's  soup of the day is Hot And Sour, my favorite. The only problem is that they stopped giving fortune cookies during the buffet and that's half the fun. 

There wasn't a crowd at the store so we got through rather quick. The only problem is mom makes a list and then when we are in an aisle she gets what's on the top of her list but…


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March 29-April 4

March 29

It's still cold, I wish it would warm up already, I need to go on a long walk. Instead I made myself a nice breakfast and just as I was eating my brother showed up. He wanted to move the horses out of the back yard and take them to the mountain. When I was finished I went and helped him.

First we had to catch the horses and after he chased them around I went and calmly caught the one then the other followed it into the barn. We then had to air up the tires on the…


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March 22-28

March 22

I woke up feeling like there was a marble behind my eyeball. With all the blowing dust last week I wasn't surprised to have a sinus headache. I went to see if I had any pills left but I must have used the last one, although I don't remember having done so. Odd little things seem to be disappearing from my house. I was going to go for a walk but the world was blurry and the sunlight hurt my head so I just stayed home.

One of the premium channels is having a free weekend…


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March 15-21

March 15

I crawled out of bed and got ready for the day. The prediction had been for snow last night but the sun was shining and it was a nice day so I decided to go for a walk. I hiked up to the top of the south hill at the end of Main Street and then back. I stopped at a convenience store to get a lottery ticket and couldn't help but take a good look around. The place is kind of sleazy and looks like it needs a good scrub down. I guess spending all my time cleaning around work has…


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March 8-14

March 8

It snowed last night so I have absolutely no plans to go outside today. Instead, I spent the whole day puttering around the house. Bills paid, things cleaned, foods cooked and so forth. Nothing interesting to see here.

March 9

It's a nicer day so I went for a walk. Unfortunately I had walk past homeless corner and be bugged by those people. I don't mean to be mean or anything but honestly, just leave me alone. 

I stopped by the Truck Stop and…


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February 22-28

Feb 22

So if you read my blog, and from the overwhelming comments I'd say nobody does, you know I drove my mother to visit my sister, 450 miles away from where I live. I hate long drives. We pick up where we left off.

The motel room was extra stuffy so I woke up early. Instead of turning on the air conditioner I just opened the window. It was cool enough outside, but not too cold, to make the room pleasant.  I got ready to take a shower and that's when I discovered I…


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February 15-21

Feb. 15th

Despite not sleeping well, strange dreams, I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Why is it I can wake up early on the days I really don't have to. Anyhow I got up and it was a nice day so I went for a walk. I found out the lottery was way up so I decided to head to the convenience store about 2 miles from my house to buy a ticket, it's a good excuse for exercise. Of course the bottle of A&W Root Beer kind of cancelled that out.

I stopped by the truck…


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February 8-14

Feb. 8th

My mother had wanted to go to the store so I had promised to take her, I needed stuff too so two birds and all.  But, it turns out there was a funeral today and mom was going to be working the reception so she changed her mind. I still needed stuff  and I needed to go to the bank so I figured I would go on my own. Oddly when I got there the place was mostly empty so I got in and out with very few people blocking the aisles.

After the store I took myself out to lunch,…


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February 1-7

Feb. 1

For about a month now I needed a haircut but every week something came up and I was either stuck at home or helping someone. Finally nobody wanted anything so I was off to get a cut. Luckily I was the first one there and got in and out right away. 

The great thing about a barber shop is they are the last bastion of manliness in America. The conversation ranged from trucks to horses to the weather and of course the Big Game. Most everyone felt the same, they didn't really…


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January 25-31

Jan. 25th

So I had plans today. I need to go to the bank and make a deposit. I need to get a haircut. I need to run by the store. Instead I got stuck at home waiting.

We are still trying to consolidate my mother's bank accounts so her and my brother was going to come by. Except my mother had to go help out at a funeral reception, I told her we could work on it on Sunday but she wanted to get it done. She said she was going to help set up and then she'd be right over but she…


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January 18-24 2014

January 18th.

I love Saturday, I get to sleep in. Ha, I'm kidding, I work the afternoon shift so I get to sleep in every day except Saturday. However for some reason I woke up at 6:30 and I couldn't go back to sleep. I laid around for a while trying to get through a particularly nasty level of Candy Crush and then I drug myself out of bed.

I was running low on food so I had two choices, go to the local store with a limited supply and high prices or go over the mountain to…


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January 11-17 2014

Saturday Jan. 11th

Yea! Nobody wanted anything today so I didn't have to get up early. Then the phone rang so I got out of bed and it was a wrong number. Great way to start the day. 

I was in no hurry so I made a leisurely breakfast and caught up on a few things I had been putting off, including paying my bills. I told my mother I would take her to visit my sister so I booked a room. I went to get my travel credit card, I have specific cards for specific stuff since they each…


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January 4-10 2014

January 4th.

I love Saturday morning, I can sleep in, usually. On Friday my brother had asked me to help him move a TV so I had to get up and go over to his house. He doesn't ask for that much so I couldn't say no. When I got there he was on the phone with some tech person because his new TV wouldn't sync up with his satellite box, gotta love modern technology. At the rate things were going he would probably end up having to have someone come out to the house to see what was going on.…


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January 1-3 2014

How in the world did it become 2014? Seriously we can now say "Remember Y2K?" and it will be reminiscing, not sarcastic. And there's an entire generation of people who have never known a world without cell phones, roll their eyes when we tell them we use to watch videos on MTV all day and don't understand why people get excited about the big reveal in The Empire Strikes Back, "You find out Darth is Luke's father in part 3, weren't you people paying attention?" And yet here we are,…


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The year that will be 2014

It's time to admit it, 2013 was a blea year. Sure there were a few cool moments, Paris, the invitation to NASA, but mostly it just was. Worst of all I had a real creative block, I couldn't seem to do anything. My studio is full of half finished sculptures & I have a dozen half written blogs, including the trip to Paris & NASA, and Hawaii. Boy, I haven't written anything in a long time. So, I need to make a change, I need to do something in 2014.

In the past I did a "Thing for…


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The year in photos 2013 Week two


Thanks to the warm weather the outside faucet defrosted so today is fill up the water tanks day. I got smart and got out the wheelbarrow so I could haul off the ice to the front yard and dump it around the trees. That way as it melts it waters the plants, waste not want not. And thanks to my brother getting rid of one of his horses I only have to fill up the tanks once a week. This is working out well. Best of all, it’s Saturday and I…


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The year in photos 2012. Week two


Woke up really sick today. Coughing, sneezing, head aching, muscles hurting, the whole flu package. So naturally I got up and went to feed the animals. It’s days like this that I wish I had some frozen or instant food so I didn’t have to make breakfast.

Thanks to my coworker covering my shift this weekend I didn’t have to go to work and beyond the livestock I didn’t have to do anything else, so I didn’t. I pulled out the quilt…


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The year in photos 2013 Partial week one.

In 2011 I started writing a daily blog about being stuck on the graveyard shift at a local truck stop. In early 2012 I got moved up to the day shift and fully intended to keep writing but things had changed. I found that my days were now split into three parts. There were the hours between when I woke up and went to work, I did most of my daily duties at this time. There were my working hours. And then there were my post work, pre going to bed hours. The problem was by the time I got all my…


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